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For the Sydney concert at Hordern Pavilion, Mike Wass from Idolator felt One Direction's "surprisingly accomplished effort" of Kings of Leon 's "Use Somebody" proved that they are "more than capable" of evolving their sound. - Bahamas News and events :: audio and video, tourism info and more.

He assessed that One Direction represented a "cleverly cast pop band with plenty of personality unleashed at the perfect time and seizing their moment. But for now they're making a lot of people very happy. No silly choreography, just a few ensemble fist-pumps. No ridiculous costumes, just letterman jackets, cardigans and khakis.

A no-nonsense backing band — guitar, bass, keyboards and drums — provided steady renditions of nearly all of the songs on the group's debut album, "Up All Night", as well as a few covers, including Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" and Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn.

Payne, Horan and Tomlinson answering Twitter questions right. Brandle predominantly noted the band's popularity: Futterman concluded that there "was no need to worry about a backing track or a bum note, a pleasant realisation at a pop show". Lau opined, "It's easy to get lost in inherent appeal of their perfectly coiffed dos and almost-too-put-together preppy style but somewhere in the midst of all the love-struck squeals of teenage girls are guys who can actually sing and, to a certain extent, entertain.

Not straying too far away from the originals, the mid-show medley definitely felt like the boys randomly belting out songs for the sake of filler but girls didn't mind. There, the band's shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane sold out in three minutes.

Next door is Fat Tuesday, which specialises in alcoholic frozen drinks. In walking distance of Downtown Nassau, the beach is popular primarily because of its proximity to the cruise port: The water is just as beautiful as most Bahamian beaches, but the sand has a lot of rocks; it is not as soft and supple as other beaches in Nassau.

Just 50 metres west of Junkanoo Beach is Long Wharf Beach, which has a similar atmosphere but less of a crowd. It was the first national park in a network of 26, and its natural habitats have been able to thrive unimpeded by development.

Shroud Cay is an uninhabited island lying inside the park with a river-like network of mangrove creeks filled with nursing conch, lobster, turtles and other fish. You have to navigate through the winding creek system and cut across the island. I always love to throw a rope behind the dinghy and trail behind with goggles as we cruise through the creek. The cut where the creek enters the ocean provides great amusement when the tide is coming in. You can ease off the ocean side of the beach and allow the current to wash you around the point on to the creek side of the beach.

This spin cycle is addictive, especially for children, who will want to do it again and again.

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Rent a boat from a local operator to self navigate. Or hire a captain for a guided experience: Shroud Cay is an uninhabited island lying inside the National park with a river-like network of mangrove creeks Address: Exuma Cays Who goes? Greenwood Beach is remote. It is also stunning, with pink coral fragments creating a blushing effect on the soft, white sand.

And you can walk for over five miles without encountering another set of footprints. The hardest decision you will have to make is which direction to head off in, because the sandy horizon stretches for miles and miles no matter which way you head. The coral reefs offshore are not the most active, but they provide enough adventure and activity for novice snorkellers. But if you are staying in one of the southern settlements, you should definitely allow time for a day of relaxation on Greenwood Beach.

Port Howe, Cat Island Who goes? What makes Gold Rock special is how its beach turns into a massive sandbar at low tide with tiny rippling sand dunes. Like an infinite paddling pool, Gold Rock Beach is fun to splash around in while searching for sand dollars, starfish, sea biscuits and the occasional stingray.

There are picnic tables and benches on the beach, but no beach chairs or hammocks to lounge on — or food and beverage vendors. You have to trek across a scenic mangrove trail to reach the beach. The boardwalk may feel never ending, but just wait for the beach to reveal itself. Grand Bahama Island Who goes? During every tidal cycle, islands of soft, supple sand emerge from beneath the sea and then disappear in a watery tomb.

It is the centrepiece in a wider tapestry of sand art: The sand on this sandbar is particularly soft; your footprints can have six inches of depth. This can throw you off balance, so take your first steps carefully. If you go shelling you might find sand dollars and other fully formed shells.

Or hire a captain for a guided experience. Ask for Captain Cliff When I was a child, Sunday beaching on Rose Island was tantamount to going to church, particularly in summertime.

We always took a bag of mangos, a bucket of KFC chicken and lots of family. These days, I go with a crew of girlfriends. We fish on the way over and grill our fresh catch on the beach, eating off plates made from handpicked sea grape leaves.

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There are virtually no amenities on Rose Island, even though we once got lucky and found a grill left behind on a beach; bring ice, booze and food. The main exception is Sandy Toes, a lively beachfront bar and restaurant with its own transportation to the island see separate Drink recommendation.

Several charter companies offer private trips to the island, including Bahamas Boat Excursions bahamaboatexcursions. Dozens of secluded beaches make up Rose Island Address: Six miles east of Nassau Who goes?

The Bahamas: beaches

However, at Colins Beach you will find a long stretch of sandy coastline for your private pleasure. Except on a Bahamian public holiday, you can expect absolute tranquillity. The drive is out of the way from Matthew Town, the lone settlement on Inagua, but that is a perk. At the beach you'll find ample shade, along with a gazebo as an extra measure, and wooden picnic tables, so plan for a day out.

Have a leisurely sway on a tree swing hung on the borderline between the trees and the sand, and pack snorkelling gear: Bathroom facilities are available. The gently curving, western-facing coast has unimpeded views, and most evenings the sky is painted a combination of orange, yellow and crimson as the ocean's horizon swallows the sun. This beach shares its name with the Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas see Stay recommendationwhere you will find useful amenities to enjoy a day of relaxation.

There is a restaurant and bar, non-motorised watersports, and you can pamper yourself with a beach massage, letting the firm hands of local masseuse Omar Daley spirit you away to a stress-free place. On a new moon night you can rock away in one of their beach hammocks and stargaze.

This beach makes a great wedding venue or honeymoon spot. It delivers remoteness, privacy and beauty without the need to rough it. Long Island Who goes? The watersports are mainly non-motorised; beach sports include volleyball and an inflatable waterslide.