Mountaineering ireland summer meet 2012

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mountaineering ireland summer meet 2012

MI Youth Climbing Series · Nicas scheme What you get from your Mountaineering Ireland membership. - A Quarterly magazine - The Irish Annual Summer Alpine Meet - including training courses for beginners. - Spring, Winter and. The Mountaineering Ireland Summer Meet will take place in Val di activities possible from trekking, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, biking and. mountaineerinG irelanD boarD The Irish Sports Council, Sport Northern Ireland and the Women in Sport Ireland's first Summer Alpine Meet in Italy in .

As well as developing climbing skills, it is hoped that this project will enable participants to become part of the climbing community in the wider sense. The Women With Altitude initiative was started in with the aim of increasing the skills and so the confidence of women on the hills. The initiative is centred around one annual weekend event which is based in a different part of Ireland each time.

mountaineering ireland summer meet 2012

The weekend consists of both instructional and self-directed activities and also includes a number of talks and workshops. In addition to learning and improving hard skills, Women With Altitude provides a platform for the many female mountaineering role models we have in Ireland and is an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded women.

The flagship weekends have resulted in smaller groups meeting up periodically during the year to enjoy the hills and crags. Click here to go to the Women With Altitude website Helping the Hills With the ever increasing popularity of our upland areas for recreational use, it has long been recognised that our hills and mountains struggle to sustain current footfall and aren't prepared for the increased usage which the near future will undoubtedly bring. This Mountaineering Ireland initiative brings together key stakeholders, recreational users, landowners and other interested parties to protect our upland areas both now and into the future.

The initiative looks at providing access to expert advice on upland path development and maintenance and building awareness of the challenges which face our unique upland environment.

Click here to visit the Helping the Hills website Aspirant Mountaineers Mountaineering Ireland run two weekend workshops for aspirant mountaineers each year. Please don't let this discourage you from contacting us if you are interested in bushcraft. Also if you are looking for help setting up a Bushcraft club, we are more than happy to provide assistance.

Drop us a mail for more details or check out the post here on boards. We are hoping to re-add most of the old content and get some new additions over the coming weeks too March - LBC Introducing the new website for the Leinster Bushcraft Club.

With our own club nearing capacity, we will be directing people towards alternative clubs in the near future.

mountaineering ireland summer meet 2012

Alternatively, if you are looking to start a club, please drop us a mail and come chat to us! February - Capacity Unfortunately our little club is begining to approach its capacity and soon will not be taking on more members.

Mountaineering Ireland Alpine Meet, Ailefroide, 2014

The reason for this is simply to enable effective management of our limited resources and to ensure the enjoyment of current members. Our mailing list will still remain open. We are hoping to assist anyone who wants to start a club of similar ethos. So anyone who wants to start their own club, we are willing to provide guidance. Drop us a mail if this interests you.

Mountaineering Ireland Initiatives

January - Ireland has a new Bushcraft Club! Congratulations to Aaron Murphy who has successfully set up another bushcraft club under Mountaineering Ireland.

The new club; 'Leinster Bushcraft Club' will be based in Carlow pending land permission and already has 5 members. Watch this space for contact details November - Winter on the way With winter conditions varying from what we are used to in recent years, it would be prudent to do some preparation.

mountaineering ireland summer meet 2012

We couldn't find any official documentation relating to winter preparations for Ireland, so we decided to do up some guides of our own. However, in our research, we found that there was a website and document drawn up by the Department of defence, in particular the emergency planning section. It is actually pretty good and covers most of what we were hoping to cover.