Cody simpson meet and greet summer 2012

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cody simpson meet and greet summer 2012

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Finally we made it under the tent.

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When Carlos saw O he got a huge grin on his face. O ran over and hugged him and was able to say thank you for bringing her on stage. Kendall picked her up so he could snuggle her for a minute and the photographer snapped the pic: Carlos said they were glad we were there, Kendall give O a kiss on the cheek and we left.

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At that point we decided to grab some dinner. We talked for a minute and they told us that they had front row again lucky! O and I went to grab some dinner and then we went off to our seats! Our seats were supposed to be on the left side of the venue in the 9th row.

cody simpson meet and greet summer 2012

I went to find the head usher and explained the situation. He said he could fix it…and BOY did he!

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He added 2 seats for us, at the end of the front row! I guess O is a famous Rusher now, because people recognize her all over. The lady said she had posted a video on YouTube of O being serenaded. Security mentioned that our seats might be an issue because the guys would be coming off the stage right there. Olivia almost bounced out of her seat she was so excited! I saw Joann and Charlie on their way and they asked us to go but I told them I needed to sit.

cody simpson meet and greet summer 2012

A few minutes later, the house lights dimmed and Cody Simpson came on. This was the first time that we watched his entire set and I have to say, we really enjoyed it. About halfway through the set, I looked up and Charlie was standing in front of me. How sweet is that?!

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After his set, he threw a couple of guitar picks and Charlie picked one up and gave it to O. Very cool, thanks Charlie! Next came the breakdown and setup on stage. He wanted us moved, he said we were in the way. Joann saw what was happening and came over. She said there was a seat next to them also in the front row that was empty.

I asked security if we could share the seat and they said it was fine. Who really sits at a concert anyway? We met at the Foxwoods show!

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Rushers are obviously a tight knit group. The countdown clock was on. As well as through his music career, Simpson has also raised his profile through television appearances, competing on "Dancing With The Stars" incoming ninth place. He has also featured on a number of other programs, including "PrankStars," "Punk'd," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "Cupcake Wars.

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Cody Simpson is a handsome Australian teen who has a spectacular set of vocal cords and an awe-inspiring skill in playing musical instruments. But his gift to perform is far more different from the other teen stars.

cody simpson meet and greet summer 2012

His music was great, but the way he presented himself was even better. He is so genuine and good-hearted that it makes me melt. To add on, he threw around merchandise to the audience toward the end of the concert. To say that his concerts are worth the price would be an understatement, honestly. Need I say more?