South mimms honda meet 2012 chevy

Mimms Honda day

south mimms honda meet 2012 chevy

We have been relocated guys. Please see map, we are at the blue dot along the back fence ImageUploadedByTapatalkjpg. Sent from. meeting of the Society for Neuroscience attended by 32, .. In January , the Toronto Central LHIN including South Korea, Hong Kong and China, are Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Honda Canada Inc. William J. Mimms. commissions-or- .. bicycle facility (cycletrack) for north and south travel on the 12/31/ F Silverado. Active. Fleet Management 15th. Street NE Honda. Civic Hybrid. Active. Street and Bridge. Wst. Wst NE.

In total, the system has a power handling capability of 30,W, so it should cause quite a commotion. You ll be pleased to hear Mercedes and Pioneer will be taking this thing on the road for people to get a closer look and have their faces blown off. It hasn t been confirmed where Project-X will be showing up, but rest assured as soon as we know, we ll be filling you in. Its bhp hp and lb ft 2. Damn you Mr Renault, get this to our fine shores.

The Word on the Street……. Then, on Jubilee weekend Saturday, Frost covered the quarter-mile in 6. On Jubilee Monday, Frost cemented his status with a 6. On the track, when Frost kicks in the massive turbos and methanol sluices through the 8. If you thought gold packages were ostentatious, then they are downright subtle in comparison to these outrageously 24k gold accented versions of the Rolls Royce Ghost, courtesy of Fenice Milan.

The luxury automobiles, available in three colours, are embellished with 24k Gold Grills, Hoods, Window trim, Side mirrors, Door handles, Wheels and Fenders on the exterior. Inside, numerous 24k Gold inserts and Grey oak or Teak wood can be found. For the bronze version, instead, three combinations are available, bonnet, fenders and grill in 24K gold, or bonnet and fenders in white golden pearlescent varnishing and grill in 24K gold or chromed bronze. Inside the console design has been maintained, but a few enhancements are provided, which due to the use of fine materials, make this the most exclusive car available on the market.

Golden Delicious…… The Word on the Street……. Unfortunately we found out recently from Goffo and his friends that the car is no more…… Goffo tells us. When cruising back from a show where the car had just won its 15th award driving along and heard a loud pop. The next thing he knew there were flames coming up from the foot well and smoke from under the bonnet.

Contact us at enquiries modified-xtreme. While waiting for the fire brigade he just had to stand and watch it burn and for anyone who has ever been in this situation will agree is the most Gut Wrenching feeling you can ever feel, watching your own car and pride and joy go up in flames and there is nothing you can do to save it.

I was invited by one of their members to go along to Modified Nationals This was basically my first real modified car scene experience, and I was hooked. Since Writing this report i have had the surgery and have made a full recovery, although i will require other treatments for the rest of my life, the quality of life i enjoy now is so much better.

Thanks to Bridgette for putting up with 30 years of me in the garage x x And a big thank you to the jr hospital. Lupus Charity Mercedes C36 Engine: Front rieger splitter Rear window rieger splitter Japspeed Scooby sti drift spec rear spoiler custom fitted to boot Black smoked headlights and jewel rear lights, side indicators all imported from usa. Dtm custom vinyl wrap with extra motorsport stickers Interior: Black leather corbeau forza Ice: Discoid Lupus Erythematosus is usually a condition of the skin alone, but in a very few patients might develop into systemic lupus.

The disease may be triggered by various means and can present itself by mimicking other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and ME. The cause of lupus is not positively known, though research has provided evidence implicating heredity, hormones and infections including viruses. With its many symptoms, lupus can often be overlooked by a GP or Consultant which may delay final diagnosis, and a vital start to necessary treatment, which can contain the disease and limit potential damage to the kidneys, heart, lungs or brain.

Those diagnosed usually remain in medical care and receive ongoing treatment. Many symptoms will have less impact but there may be side effects. Lupus can adversely affect the lives of sufferers and their families, and influence relationships with friends and colleagues.

south mimms honda meet 2012 chevy

The Journey started fo sound systems. For the big question was will t a Ronda view time of 1 really uneventful; in fa of cones and speed vu show case for the Modified Car scene had arrived.

The the weather hold out and give us the perfect weekend, so far so good sunshine all the way, with 12 noon at the main gate with the rest of the team. The Journey up from Portsmouth was act we saw no modified cars on the roads…worrying. We got held up by road works usual loads ultures but no workmen. KarlBritton The camping area filled up very quickly, already people were relaxed and in chilled mood, you could feel the excitement in the air.

