Zahira college mawanella sport meet 2012 jeep

zahira college mawanella sport meet 2012 jeep

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But no tunnel was found. The entrance led to a quadrangle cubicle that had been carved in kabok stone. Apart from the cubicle the excavators could unearth a stupa with three-tiered masonry base called a pesavalalu. They also recovered potsherds and pieces of tiles and lamps believed to belong to the Kotte Period. The findings so far give evidence of the existence of a Buddhist vihara at this site.

A special feature is that the quadrangle cubicle, stupa and staircase have been carved out of the kabok boulder," he said, adding that excavation activities were in progress and the findings would help shed further light on the country s past.

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During the tour, local communities, especially youth, will have the opportunity to learn and get involved with volunteering activities for sustainable development, and get to know organisations they can further get involved with. The cycling tour is organised by the UN Volunteers with the support of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development, During the excavation Entrance to the quadrangle cubicle A stupa with a threetiered masonry base Law students in Sri Lanka demand test papers in all three languages colombopage.

A movement of law students today staged a protest demanding the authorities to provide the test papers in all three languages - Sinhala, Tamil and English. Carrying placards and shouting slogans students of the All Island Law Students' Movement this morning demonstrated in front of the Fort Railway Station to protest the lack of Sinhala and English translations of the law examination papers.

Some of the placards read "Law profession, is it only for high class? They vehemently opposed the decision taken by the Council of Legal Education to provide question papers only in English language. The students were attempting to march to the Presidential Secretariat to handover a letter.

zahira college mawanella sport meet 2012 jeep

According to the Law College administrators, the test papers were always in English. However, they have the option of answering in any of the three languages. Volunteering to Make a Difference UN agencies, volunteer involving organisations and youth-led organisations. The UNV research report can be found at: We accept all credit cards.

Speaking to reporters today, Samaraweera said that when UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is making attempts to unite the party the public must be cautious about those who look at disrupting that attempt. There had been reports that Samaraweera was not happy with moves to appoint Premadasa as the deputy leader of the UNP and that he had gone abroad in order to avoid a recent rally at which Wickremesinghe and Premadasa took the stage together.

He also said he supports moves by the UNP leader to unite the party and feels there are attempts by some media institutions to scuttle the unity of the party ahead of the Uva provincial council elections.

Samaraweera also denied having secret talks with the Government and assured his fullest support to ensure the UNP leader is the next President of Sri Lanka.

zahira college mawanella sport meet 2012 jeep

Speaking further, the UNP MP said he never had any personal issues with anyone, not even President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and that his opposition to someone was always based on policy.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, Economist Harsha De Silva has said that he appreciates the President s decision to collaborate with the Japanese government to develop the infrastructure of the country. De Silva also pointed out that Japan would be a good investment destination for Sri Lanka and that mutual trade will flourish. The UNP Parliamentarian maintained that this step would be a good way to pump in foreign investments which could be yar to settle the 6. He added that Japan, comparatively, offers financial assistance to Sri Lanka on friendlier terms.

Harsha De Silva also refuted the claims that President Mahinda Rajapaksa was creating an uneasiness involving India, China and Japan, saying that those were baseless allegations.

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He said Sri Lanka and Japan had a longstanding relations on economic front and China was the "new comer" into the equation. Japan did not look towards Sri Lanka because of Chinese influence, he said.

zahira college mawanella sport meet 2012 jeep

Sittings in Kilinochchi dailynews. Central College, Mulankavil 9. Poonagary Divisional Secretariat 9. Persons who have been officially invited by the Commission are requested to attend sittings as scheduled above. Any person, persons or organisations within the Divisional Secretariat of Poonagary and Grama Niladhari division of Skanthapuram are invited to submit their complaints to the Commission on the above mentioned dates and venues.

New complainants would be registered and a date would be given to the new complainants to make oral representations. New complaints from individuals and organisations will only be received by the Commission from the Skanthapuram GN division on September The Police spokesman s Office said that there had been a total of 12 fatal accidents in which 16 people died since the commissioning of the Southern Expressway in November, A total of 1, accident had occurred on the Southern Expressway within two and a half years, they said.

