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Cartoons: Ninja Turtles fanfiction archive with over stories. Monalisa, Mutagen Man, Neutrinos, Ninjara, OC, Oyuki M. Pimiko, Pulverizer . "The Hamatos never expected to see their father again, but that all changed when they met Oroku Saki and his son Raphael. Raphael's Time by ForeverDream reviews. Ninjara joined the Ninja Turtles and moved into their lair in the New. villainous dog-man Chien Khan, but then had a change of heart when she met the Turtles. Haven't you ever wondered what would happen if TMNT verse meet the TMNT verse? Here's a list of Fanfic introducing such an.

He survived the wounds, however, and was later recruited as second-in-command of the Mighty Mutanimals as they worked with the Turtles to take back the city from the Kraang.

Mondo Gecko[ edit ] Mondo Gecko is a mutant green gecko and one of the first teenage allies of the Ninja Turtles, who shares a close relationship with Michelangelo. As a human professional skateboarder, he spent more of his teenage life playing in a local heavy metal band and always had his girlfriend, Candy Fine, stick by him.

One day, while the band was practicing in Shredder's former hideout, the Ninja Turtles tried to intervene by stating the dangers inside, but Mondo already got Krang's discarded mutagen on himself, thus mutating into a humanoid green gecko due to placing his pet green gecko on his shoulder. As a result, he was forced to leave the band and break up with Candy. The Turtles eventually turned his problems around by recruiting him as a member of the Mighty Mutanimals, unwittingly earning back Candy's faith.

ninjara tmnt 2012 meet

In the cartoonMondo voiced by John Mariano was a baby green gecko that was dropped into the sewers and mutated into his current mutant form by the same mutagen that mutated the Ninja Turtles and Splinter. However, he was later taken and raised by a street gang led by Mr.

X, but when Michelangelo found out, he convinced Mondo to turn on his boss.

ninjara tmnt 2012 meet

After receiving his change of heart, Mondo helped fight Mr. X and ended his criminal career, moving to the sewers as a neighbor of the Turtles and Splinter. In the cartoonMondo voiced by Robbie Rist was introduced as Jason, a teenage skateboarding star who was skating home one night when a vial of mutagen fell on his head.

X" by his underlings. Mondo made quick friends with Michelangelo and Casey Jones, and eventually saw the true colors of his boss when he was challenged to race against him. Thus, he defected from the Foot Clan and became friends with the Ninja Turtles.

He later befriended Muckman and was recruited as transportation specialist of the Mighty Mutanimals as they worked with the Turtles to save the Earth from getting destroyed by the Triceratons. Ray Fillet[ edit ] Ray Fillet originally called Man Ray is a mutant manta ray and small-time marine life ally of the Ninja Turtles on various occasions.

As Jack Finney, a human marine biologist who worked the Boroughs Aquarium in New Jersey, he was scuba-diving into a pipe on Bayview Beach one night when a barrel of mutagen was accidentally spilled into the pipe by Bebop and Rocksteady, polluting the water and washing him into the river.

Thus, Finney mutated into a humanoid manta ray due to holding one of the aquarium's manta rays during a marine biology show and began taking action to stop Shredder's Fourth of July scheme. After saving the Ninja Turtles from a torpedo launched by the Foot Clan from their submarine, Ray defeated Shredder in a fist-fight underwater and dragged him to shore.

However, Shredder saw the opportunity to kick sand in his face as a means of making his escape. Later on, Ray continued to help the Turtles on occasional missions and was recruited as a member of the Mighty Mutanimals.

A different character of the same name appears in the cartoon. This version of Ray is the creation of mad scientist Dr Polidorius and joins him in a plot to sink New York into the sea although Ray has no real loyalty to Polidorius and only agrees to aid him because "I got nothing better to do.

