Studebaker swap meet 2012 presidential election

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studebaker swap meet 2012 presidential election

The 44th Studebaker York Swap Meet will be the final meet for the Folks as a Keystone member, former chapter president and supporter of the Swap Meet the time has come . However, in the end when the vote was taken by the members that .. Join Date: Nov ; Location: Phoenix, AZ; Posts: 1, The second swap meet of net- whole row of Studebakers. As of Press Time for the April President, and per our Hmbl Trez, Eric Larson –The dues are all paid up for by the midget and quarter midget race cars. front of U.S. airplanes. To enter the On August 20th is the 43rd Mountain States Swap Meet at the. Front Range We would like to invite all SDC members to Studebaker/. Packard Meet at . 48th SDC Int. Meet, July August 4, . Our Vice President, Carl Thomason, gave a report on the elections during the year.

A second and third view. The old model was dismantled and bead-blasted. The body was primed and painted red. The base plate was bead-blasted, primed, and painted matte black. Holes were drilled in the body to accomodate the fire engine accessories. The model was then reassembled to include the new roof siren, ladders, and fire hoses. Johnny Lightning 10th Aniversary 1: Regular issues of this model were sold on blister cards as with this Hot Rod Magazine version.

studebaker swap meet 2012 presidential election

LineMar tin Studebaker Hardtop front angle, rear angle, side view, and front view. Ferrero Kinder Surprise Studebakers. The yellow car is a Studebaker Hardtop and the silver and black car is a Studebaker Roadster. The Hardtop is all plastic. The Roadster has a metal body. Here is an unassembled Hardtop with its instruction sheet. Kinder Surprise toys come packed inside of a chocolate egg.

They are not sold in the U. Toys courtesy of Ines Romischer. A second view and in its First Editions blister pack. The Starlight Coupe based Bullet Nose is somewhat unique in that it has only appeared in one version.

This is unusual in that Hot Wheels typically gets a lot of mileage out of its castings. The very hard to find Super Treasure Hunt version is a darker color and has rubber tread "Real Riders" wheels.

This casting was also used in the Classics Series. M2 Machines has issued several versions of its 1: Other variations include a pair of 2R pickups with a diecast vehicle lift, a black 3R pickup, and a 3R Flatbed project truck.

The Hot Wheels Champ is a mild custom with no bumpers, a bed cover, and a modified hood. National Products Commander Starlight Coupe. National Products manufactured a line of toy cars that were often used as promotional models by automobile dealers. Jim Geary's book Studebaker Toy Treasures indicates that it is a model which is consistent with the design of the grille. Here is a front view which shows the four opening grille first used in Banthrico Studebaker Starliner Hardtop front angle and rear angle.

Most Banthrico models were banks and many were imprinted with a dealer name and used for promotional purposes. This shot of the base shows the key taped to the underside.

Pictures sent by Pat Nagy. Anguplas Studebaker Lark Sedan front angle and rear angle.

Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club

This picture shows blue with black tires and grey with white tires variations from my personal collection along with the picture box in which the model comes packed. Here are front angle, underside, and topside views of the converted tractor. For a load he used four variations of the M2 Machines C Cab pickup. Atlas "Tintin" Studebaker Commander front angle and rear angle.

Here is a side view and a picture of its display box and insert. I purchased this example on eBay from a vendor in China. Here are rear angle and side view shots. There are a number of variations of this model. Here is the black version in one style of window box. This model was also issued in red, light blue, light green, and pearl white, the latter being a special "White Lightning" edition.

Coca-Cola promotional versions were issued in yellow and in red. This model was issued boxed with plastic case and in a protective blister pack.

Features include dual rear wheels, opening doors, and opening hood with detailed engine. The model comes packed in a very nice picture box. This model comes packed in a plastic display box and a cardboard outer box. It is also available in a hard plastic blister pack. This model came packed in a hard plastic blister card and was billed as a limited edition of 9, Racing Champions also issued this model in stock form and in a hot rod version both in various colors.

This model is Number in the Classic Series of reissued Roco military models. This model comes in a plastic display case inside a cardboard outer box. Phoenix also makes a hearse version of this casting. This model comes packed in a cardboard window box and is a limited edition of 5, This front view shows the restyled ivory-colored grille with four openings used in C Cab trucks.

Liberty Classics Dave Lennox 1: This model was issued in for the th Aniversary of Lennox International packed in a special cardboard picture box.

