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Tweet Carly: tankekraft.info Zayn Malik SC Rep. Phyllis Henderson Carly Rose Sonenclar's "Rolling in the Deep" - THE X FACTOR USA Carly Rose Sonenclar - Judges house THE X FACTOR USA Carly Rose Sonenclar Meet Carly Rose Sonenclar -X FACTOR USA Carly Rose Sonenclar. Trump an X factor in Maine's uncertain GOP presidential delegate chase Businesswoman Carly Fiorina is a distant second at $58, of his presidential bid took over Maine's Republican convention in to secure trips to New Hampshire to meet the candidate, whom he said is in a good position. Strategy Room: Carly Fiorina is in the early debate; what can she do to move back to primetime? Asia Argento reportedly fired from 'X Factor Italy'. ETOnline .

Paul LePage in and U. Bruce Poliquin of the 2nd District in Bush has the backing of moderate U. Campaigns are only now getting organized here. Presidential campaigns are focused on the early states — particularly Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — but Maine has gotten early overflow this year. Four Republican state legislators are chairing the state campaigns for certain candidates: Tom Saviello of Wilton, Fiorina has Sen.

Amy Volk of Scarborough and Paul has Sen. Eric Brakey of Auburn. Rubio may have the best Maine effort so far. Only one poll reflecting Republican presidential preferences in Maine has gone public so far, and the leader was Trump, a firebrand who has called for a ban on Muslim travel to the U.

Carson was at 13 percent, while Fiorina and Bush were at 6 percent. The survey sampled fewer than Maine Republicans and the poll, politically speaking, is ancient. Top Maine Republicans are supporting different people; key figures and constituencies are undecided.

Collins endorsed Bush and former U. Olympia Snowe and her husband, former Gov. John McKernan, donated to him. I talked about Donald Trump from the standpoint of being an individual who was using his celebrity rather than his conservatism. I didn't get a phone call from Bill Clinton before I jumped in the race. Did you get a phone call from Bill Clinton? Maybe because I didn't give money to the foundation or donated to his wife's Senate campaign.

The main event though the debate with the top ten republican candidates, it is less than two hours away. And even at this early stage of the campaign, the stakes could not be higher. That was kind of remarkable. But look, the candidates I'm pretty sure all of them only two of them spoke -- you played that about Donald Trump.

I'm sure all of them had their lines ready to go. Rick Perry has been trying to pick a fight with Donald Trump for some time, which was one of the many reasons he was -- I know was bummed out that he was not on the stage with Donald Trump. Which is going to happen later tonight. And for Carly Fiorina, it was an interesting moment.

Because they probably have the most similar resumes and kind of reason for running, the fact that they are both business people who have never been in elected office and so forth. So, it was clearly a moment that was stirred up by the moderators and probably not unlike what we're going to see later but a very different kind of response since Trump is going to be in the man in the center stage later tonight.

And Dan, you talked about Carly Fiorina. Listen to Carly Fiorina taking on -- talking about the Iran nuclear deal. On day one in the oval office, I would make two phone calls, the first one would be to my good friend BB Netanyahu to reassure him. We will stand with the state of Israel. The second will be to the supreme leader of Iran. And the message is this. Until you open every nuclear and every military facility to full, open, anytime, anywhere for real inspections, we are going to make it as difficult as possible for to you move money around the global financial system.

Now, we will going to be talking to Carly Fiorina in just a moment. But Dana, she's been getting a lot of praise already for her performance tonight. Would you consider her the breakout star? In style, in substance and also in performance, as you said.

Look, there is a very diverse field this time around on the republican side. You have two Latino candidates. You have an African-American candidate. You have an Indian American candidate. You only have one woman who was unfortunately not at the debate with the big boys, so to speak, that has to do with polling.

But it certainly was a moment. Because I talked to a lot of Republicans, even here, you know, how these events work. You have members of the Republican National Committee are kind of milling around.

