Tca york meet 2012

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tca york meet 2012

"The York meet has grown exponentially over the years, and the sheer peek into what Eastern TCA calls the "World's Greatest Train Meet. Posted by laz 57 on Sunday, February 12, PM. Yep Yep I'm there on AM. Just a Reminder for people who attend the York TCA Meet. Oct 18, at PM – Oct 20, at PM EDT. More than a Carlisle Ave, York, Pennsylvania It's time again for the TCA's York Meet!.

TCA York Reminder

Eastern Divison is the sole sponsor of the York Train Meet. It is the largest division within the Train Collectors Association with over 6, members.

The York Train Meet has a long history dating back to when it began holding its first train meet in the Blue Hall, also known as Memorial Hall.

tca york meet 2012

When you hear the old timers tell how they used to secure their tables, you can't help but smile. It was a free for all and whoever managed to get to the table first laid claim to it for the entire meet.

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With a membership fast approachingthey are the fastest growing chapter in TCA. If you live in this area check out what they have to offer - train meets several times a year and bus trips to the York Train Meet.

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Click on their logo for information on their upcoming bus trip. The Train Collectors Association with over 28, members world wide, is dedicated to the hobby of collecting and operating toy trains, the fun of members buying, selling and discussing them, the study of their characteristics and the history of their production. As a member of TCA you have access to the amazing library of historical resources at the National Toy Train Library, Strasburg, PA as well as the wealth of knowledge held within the membership.

tca york meet 2012

These are now available at dealers! X Boxcars Bold graphics meet unique design on the round-roof boxcar. We had several decorated samples of the round-roof X boxcars on display, including the single and double-door varieties. These will no doubt be popular with transition-era modelers. Although created on the Pennsylvania, these cars found homes on many railroads and could be seen hauling automobiles and other large loads all across the country.

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The high level of detail on these models will make any scale modeler proud. The O Gauge cylindrical line continues with more schemes like this gray CN car.

tca york meet 2012

Cylindrical Covered Hoppers Samples of the popular cylindrical covered hoppers were seen in both O scale with a decorated Canadian National version, and a pre-production sample of the same car for our American Flyer line. The first preproduction sample of the American Flyer version shows many great details. The O scale cars feature great detail and colorful graphics and the American Flyer versions will be no different.

tca york meet 2012

Look for these tubular cars to roll out in many paint schemes in the near future. These models feature amazing graphics on a classic carbody. American Flyer The new is simply a beautiful model.