Here is a closeup of the Dave Lennox figure driving the truck. Liberty classics has produced numerous variations of its Studebaker casting in pickup, panel delivery, roadster, and tanker form. Yat Ming Road Signature 1: Here are white and maroon examples and here is one with its hood up.

This model comes packed in a small Road Signature window box or in a clear plastic enclosed blister pack. In addition to the stock version, street rod variations with non-stock paint schemes and wheels have been issued. This is the Gold Series Muscle Cars Limited Edition which came in an acrylic display case packed inside a resealable blister pack. The Hubley Studebaker C Cab was issued in several variations including as a dump truck and as a stake bed truck.

Hubley trucks were intended as children's toys so they are usually found either well worn or restored. Some versions of the model were packed roof facing out such as this silver with red flames example.

Here is a side view of another version in red with a white roof. This special Las Vegas Hobby Show issue was limited to 1, pieces. As with other issues in this series, it comes with a magazine that details the history of the vehicle. Here is a picture of the Atlas and the Eaglemoss models together. Editions Atlas markets an extensive line of adult collectibles.

Editions Atlas Studebaker Commander Hardtop front angle, side view, and rear angle. This model comes in a very nice reproduction Dinky Toys box. The day was special because it was the 40th anniversary of the date when Elaine Huber bought her Plymouth Satellite. Jim Wheat took lots of pictures, and they're at this link. We were happy to meet new members Clark and Diane Taylor from Washougal. Bob Maker drove his Viper powered Studebaker Sedan Delivery and joined our small but enthusiastic group.

Don Smith joined us at Monitor driving his beautiful Dodge Sedan. The tulip fields were absolutely stunning even with the blowing wind and muddy rows.

studebaker swap meet 2012 presidential election

Boots were a very popular wardrobe accessory. We did some shopping no wind in the crowded gift shop!

We actually had no rain, and the wind did not deter us from gazing at the incredibly beautiful fields of rainbow like colors of tulips. Our three cars brought lots of attention — and the possibility of three new members.

Gary Rusher, the tour host, couldn't remember when it started but it was a long time event when he took over as chief in They are still at it loud and strong. This lady has a large 40X96 car barn with a nice collection of about 10 cars, but a lot of other wonderful stuff as well, including an entire replica Coke-a-Cola soda shop.

The car collection tended toward Fords modified to go fast, but the hostess' mom's T-Bird was there, looking glorious, and also a prize-winning LaSalle convertible. The hosts requested that, due to privacy concerns, no pictures of their collection appear on the Internet, and we're not identifying them by name, either.

All we took away was memories. The picture was taken in the parking lot of the fire station at Brooks, after the CPPC gang had done serious damage to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. We had 15 members and a few friends of Tom Shepherd attend the early morning visit. Frank was a successful businessman, who owned an auto parts business and property in Southeast Portland. He and his brother had an interest in Pre-War toys, padlocks and banks, just to mention a few of the thousands of treasures that are on display at there museum.

Frank tells the story that he and his brother would go, most weekends to toy conventions and bring home suitcases of toys and then go the next weekend, during the conventions season, year after year.

Click here or on the picture to see the gallery of Mike Bade's photos. The toy museum is full of some of the most amazing cast iron early pre-war toys, one might ever see, not just one or two, but groups of the same type of toy. It is hard to know where to start looking, at the start, just when you have though you saw everything, there is more to see, which is only part of Frank and his brothers collection.

Frank has enlisted the help of his family to keep the museum open.

A recent family tragedy in lateleft the museum in limbo, not able to be open regularly. Efforts of find other family members to help keep the museum open are forthcoming.

Frank has enlisted his grand children to help with cataloguing, unseen inventory and hopefully, you may be able to enjoy even more in the future. For sure we will have to have another visit to Kidds in the future, or you should try to go on your own, take the grandchildren.

The museum is registered as non profit, future generations will be able to enjoy Frank and his brothers treasures. February 24, — Stan Adams collection of cars and petroliana By Mike Bade The second stop on the February 25 tour the Stan and Sheryl Adams car Museum, as he calls it, a mile drive from our first stop. Stan Adams and his wife Sheryl are native Portland residents.

Stan and his wife had a successful tire business on the East side of downtown Portland. After selling their business they have enjoyed being able to collect a variety of collector and high performance vehicles and automobillia. They have carefully selected cars that are of interest to them and now have approx. They also have an amazing collection of restored gas pumps, gas signs, peddle cars, vintage bicycles; filling their museum from floor to ceiling, carefully displayed for maximum effect.

