Stephen colbert meet the press 2012

Meet Stephen Colbert’s replacement

stephen colbert meet the press 2012

Stephen Colbert, the new host of The Late Show on CBS, is one of the He took particular relish in meeting with - and poking fun at - some of During the and elections, presidential candidates of all stripes paraded onto his show. and the entirety of the Washington press corps in attendance. Colbert Nation: You're about to become very familiar with Larry Wilmore. According to a press release from the show's network, Comedy Central: Wilmore told Laughspin in “I call myself a 'passionate centrist,' and. Stephen Colbert will be a guest on 'Meet the Press' on Sunday, October 14th on NBC. September 14, In "Save the Date". Stephen.

The fact that his comedic schtick frequently apes conservative discourse by presenting the most blatant straw man versions of conservative arguments around no doubt contributes to this perception.

However, one factor generally complicates the denunciation of Colbert that does not exist with Stewart - namely, that unlike Stewart, Colbert is playing a character for maximum entertainment value.

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The politics of the "real" Colbert are usually shrouded in mystery. But not as of this week, when NBC Anchor David Gregory visited Colbert in his Comedy Central office to interview the fake pundit about his new book, his process, and his own politics.

stephen colbert meet the press 2012

Colbert's answers may surprise his Republican detractors. For instance, unlike openly liberal comedians like Bill Maher, Colbert admitted to being pleased by GOP nominee Mitt Romney's surge in the polls, because a resurgent conservative makes his job as a comedian easier.

stephen colbert meet the press 2012

Also, unlike Stewart, Colbert offered no media criticism of any kind, instead saying that his job is only to "falsely reconstruct" the news for comedic effect, and admitting his deep-seated respect for people who report the news. I do not imagine that I am a newsman, I really admire newsmen.

stephen colbert meet the press 2012

I really enjoy good news. And I'm not a politician. The income profiles of all three major cable news network audiences also closely track the general public.

stephen colbert meet the press 2012

Daytime talk show watchers stand out as the least well off regular audience. Yet the regular audiences for a number of news sources differ only modestly from the public ideologically or politically.

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For the most part, regular news audiences are more likely than the public to say they trust a few news sources more than others. Majorities of most news audiences say they want news with no political point of view, including seven-in-ten or more Colbert and Daily Show viewers, Economist readers, NPR listeners and readers of the New Yorker and similar magazines.

Political Knowledge The public was asked four questions to measure knowledge of political news and current events.

stephen colbert meet the press 2012

The questions concern which party controls the House of Representatives, the current unemployment rate, the nation that Angela Merkel leads and which presidential candidate favors taxing higher-income Americans. Most news audiences, however, scored substantially better than the public. This decline is reflected across most news audiences.

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Almost all regular audiences were at least as likely as the general public to get this question right. Many audiences fared somewhat better on this question than the public as a whole, but most regular readers, viewers and listeners did not know this or offered no response.

Two-thirds of the public knew that Barack Obama—not Mitt Romney—is more supportive of increasing taxes on higher-income people.