Now came the task of organising the Xtreme stand and preparing for a busy weekend which took up all the rest of the afternoon, the Xtreme girls enjoyed the relaxation time as they were going to be full on for the next couple of days.

The ignition team had worked hard to get the whole staging put together and all the DJ equipment setup just right. The Ignition Girls looking Hot as always and were out practicing on their pole dance routines and having a good laugh with the passers-by. The weather was good and it looked like it was going to be a fabulous weekend, the cars were arriving for the top 20, a little disappointed to see so many trailered to the event but I guess with the amount of money spent on them that is how things have changed, in the old days it was modify, drive show and shine.

The outside area for the top 50 was starting to take shape too, all the owners busy polishing them until the paint work peeled. The Ignition Girls did the tour arou always playful and as you can see Good friends are so hard to come b you got, rest in front of a car now an eat. A little bit more pactice if they want to give the girls a run for their money.

The passers by will love it too.

south mimms honda meet 2012 chevy

The Ignition Stage is set all the sound checks complete and the Girls warmed up, Ignition is ready for the weekend. The forcast was good for saturday so bring on the crowds. Friday evening was out to the night clubs, and some well-earned drinking. Unfortunatly their was an element of people that had arrived for the show that insisted that taking excessive drugs and drink, not the sort of people you want when their are families there too.

They proceeded to cause havoc and mayhem disturbing the rest of the campers, I have to say that the security at Modified Nationals this year did their job, the keys to the car were taken off of them and the situation was defused. This type of person should be ejected from a show straight away as they just ruin it for everyone else.

Thankfully this was the only incident all weekend of this nature. Ignition was clearly a show winner and firmly held their great reputation of one of the best all-round shows on the scene, the great team work and enthusiasm shown by the Ignition team will keep them on top for a long time to come. The Modified-Xtreme Magazine Show stand was set up, with some great cars on display, Mikes White MR2 a stunning example with its fantastic body kit, Lennie brought his Pug fresh from a complete reinstall pushing ear splitting sounds, Chris brought his stunning yellow Toyota Supra Mk3 with lambda doors, Chris Powell from Maxolen brought his Stunning Mustang and of course the Xtreme Vectra was on show.

The sun was shinning and the gleam from the polished cars was blinding a real show and shine. The Modified-Xtreme Girls spent about having photo shoot after p many fantastic cars on display, an the guys just after a quick snap.

Calaméo - Modified-Xtreme Issue 3

T it made for a perfect setting to ge Richard Halfday, Modified-Xtreme Photographer worked his magic a girls as only he knows how. Richa respected in the car world always many events as he can, and atten Many of you will have seen him o girls all love to have Richard do th them at ease which brings the be Introduci MAX the day out and photo shoot around nd being stopped by They sun was out and et some great shots. The heir shoots as he puts est in photographs. When i left and formed Modified-Xtreme Magazine she came with me.

After the ligh of the fair he a Modified N can you be. Some of the ust spectacular our ristopher swain alholder for best light r was there showing ay. Besides that Modified Nationals although a lot thinner on the ground as far as attendance from clubs, traders etc. Hotel from now on!!! Kecia has been on the show scene along time and has remained at the top of her field, she has decided to hang up the promo work and concentrate on the modeling side i will very much miss her, but we all wish her the very best.

Powered by one of the highly-advanced and efficient 1. Michael Schumacher is his run of poor form co That is the view of Nick Fry cedes Brackley-based Form Despite looking more com first two seasons of his con seven-time World Champio just two points so far, com and teammate Nico Rosbe Fry this week named Merc Paul di Resta as an ideal su whose contract runs out la Super-Professional: The cars will be prepared by Triple Eight Race Engineering, one of the most successful constructors in touring car racing.

Jason Plato is the most successful driver in BTCC racing history with 68 career wins, with more fastest laps, pole and podium positions than any other driver in the history of the Series. The session coincided with a spell of rain and saw the Legends head the early running, however as the Scirocco regulars familiarised themselves with the track, Donnelly, a regular in this type of racing, continued to figure at the front end of the field. Performing well as expected was Blundell, who has competed in the series before, with former BTCC racer Bailey proving to be on the pace too.

As the rain came down harder, many drivers pitted for adjustments and as they rejoined the Legends came alive. The track was by now drying as the rain abated and the times really began to tumble. Hill posted two headline laptimes, which for a while no-one was able to beat. The subsequent red flag, with less than five minutes remaining, left the World Champion fastest overall on his comeback. Lotus have committed to one of the most comprehensive motorsport programmes ever undertaken and led by motorsport director Claudio Berro.