There are not any collections that would rival Stand Sheryl's in the Portland area, that I know of. Of course there is are many back stories, as to how each item was acquired, which Stan shared with the group, too much delight.

Too bad Stan does not have any Plymouths, we would recruit him to join our club. For a photographer, like me much time was spent photographing as much of Stan's cars and collectables as possible, are true treat.

See photos on the CPPC website. Another tour to Stan's may be possible at a later time, hopefully. February 10, — Garage Tours: For what would be one of the larger tours in a while, 23 members and friends, answered the 9: After some doughnuts and conversation and a confirmed head count, we were invited into Steve's amazing work place. Once inside, greeting us was Steve Frisbie, owner, his wife, Chris Clark, office manager, Chuck Barr, shop foreman, would show us the many facets of their shop.

Steve has been in business for dabbling in cars for 37 years, starting out in a small garage in high school and growing gradually over the years to the amazing full service restoration and custom car shop, eventually contending at prestigious events such as Pebble Beach and Forest Grove over the years. Steve and his team of 15 highly skills craftsmen, design, fabricate and paint the amazing creations for clients from all over the United States and around the world.

Last year Steve and his team realized the "Pinnacle" of the car building industry, by winning the Detroit Auto Shows "Ridler Award", for the "Renissance Roadster" a pretty much hand made car, they built for a client from Texas Throughout the tour we were able to many current projects that Steve's team are currently working on. Cars that have been lengthened, chopped, widened and combined front of one car and back of another into beautiful metal creations.

One of the highlights of the tour, was learning the design process each project goes through headed by David Brost, lead designer. We were able to see many of the computer generated concepts for past and current projects created by David.


Thank you to Steve and his team for a truly spectacular tour. Darryl has also been a builder and restorer for 31 years.

His early work his fabrication talents were perfected, which gave him the foundation to do high quality builds and restorations. Darryl's shop is does high quality fabrication, a lot of chassis and frame building. He has gigs to build chassis from scratch for a variety early Ford and Chevy projects. As we toured Darryl's shop there were many custom builds fill he shop in various stages of finish for various clients.

Typically, once all the chassis and body fabrication is complete on a project they are sent out for paint and upholstery and then back again for final assembly. Darryl also has achieved accolades for the work he and his crew have done. Darryl, like most shops does smaller projects to help you with your car projects, keep this in mind if you hit a snag with your car projects.

Thank you to Darryl and his team for a truly another spectacular tour. Two great tours in one afternoon, is truly inspiring, making me want to head into the garage to work and work on my own projects. Click here or on the photo at right to see Mike's pictures. January 27, — Tour World of Speed and Doug Vermeer's garage Indoor tours are a good way to start the year in the rainy Northwest, and World of Speed never disappoints.

They rotate exhibits in and out of their own archives, and they borrow extensively from nationally-known collections, so they almost never repeat themselves. Click here or on the picture at right to see Mike Bade's photos. An extended and informative tour of the vintage engines and railcars was given to us by train enthusiast and volunteer docent Barry Strange.

As an added bonus, after the tour some members took advantage of the sunny weather and had a pleasant walk across the Tillicum Pedestrian Bridge. During its 62 year history, with one fire and only one worker strike, the woolen mill closed in mainly due to competition from manmade fabrics. Two years later it was acquired to become a museum with five historic building also moved to the five acre site.

studebaker swap meet 2012 presidential election

Follow this link to see Jim Wheat's pictures. The last cruise-in of the season is always well-attended. By the time PIR opened the gates at 3: As featured club for the evening, we got to park in the middle, and as usual, we invited as many non-club Plymouths as possible to join us. We meet some interesting people that way, and occasional attract some new club members.

Follow this link to see the Beaches photo gallery. The event is a fundraiser for the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, one of the northwest's most impressive regional museums, and it is held in the CGIC parking lot that overlooks the Columbia River in Stevenson.

The community of Stevenson turns out in a big way for this event, and the grilled burgers and real strawberry shortcake seriously raise the bar for car show cuisine. Joanne Dixon keeps hoping that CPPC will bring home the club participation trophy, but we missed by three cars this year.

As a sad ending to a fun day, the Eagle Creek fire started across the river late in the afternoon, and we watched the smoke plume grow during the awards ceremony and on our drive home. Click on the picture or follow this link to see pictures of the event.

studebaker swap meet 2012 presidential election