Emcvenues meet usa 2012 jersey

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emcvenues meet usa 2012 jersey

Voted #1 city in the United States by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler and Travel .. career working for agencies out of Tampa / New York / New Jersey learning the fast In he published “Wine to Water: A Bartender's Quest to Bring Clean . EMCVenues Tech Talk #2 - Christine Hilgert, Meeting Expectations Tech. 87, 2, , A 1 BUS TOURS INC, VAN WAGENEN AVE, JERSEY CITY .. , 2, , ACCOLADE USA INC, 60 INDUSTRIAL PKWY SUITE , 2, , BLACKJACK ASPHALT CONSTRUCTION, ENGLISH CBIZ MHM LLC, PLYMOUTH ROAD SUITE , PLYMOUTH MEETING . MEDIA ALERT: Olympic Day and U.S. Olympic Team Meet and Greet a.m. Announcement of Olympic Rowing Team by USRowing CEO Glenn Merry and recognition by New Jersey Lt. Governor and Secretary of and partners ANXeBusiness Corp, Voxer, EZ Dock, EMCVenues and The Perfect SNAQUE.

Registration o USRowing requires that space is available for the registration area. A permanent, indoor facility is preferred, but a tent can also be used for this purpose. Office Space o USRowing requires an office space that can seat 35 referees. This office should be available for referee meetings each morning, at lunch, and after racing each day.

emcvenues meet usa 2012 jersey

Vendors o Space on the venue must be allotted to accommodate approximately 15 vendor tents. Team Tents o Space on the venue must also be allotted to accommodate approximately 10 team tent spaces of a 10 x20 size. Awards o An on-land stage must be provided to accommodate awards ceremonies.

emcvenues meet usa 2012 jersey

An awards dock cannot be used for this event. The stage, microphone, and sound system must be available for use during the Pre-Race meeting on Wednesday evening. Amenities Meals o Local Organizing Committee must provide meals for USRowing staff, referees, and volunteers during the event, including: At least one of these vendors should provide healthy options.

emcvenues meet usa 2012 jersey

Security o The regatta venue must remain secure overnight once teams are allowed to arrive on the venue. This can be accomplished by bringing in outside security or by restricting access to the venue overnight. Trash and Recycling o Adequate trash receptacles must be provided throughout the venue. Regatta Director o The Regatta Director shall have general responsibility for the logistical operation of the regatta, shall be the principal liaison between the local organizing committee and USRowing, and shall have the power to execute binding commitments on behalf of the local organizing committee.

Listing of volunteer positions Schedule of volunteer shifts Creating and maintaining a volunteer database Ensure proper training of registered volunteers.

Recruiting volunteers to fill required positions Managing a volunteer tent to handle volunteer registration and deployment on site. Manage the deployment of volunteers to their assigned locations during volunteer shifts. Troubleshoot any issues that occur with volunteer attendance at the regatta.

Secure necessary personnel for fulfilling needs. Train necessary staff on safety procedures for various scenarios. Development and execution of the boat rental program. Secure equipment rental opportunities, determine pricing and registration requirements, and ensure that rental agreements are fulfilled. Ensure that insurance requirements for rentals are met.

Installation and maintenance of the course throughout the event. Securing the required number of launches Ensuring launches are in proper working order throughout the event. Acquisition of sufficient docks for launch and recovery.

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Oversight of boat safety check area. Oversight of athlete weighing area. Distribution and collection of bow numbers at dock areas.

Distribution and collection of silent alignment radios. Proper training of stakeboat holders.

emcvenues meet usa 2012 jersey

Ensuring any movable stakeboat systems are operational. Soliciting and servicing sponsors and vendors that fall under the local organizing committee s jurisdiction. Ad sales and creation of the regatta program if desired. Generate local publicity for the event. Organizing any local events coordinated in conjunction with the regatta, such as a Welcome Party or other activity hosted by the local organizing committee. This person shall work with the USRowing Communications staff in all activities.

The local organizing committee is able to decide how to fill the roles listed above, and can combine these roles, or add more roles as needed. Any numbers included here are minimums, but the Regatta Director and Chief Referee should communicate prior to the regatta to set expectations and requirements that may differ from what is listed here.

The following volunteer positions are required: Stakeboat holders for each lane, plus a few extras to allow for bathroom breaks. As the boat holders are normally children, it is highly recommended that there be an adult supervisor to oversee the boat holders likely the Start Dock Coordinator.

Finish Line Timers and Scribes are needed to assist the Chief Judge and other Race Officials to provide a back-up system to the electronic timing company. There should be a minimum of two 2 timers and two 2 scribes for each racing session. Flagperson equipped with a highly visible flag shall be stationed just beyond the finish line, in such a manner as not to obstruct the view of the Judges, and so as to be visible to the Referee s launch. As the bow of the first Crew touches the finish line, the Flagperson shall quickly lower his or her flag.

Thereafter, as the bow of each remaining Crew touches the finish line, the flag shall alternately be raised and lowered as each Crew touches the finish line. Horn Operator, equipped with an airhorn or other noise maker, shall be stationed just beyond the finish line or seated on the finish line with the judges.

As the bow of each racing Crew touches the finish line, the Horn operator shall sound the airhorn or other noise maker. A Launch Driver is needed for every launch that will be on the water for either Race Officials or safety personnel. Ideally, the driver will be familiar with the type of launch they will be driving as well as possess an understanding of the duties that will be required of them at the position to which they have been assigned.