Super World Rally Championship. Eni Magyar Nagydij, 27thth July, Budapest. Japanese Grand Prix, 5th-7th October, Suzuka. Korean Grand Prix, 12thth October, Yeongam. Starting out as just a small group of friends that hung out and chilled out with their Hondas, word spread afar and the Whole Honda community decided to support and share the same love and passion with their cars.

Mimms is held in three parts, Part one: Spring meet, held at the beginning of April around Easter time, Part 2: Held in summer, mid June and part3: Held in autumn, around August time. Each of the three meets seems to attract a different crowd as well as the regulars. It nice because having three meets it allows Honda Enthusiast to fit at least one meet in their busy show calendar through out the year. The Belgium Lot normally Come over for the summer meet and sometimes the autumn meet if the weathers nice.

Last year we were blessed with awesome weather at Mimms, So hot that your Solaro ice-lolly would melt before you walked out of the service station store. The Civic EF left really stood out. Probably not everyones tastes but was very cool and sat pretty low.

Its nice to see owners of all age groups enjoying the car scene.

Mimms Honda Day: Performance Matters

The turn out was pretty good, although i think the bad weather we have been having turned alot of people away. The Honda Scene has grown alot over the last few years. Its a very closely nit group of people, everyone knows everyone just a friendly lot, of car enthusiast in general. Mimms, is a meet seen as a social gathering for car friends Where most people often live in different parts of the country, so its really the three days in the year where poeople can catch up and socialize.

Its fair to say that these meets are not just about what you drive? How scene you are? Its still very much the based around the social aspects of car meets a nice car with all the tuning parts is just a added bonus im my opinion. Available in ml, 1 litre and commercial sizes, Synionic Engine Treatment is a great way to protect the engine on a new vehicle or prolong the life of an older powerplant through decreased friction and heat.

Fitting either of the Forge valves improves throttle response by reducing lag. It achieves this by helping the turbocharger maintain its rotational momentum in between gear changes, ready for a punchy response when you floor the loud pedal. The kit includes all necessary parts needed for an easy fitment, and bolts directly to the OEM flange mount.

The kit also comes with all the vacuum hoses required, where appropriate. For more information, please click to www. This is a straight factory replacement designed to work with either aftermarket or standard exhaust systems, and by itself will see gains of over 10bhp.

The BILSTEIN B8 range is designed for those looking for more damping capability, with improved handling and reduced squat and dive, without ruining everyday ride comfort. All prices exclude VAT. For more details etc please click to www. Made here in the UK, each system offers fabulous looks gains. Entirely hand-finished from aerospace grade, non-magn system is light, beautifully made and outperforms the fa The stunning pipework is 70mm 2.

This attractive exhaust is finished off with two 80m demeanor. Keeping your chassis tight has never looked so good! This time, their talented engineers have created another superbly engineered solution for the perennially tuned 1.

Mk3 Designed here in the UK and precisely manufactured to be a direct replacement for the OEM part, this fabric reinforced hose is able to withstand significantly higher pressures and temperatures, making it perfect for any car that spends time on track, or that gets pushed hard on the road.

Available in Red, Blue or Black. The kit is priced at mes with a comprehensive 5 year warranty thanks to an industry-leading surface treatment and deep oating. Each spring is pre-stressed at the factory in Germany to ensure that it will never sag later in life ight and peerless handling performance.

Mimms Honda Day 2014

With everyone looking for their own little piece of Japanese car culture these days it can be hard to be original when it comes to picking and modifying something Jap. When Chris decided he wanted to go Jap he went as original as they come on car choices and decided on a Toyota MR2.

Chris got the car back in Apriland wanted something different not the sort of car most 21 year olds drive around in, and the one thing it would have to be was rear wheel drive and Japanese.

After looking for a couple of weeks at different cars he spotted this car and remembers falling in love with it the second he saw it. This was the one for him and it had to be his. From the day he bought it he had an agonising wait for the plate to be changed and a week later he had her. With the new wheels fitting the car looked far better than when the old wheels were on and was now time to move onto the bodywork. After removing a few dints and bumps on the car Chris got his hands on an adjustable carbon fibre spoiler.

With the new spoiler fitted Chris turned his attention to the engine bay. With the internet making it even easier to find parts and kits for cars some people still like to create their own. Chris was no exception and deciding to create his own induction kit from some performance aluminium induction piping and a new Pipercross air filter. With the aluminium induction kit shinning Chris decided that the inlet manifold could do with the star treatment and after 10 hours of sanding and polishing the manifold was gleaming just as much as the induction kit.

