Mhsaa track and field 2012 state meet ohio

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mhsaa track and field 2012 state meet ohio

This is a list of the outdoor national records in the sport of track and field at the United States Since there are no national championships in high school competition, post state championship meets that proclaim such a .. Texas · Bloomington, Indiana, USA Junior Outdoor Track & Field Championships, June 26, Michigan MHSAA Outdoor State Championships - Jun 1, Various, MI, US « Filter Results by Team:»AddisonAdrianAdrian Lenawee. Track & Field Finals. Finals Results · Finals Regional Results · Finals Results LP and UP Finals Results · Finals Qualifiers.

Team Michigan — in the fall, a group of ten senior boys and ten senior girls qualify to run and are sponsored by MITCA in the Mid-East Meet of Champions held in Ohio, competing against teams from several surrounding states. Additionally, each year a cross country and a track and field coach are recognized for life time achievement via the Ambrose and Sweeney awards respectively.

The only way a sport specific organization like MITCA can take advantage of the insurance program is through their membership in the MHSCA This insurance covers the coach in all their coaching related activities wherever and whenever they are conducted. It might be a track and field lesson during a gym class, at a practice, at a game, at a clinic, summer camp or all-star game.

That normally would just cover school sponsored activities and not the out of season stuff. The important thing to remember is that it covers all the sport related activities that you are involved in for your sport.

List of United States high school national records in track and field

The bookmark that you were provided with at the clinic gives a better summary of all the things or ways that you are protected. But as stated above the insurance covers all your coaching related activities. It even covers you when you are the camp director, or clinic director. If the site of your clinic or camp wants to see proof of insurance for your camp or clinic, the insurance company will issue certificates of insurance for you at not additional cost.

If your site wants to be named as an additional insured party for your camp or clinic, then there would be a cost involved. This program was a decision of your association and not available to only those members of your association that want to have it.

mhsaa track and field 2012 state meet ohio

It was an all or nothing program for your members. You referee who you are. By the way, who are you?

List of United States high school national records in track and field - Wikipedia

What's expected is facilitation - players play - you give permission. Nobody ever paid to watch an official perform. Stay off stage center. Learn the art of influencing people and the science of its application.

Criticism comes with the territory.

mhsaa track and field 2012 state meet ohio

You have to learn to love it when they BOO! The hallmark of great officiating is neutrality. Each word and deed must reinforce your impartiality.

mhsaa track and field 2012 state meet ohio

Participant safety is a primary responsibility. Your game decisions should err on the side of safety. The rules are the foundation of the game. Acquire a reverence for the rules and be guided and inspired by it! There are the rules and then the spirit of those rules. Enforcing the "spirit of the rules" is possible when you use good common sense. A solid pregame conference makes a difference - a big one. Make yours timely, tactical and tactful. There's no score at the start of the game.

Start each game without a bias. A memory will dig you a hole faster than a shovel. Bad body language will silence good words.

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Learn how to deliver the message, especially when they won't like what you have to say! I heard you twice the first time. Be clear, concise and coherent. Minimize the chance of misinterpretation. It takes extraordinary restraint to get the job done. Use your emotions and focus to bring calm out of chaos. Don't call 'em the way you see 'em, call 'em the way they are.