Wingnut and Screwloose[ edit ] Wingnut and Screwloose are an alien or mutant bat and mosquito who are both allies of the Ninja Turtles. As the only living members of two alien species from the Dimension X planet Dexion V, their very homeworld was eventually wiped clean of life due to an invasion made by Krang, leaving the Wingnut and Screwloose homeless in the dimension's stump area. The duo later found their way to Earth, where they came in conflict with the Ninja Turtles after attacking and destroying their blimp which was hovering over the New York City skyline in search of Krang.

Learning that the only reason the duo attacked was because the thought they were working for Krang, the Turtles teamed up with Wingnut and Screwloose in a battle against Krang and the Foot Clan for the Turnstone, thus gaining the duo's trust for earthly mutants and granting them two memberships in the Mighty Mutanimals. In the cartoonWingnut voiced by Rob Paulsen and Screwloose voiced by Townsend Coleman are a pair of terrorist mutants from the Dimension X planet Flagenon who tried to brainwash the children of their homeworld into invading Earth.

In the cartoonWingnut voiced by Daran Norris and Screwloose voiced by Jeff Bennett are a pair superheroes from a comic book the Mikey and Casey summoned using April's crystal were the reference Batman and Robin. Slash Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Slash is an alien or mutant common snapping turtle and either an enemy, ally or frenemy of the Ninja Turtles. As part of a snapping turtle alien species on a tropical Dimension X planet, Shlash's home world was eventually destroyed by alien invaders, leaving him the only homeless survivor in his kind.

He was later found by Krang, who made a deal with him to find his way back to Earth and in return, Slash came under the former's leadership and kept the Ninja Turtles busy while Krang sought to possess Shredder's body, but to no avail. Takeshi was once attacked by his own sister in a failed murder attempt, as she claims that he ruined her life.

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This lead to him getting his tail chopped off which she now wears as a belt and she was thought to be dead, until she reappeared and proceeded with her vendetta, by stealing the Cursed Twin Blades of Vengeance which she intended to use against her own brother. But when this plan backfired, she chopped off her brother's right hand after he attempted to shoot her with his ice pistol.

She wields a pair of Kama and the Cursed Twin Blades of Vengeance temporarily as her signature weapons of choice. She has a rivalry with Tiger Claw brotherly. Alopex debuts in Tale of Tiger Claw. Contents [ show ] Backstory Decades ago in Tokyo, JapanAlopex used to be an unnamed Japanese girl, who lived in a small village alongside with her big brother, Takeshi.

ninjara tmnt 2012 meet

One day when the two siblings were at a playground, they witnessed as a Kraang portal opened in front of them. Thinking that it was a magic door, they entered with no fear and were taken by The Kraang. They performed experiments on the two children with their Mutagencausing Takeshi to mutate into a mutant Bengal Tiger and his sister to mutate into a mutant red fox. After many months of hardship, they both escaped from The Kraang and went back to Earth. After realizing that they would no longer be accepted by the others due to their mutant forms, they decided to flee from their home to later take refuge at a circus.

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But after thinking their abilities were much more valuable, Alopex and Tiger Claw both became top-level assassins in the criminal underworld eventually.

Will he finally realize how much his brothers truly mean to him? Or, will he let them fall? Note in future chapters this gets really dark! A new kind of evil will rise up from below: The turtles must join forces with friends old and new in the ultimate battle of good versus evil Rated: Can his brothers get him back? Read to find out! Rated T for language, blood, violence, etc. Third in Wolf Bites series.

I'll up the rating if necessary. Mix of verse. She looked back to see Fillien jump from the building behind and then over her.

She landed in front of Karai in a crouch position and said, "Don't worry, I'm right behind you, or should I say in front of you. What if Karai had a friend in the Foot? K but some T. Farrell and his hench mutants Karl and Igor. During their torture, he mentions to Leo one of his brothers is a genetic stranger.

How will this affect the four brothers, and what is this darkness that is plaguing Donnie's heart?

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He must be saved from his own self-depreciation before it's too late. But what if it's not just him who's struggling, and what if it takes some unexpected allies to save them?