With the engine bay looking nice and shiny Chris moved straight onto the interior and tried out a few different ideas with the styling before deciding to go for a carbon fibre effect wrapping. With the aggressive back arches painted and looking great it was time to get working on the front with some custom made canards for the front and an adjustable front splitter, these few time consuming mods really added to the time attack look Chris was after.

With the aggressive look suiting the car Chris decided to add to it with a Japspeed exhaust system and within a day of receiving it had it fitted and was very impressed with the deep loud tone it created, and the odd pops and bangs that came from it could only be seen as a bonus.

With the exhaust system having a de-cat pipe he was able to add a few extra BHP to the superchip and the car was pulling hard right up into the high revs. With the wheels just getting a little bit more star treatment with a coat of custom blue paint and adding some Black Panther paint to the roof, bonnet and the front bumper the car that Chris was after was finally finished.

He would also like to thank his amazing MRS, Marianne for putting up with him and all the time spent in the garage working on his motor, his dad for all his help, Bob at Wheel Mania and the OutlawJap Club. Full Border bodykitCarbon Fibre adjustable spoiler, Carbon Fibre centre light panel, Tinted rear lights, Custom front splitter wrapped in carbon vinyl, Carbon vinyl wrapped canards, Carbon wrapped indicators, Wider arches blended on rear, k H. Forthe show is celebrating its 10th anniversary so the organisers have pulled out all the stops to make the show opener of the Adrian flux auto series for the Jap scene one to remember.

I always say it must be the man from the land of the rising sun making his yearly visit to the UK bringing the sun from East Asia with him. This is what Japfest is all about, Jap car culture straight from the Far East! I have to say this was the show winner for me, had to be there to really appreciate what I mean. Both big big players in the Maxxis drift championships. So this is how Redbrick Racing are involved.

These cars were going out on track all day in duo, really adding to the race feel of the how close the action is in BTCC racing really is. The trade stands in the retail village is always exciting! Well done to Aims hill from Somerset taking the trophy for the best power and style, with her white carbon themed Rotrex Charged S big congratulations. She has definitely set a high standard for this years show car season. The Maxxis Babes were in attendance too handing out freebies and posing for cheeky pictures.

A lot of love for these promo girls! The Paddock area was a rest area where the pro drivers hung out. So you could get up close, chat and meet the pro Drifters many of which are professional drivers that compete in the BDC drift series. The heart of the show really is the club stands and displays, a lot of time hard work and effort is put in by the club reps that bring and offer this show the best of the best Japanese cars.

Well done to them. The day ended with a car cavalcade mainly made of the most loyal club supporters over the last 10 years.

What a truly awesome day this show was, even though many people queued up to 3 hours getting into the show, as the 10th anniversary attracted more people than expected.

Comethe location was at capacity, and so the difficult decision was made to relocate the event for the following year. Mimms has become a known entity in the Honda scene all around the world, attracting cars from all over the continent.

Mimms Honda Day: Performance Matters - Speedhunters

Sadly without his car, this time at least. Big Mike was telling me that he has friends and followers in the Honda scene in the US requesting Mimms merchandise — stickers, t-shirts and hats.

Like I said when I was first sworn in as a Speedhunter, my mission was to infiltrate as many different and new factions of car culture as possible.

And, despite owning a Honda myself, this was my first time at Mimms, or any Honda event in fact. The streak was set to continue at Mimms. Cars were still arriving in their droves, but it served as a good chance to see what was in attendance and to learn a bit more about the Honda scene before it got too busy.

This particular car was one of the original pre-order models, and has a ridiculously low chassis number, in the region of the 45 or so. One of the first things that I noticed was how performance-oriented the attendance at the show was. Granted, there were a few slammed and stanced cars scattered around, but a large number of attendees had built their cars primarily for function.

This was almost always integrated with form really nicely too. Simple, clean body modifications, a functional ride height and a good set of wheels with meaty tyres on them. I always made sure I offered my services whenever one needed fetching or collecting from off-site.

Heading out into the paddock my DC5 fix was well and truly catered for immediately, with rows upon rows of them neatly lining up. In fact, everywhere I turned there were DC5s.

Being front-wheel drive, the owner was running the wider wheels on the front here, however. It was at around this point that I found a small camera shoved in my face by one of those newfangled YouTubers. Track Action Leaving Adam at the RR with his thoughts, I could hear that the track was live, so I headed out onto the circuit to see what was making all the noise.

Some people were receiving one-to-one tuition on the fastest lines around Rockingham.