Campaign aides who are current and former and a lot of people kind of the buzz is, you know, why isn't she getting more traction? I think the answer is probably going to be, she likely will for those who are watching this happy hour debate that just happened. Happy hour and then the big event happening in just under two hours. Dana, you're going to be there. And this is just the beginning folks. OUTFRONT for us tonight, the republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, we were just talking about it, congratulations on getting through the first 60 minutes of the big campaign.

We know it's not the first 60 minutes of the campaign. And it's not going to be the last 60 minutes of the campaign.

It's one set of 60 minutes in the campaign. How did you think you did tonight? Well, I was pleased. You know, I went into this knowing that only 40 percent of Republicans even know who I am. So I have the lowest name I. It shows up in national polling. And so this was a chance for people who had never seen me before to see me. And that's important for somebody like me.

I also was pleased that we had limited time, but I had some time to really deal with some issues of substance. Because I do think our nation is at a pivotal point. This isn't a game. You know, it's not a sport. Politics and politicians and the policies they pursue impact every single American's life for better or for worse.

And I think we're at a pivotal point where we need a new kind of leadership. You say you have the lowest name I. Because I'm told that Google trend says that your name is topping -- is the top searched name in more states of any of the GOP candidates in that debate.

And that's for one thing. So, you also -- you are talking about delving into some of the issues. One of the issue you took on very quickly, you came out swinging against Donald Trump and that phone call between him and President Bill Clinton just before Trump announced his candidacy.

What were you getting at there? You know, I'm not sure, frankly, I would call that a substantive issue. I was responding to a question specifically about him. I think the substantive issues we talked about were Iran and ISIS and the economy and the fact that we have woven people's lives in webs of dependence.

But I was asked a question. I am curious about why he got a phone call from Bill Clinton. I presume it's because they have been family friends. That's what they both said. I asked a serious question of Donald Trump as well. And that is because he has changed his mind on issues that matter to me and to Americans on amnesty, on healthcare, on abortion, what are the principals by which he will govern? Now, after the debate, you took on Jeb Bush as well over his comments on funding for women's health.

What is your problem with what Jeb Bush said? Because unfortunately, he played into Democrats' talking points. The democrat talking point is that the Planned Parenthood videos that late-term abortion is about women's health.

It is about nothing of the kind. The Planned Parenthood video is about picking over babies for body parts. In fact, that's what the employees of Planned Parenthood call them in this video, babies. They are picking over them for body parts. That has nothing to do with abortion or women's health, pro-life or pro-choice.

And secondly, it's hypocrisy for Democrats to say they care about women's health when they continued to push for late-term abortion. The majority of Americans now agree that abortion for any reason at all after five months is a problem. And it's also unfortunate that the majority of Americans don't understand that the Democrat Party platform -- Hillary Clinton's platform is that it's not a life until it leaves the hospital.

That is an extreme position. People need to know that instead of falling into the trap that somehow this is a discussion about women's health.

Carly | Revolvy

Now, I have to get this last one in for you. Because I'm sure you have a lot do. But at one point it almost -- almost sounded like Governor Perry nominated you for secretary of state. I would rather have Carly Fiorina over there doing our negotiation than John Kerry. Maybe we would have gotten a deal where we didn't give everything away. Now, Carly Fiorina, is that a job you would be interested in? Maybe I would nominate Rick Perry as secretary of commerce, because he and I did a lot of business together.

And he did a good job in attracting businesses to the state of Texas, which is where we first met when I was the CEO of Hewlett- Packard. I took it as this. I negotiated a lot of deals in my life. Not an Iranian nuclear deal. But I know there are some cardinal rules of deal making that carry an Obama Brook. So, rule number one.

Know what your goals are and be prepared to walk away if you don't get them. President Obama laid out a set of goals that he said were important, imperative for the American people. He caves on every one. Rule number two, walk away from the table. Because if you don't sometimes, then no one believes you ever will. And John Kerry, Barak Obama never walked away from the table which is why we got such a terrible deal.

Yesterday Barak Obama, as usual, presented a false choice to the American people. It's either war or it's what I've done.

Actually, the better alternative, the better choice was a better deal. But now we're with a terrible deal which will make the world and the region a far more dangerous place. Carly Fiorina, you are hitting all the message points tonight. Congratulations on the first debate. Looking forward to seeing more of you on the campaign trail.