Weigh-in assistants are needed to support the referees in conducting athlete weighins. This is a heavily administrative position that assists with recording official athlete weights, organizing forms, and securing wristbands on athletes.

Control Commission assistants are needed to assist referees with checking crews out as they launch for racing. There should be at least two 2 assistants for each launch dock to help distribute bow numbers, conduct safety checks, and identify crews coming to the docks. Dockmasters are needed for each recovery dock to assist with directing crews into the dock, and to collect bow numbers as crews come off of the water.

Award assistants are needed each day to assist USRowing staff with distributing medals and trophies each day. A minimum of two 2 assistants are needed generally about an hour before the lunch break, to assist with setting up the award area, then through the end of racing each day. All volunteers and LOC officers should be adequately trained and sufficiently qualified.

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Practice Sessions Staffing To provide safe conditions during practice sessions, the LOC must have a plan to fully staff any agreed upon practice sessions. Dockmaster responsible for keeping an accurate count of the number of crews on the water at all times.

This person should also liaise with the referees to coordinate on any course closures caused by weather or other conditions. Suggested Special Events and Hospitality Suggested enhancements to improve the athlete experience at this event: Beer Garden o Typically hosted at the regatta venue, this provides a social gathering place for competitors. Showing the USRowing live streaming video of racing has shown to improve attendance.

This is a great opportunity to provide a social gathering space, and a fundraiser for your organization. Bids that include on-land activities that enhance the atmosphere and experience of the competitors will be looked upon favorably. These rebates go to help USRowing cover the costs associated with hosting the event.

EMC Venues is involved in the site selection process. EMC Venues will work with the proposed host organization to develop an overview of the hotel room availability in the area, and to determine the participation level from hotels local to the proposed venue. Bids with higher hotel participation rates will be looked upon favorably. USRowing does not utilize a Stay-to-Play policy at its events, so these rates represent only a portion of the full event pick-uptotal room night pick-up total room night pick-up total room night pick-up 16 17 total room night pick-up Financial Expectations USRowing seeks to collaborate with a host organization to create a financial structure that is beneficial for both organizations.

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The exact financial arrangements between the host organization and USRowing shall be formalized in a contract to be negotiated once a winning proposal has been granted. For the purpose of this bid process, the candidate host organization should provide an initial budget proposal that includes: Examples include any grants that can be secured, expected local sponsorship revenue, advertising spend, etc.

USRowing will share more detailed information with venues selected for the Finalist rounds to develop a more fully-formed, collaborative budget. The bid must be received by the deadlines listed above. Incomplete bid packets will not be considered. Complete bids received by the deadline will be reviewed, and a minimum of two 2 Finalists will be selected and contacted.

USROWING MASTERS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017, 2018, & 2019 Event Bid Information

Destinations selected as Finalists are required to provide for the travel and accommodation of three 3 representatives of USRowing to conduct a site visit and bid workshop with someone familiar with the rowing venue and local area. The site visit and bid workshop should include tours of the rowing venue and facilities, the local area, and an opportunity to meet with members of the proposed local organizing committee.

Upon completion of the site visits, USRowing may allow Finalists to submit revised bids for final consideration. USRowing will select one Finalist as the host organization and will provide an event contract for agreement and signature to the selected organization. If seeking consideration for multiple years, separate bids should not be submitted, but the dates should be included in the bid information. In order to be considered, a complete bid will include: Completed version of the Bid Questionnaire Year s the candidate venue is seeking consideration Initial budget proposal including revenue and expense projections Description of the structure and people involved in the local organizing committee The LOC Board of Directors or Executive Committee must sign off on the bid submitted to USRowing and designate a point person for all negotiations that has the authority to speak for the Board or Committee.

All other information requested in the questionnaire. USRowing s objective is to host a first-class national championship regatta that showcases local rowing opportunities within the surrounding communities.

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A list of rowing organizations can be found on the USRowing web site: Proposal Enhancements Selecting an event location is a difficult task as many proposals and venues are well known, and little sets them apart. Including a list of enhancements can help your bid stand out from the rest.

Examples may include but are not limited to: Determining factors include, but are not limited to: Quality of racing conditions and facilities Budget effectiveness for both USRowing and the host organization Demonstration of the organizing committee s ability to develop local resources financial and otherwise to support the regatta Conduct of the site visit Proposal enhancements Bid Questionnaire 1.

Name of host organization, affiliated USRowing member organization, location and contact information of Regatta Director. Describe the roles of the different organizations involved. Location of regatta course site lake, canal, etc. Description of traffic patterns, as well as warm-up and cool-down areas. Map showing the regatta course, its surroundings, any alternate training sites, and the closest metropolitan area.

Map of the surrounding areas pin-pointing the locations of the proposed accommodations hotels, universities, etc. Detailed information regarding location and accessibility of lodging and food.

Please provide descriptions of the following: Public bathrooms, rest areas, other buildings, etc. Boat storage area, rack space, etc. Office space for the management of the regatta including office equipment i. Want info on international tour operators, FAM trips, travel promo opportunities and more? The session is being held at the Cape Codder on RouteHyannis. Click here for more info. The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and dozens of the Cape's fine establishments have come together in the spirit of Christmas to present Christmas on Cape Codan entire month of holiday cheer and special offers throughout December!

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