Thank you so much.

Carly henderson

We will bring out our John King right now. John, so we heard -- we are hearing a lot from Carly Fiorina. She's getting a lot of applause on social media for her performance tonight. How did she do? She did very well. She is the breakaway, Kate. Go online, look especially among conservative commentators who have influence with republican voters.

They say Carly Fiorina is the runaway winner tonight. We are in the first hour of the Carly Fiorina boomlet. How big it would be? How long will it last? How strong will it be?

We can't answer that question. But if she keeps this up, she will down the road, maybe not in debate number two, but maybe by debate number three or debate number four, find herself in the prime-time event.

She does have a decent organization in Iowa, she's got a decent organization in New Hampshire. And she said right there, she hasn't taken off yet but she also understood the cardinal rule of going into a debate as a politician, understand what your goal was.

She knew this was hello. She knew this was the first time she was going to get this level of exposure, make your points, make them strongly and she enjoyed herself. Look, the fact checkers will go after her, some of her critics will question. Some of what she said. But in terms of a performance with substance and with some energy and joy, she had a great night. And John, were you surprised how quickly the debate turned to Donald trump and do you think when it did turn that direction the attacks were effective?

She's saying, he's a flip flopper. And she is right on what she just said. She's changed his position in abortion. She's changed his position on immigration. She once support an assault weapon's ban. Now grown-ups change their minds. But she's putting the pressure on him to explain those to conservative voters who might not know about Donald Trump's history, might not know back in he thought about running for the reform party.

Ross Perot's old party. Nomination as the third party candidate. And he said, I'm quite liberal on healthcare. Talked favorably about the single payer system. So, a lot of Trump's supporters may not know his history. Carly Fiorina, that's a sparked debate.

Kate, the way I judge them is do they grow? If you go back and look at when Carly Fiorina ran for Senate a couple years ago and you look at her now, she is a vastly improved candidate. And she's going to make at least a ripple in the republican race tonight. We will see if it turns into something bigger than that.

And we have another -- a part two or I guess we call it part one and this was a part. We're not really sure. We have the main stage event coming up in just a little while. John, it's great to see you. And who breaks from behind? Plus, Donald Trump's campaign has been long on sound bites, short on specifics.

Will he finally be forced to talk policy tonight? And also, harsh words for Hillary tonight. She is called a liar on Benghazi and her emails ahead. We're going to put those charges to a top democrat. In less than two hours, ten republican presidential hopefuls will be squaring off in a debate that is unlike any political match that we have seen in recent memory.

The candidates have now made their way to Cleveland, including the frontrunner, Donald Trump, who spent part of the afternoon signing autographs as the other nine candidates, well, tonight IJ Review is giving us a glimpse into how they are preparing. Before the debate, I normally call my mom to get advice. Hey, mom, I can't say that on television. I have a video from a couple of my very trusted political advisors. For a debate, I go out and run. It's a great way to relax. You can't take any phone calls.

You are not reading e-mails. You're not looking online. You are just out running and that clears your mind. I take these hundreds of pieces of paper, because they have all the advice that people have given me about what to say during the debate.

And light them on fire. Let me check on that. And Alice Stewart, communications director for Mike Huckabee's campaign. Great to see all of you.

Jeff, great to have you here. So, we have talked about this a lot. Donald Trump has spent a lot of time recently down playing expectations, lowering expectations. From your perspective as we walk into this, what does he have to lose? Well, you know, if you notice, he had downgraded expectations and suddenly this afternoon we have gone to Donald Trump saying, there's a bullseye on his back.

So, I think he is suddenly upgraded here. I think he got a lot of help today from Rick Perry and Carly Fiorina. Well, I think you have to help him, in the sense that when you go after him, the experience we've seen so far is that when people go after him, his numbers go up. People are looking at a lot of these folks -- I'm not sure that they look at Carly Fiorina this way, but certainly some of these others, Rick Perry, they look at him and they see politician.

And this is exactly what they are so upset about. I mean, these folks are embodying this. So, when they attack him, they are helping him. And I just am sort of continually amazed that they pursue this line, because all they're doing is helping him. It sounds to me what he is saying right now Ana is that Donald Trump has nothing to lose as he walks into that debate.

Isn't that what makes him so dangerous? Well, I think he actually has a lot to lose, because he's the frontrunner. When you are the frontrunner and when you are going into a debate, you have got a lot to lose.

I was surprised to see what a big part of the first debate Donald Trump was. You know, and, yes, Carly Fiorina and Governor Perry went after him pretty hard. I suspect that means that he is going to be part of the second debate, too, a question on Trump. Ana, real quick, on your candidate, on Jeb Bush, he has been struggling recently to say the very least on the question of his family, how he differentiates himself from his family. Tonight, is the big moment.

How is he going to answer that in a winning way and not fumble it? I think Jeb is going to talk about his time as governor, his record as governor, who he is, try to have the American public get to know Jeb.

I don't think you are ever going to see Jeb throw his family under the bus for the purpose of promoting himself. So, if that's part of the litmus test, that's one that's going to always be hard for him. He loves his family. And I don't think it's, you know, something that he feels comfortable doing. In addition to problems in terms of his own family that is what I call the Reagan Bush divide, which is basically the division between the Reagan wing and the Republican Party and the Bush wing.

And I think that he may have a problem with that. It will be interesting to see which candidates there take him on as representing quote-unquote, the bushes or moderate wing of the party as opposed to the Reagan wing of the party.

Let me bring in Alice on this. Alice, let's talk about your candidate. Let's talk about Governor Huckabee. A veteran and political reporter.

We know him well. I know you know him well. He offered up some pretty frank advice for your candidate today, leading into this. Let me read it to you. Fournier says, "Relocate your sense of shame. I have known you longer that you have been in politics, Governor and yet I barely recognize the desperate cynical man who accuses our president of leading Jews to the oven door.

Give us a preview. First of all, start off by saying, Ron Fournier is a good friend of mine. But he does use colorful words lately in his description of Governor Huckabee. In terms of that comment, the governor strongly believes every word that he said when he was talking about the problems with the Iran deal and the consequences it has for America but for Israel as well, which is our greatest ally. But what he's going to do tonight on the stage, he's going to take every precious moment he has to talk about his views for the future, his plans for this country.

He has been traveling around the country talking with people in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina about what's important to them, issues like jobs and the economy, the bad foreign policy infrastructure we currently have. And these are the things that he's going to talk about. There's valuable precious time they have on the stage.

And all these candidates realize, you are not going to win a campaign on the debate stage, but you sure can lose it. So, they're going to be very cautious in how they display their views tonight. Alice, who is a bigger target for your candidate? He's fourth in the polls right now.

Is his bigger target Donald Trump or is his bigger target Jeb Bush? He is not looking at it from that perspective. He is looking at it from the standpoint, this is an opportunity for him to get out there and talk about what people are concerned with, jobs and the economy.

He's not going to waste any time with the other candidates in terms of attacking them. That's not his nature. That's not what got him on the stage in the first place. He is there to talk about Mike Huckabee and his policies and what the American people out there are asking him to do and that's talk about jobs and the economy, safety and security of our country, immigration reform and also the current problems with this disgusting Planned Parenthood videos and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Well, it sounds like Governor Huckabee is going to play nice. Donald Trump says, he's going to play nice. Jeb Bush is going to play nice. This debate is not going to be any fun. But actually, let's just see what happens.

Great to see you all. It cannot be any less fun than the first debate. That was the most humorless hour and a half of my life recently. Well, we're going to see what you say about this next one.

Great to see you. Is tonight the night Trump's non-answers come to an end? And Hillary Clinton slammed by republican candidates in tonight's first debate. My guest, a top democrat. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she's going to fire back. Just hours before the first republican debate of this election, Donald Trump made a dramatic entrance. He and his wife Melania stepped off their private jet in Cleveland.

Some might say that they were going for a presidential-like arrival.