Sources said that accidents had occurred on September 05, LBO Sri Lanka cabinet has given approval to the progamme of work to minimize the application of agro chemicals in agriculture in the Island, a statement said. Sri Lanka imports metric tons of agro chemicals andmetric tons of chemical fertilizers annually. Most of the time the accidents occurred as a result of the vehicle veering or skidding off the expressway due to excessive speed and hitting against its iron railings.

Sri Lanka to minimize the application of Agro chemical in agriculture colombogazette. On Sunday President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to strengthen relations and develop a new partnership in the maritime sector during the bilateral discussions at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo. Following one-on-one discussions, the two leaders joined their respective delegations for extended talks, which focused a considerable amount on strengthening relations between the two nations in the maritime sector and at international fora.

Polls chief is ready to postpone polls colombogazette. The National Peace Council said that the meeting revealed a opening for a dialogue to commence between the government and NGOs. The discussion between the Defence Secretary and officials present and the NGO representatives was cordial and covered the areas of interest of the NGOs that participated in the meeting as well as the concerns and perceptions of NGOs in general.

There was a discussion on the issuance of the NGO Secretariat circular on the need for NGOs to work within their mandates and the Finance Ministry advertisement that the general public and government officials should check on the credentials of NGOs prior to working with them.

The discussion also extended to the government s surveillance of NGO activities, the devolution of power, the problem of missing persons and the unwillingness of NGOs to dialogue with the government. The Elections Commissioner had meetings with the police in Monaragala today together with officials of the human rights commission of Sri Lanka.

There have been reports of election violations taking place in Monaragala, including reports of several unmarked defender jeeps operating in the area and threatening opposition supporters.

He urged the NGOs present to discuss their problems with the government rather than internationalizing them. He also proposed that the NGO Secretariat s liaison officers in the District Secretariat s could be called upon to resolve any problems encountered in the field. He also stressed his commitment to environmental protection in urban development activities and on the possible role that can be played by NGOs working in the environmental sector.

Two matters for follow up were also agreed upon at the meeting. The first was to regularize meetings between the NGO Secretariat and the NGOs to collect relevant information and to iron out problems.

The second area was to bring the Defence Secretary into dialogue with those NGOs that are more strongly and openly critical of the government. He said the BBS would launch protest campaigns if the government failed to take any action against it.

The Thera said certain extremist groups were already trying to forcibly include Sharia Law into Parliament Acts. Some banks have already started using this law and those banks have set up separated units for Muslims to fulfill their banking needs, he said. Prince Al-Hussein had voiced his concern on the rising violence against the Muslim and Christian minorities. True, it may take some time, but that is how it is with all investigative commissions," he said.

Sri Lanka had chosen to cooperate when the former High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanetham Pillay, when she arrived in the country, he said. Addressing the Prince Al-Hussein's concern for violence, Samaranayake said that such racism was not present in the country.

A few incidents that had been portrayed as being racist in nature had been misconstrued by the international community, he said. He also said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa would not permit racism to creep into the system and disrupt the peace.

zahira college mawanella sport meet 2012 jeep

Anandasangaree calls for united Tamil political force not learning their lessons, even after the Mullivaikal tragedy in and not integrating all Tamil political forces.

The TULF leader, in a statement released recently, on the political stance of the TNA, has even pointed out that the failure of the TNA leaders in uniting all Tamil forces had resulted in big tragedies and setbacks. Chelvanayakam to take a positive decision in this regard by consulting all leaders of other Tamil political parties. Anandasangaree further said that finding political solution for the Tamil community was being dragged on without a time frame.

That was due to some politicians who do political business without knowing the political culture and history. They fear that they would not find work to do when a permanent political solution for Tamils is found.

Hence these forces are preventing all Tamil political forces from uniting under one wing. It s fake says Dayasiri s office dailymirror. Sources from the chief ministerial office told Daily Mirror that the picture that had been going around in the social media sites was a false one. A picture of Mr. Jayasekera with a bandaged ear was circulating in the social media sites and on today.

The duo got together only to celebrate the party s anniversary and many had got themselves carried away with this situation, he said. President Rajapaksa paid a landmark State visit to colombopage. The Cuban Foreign Minister criticizing, in particular, the selectivity characteristic of the Human Rights Council in recent years has said that current developments indicate the urgency of basic reforms to be carried out in the United Nations system.

Parrilla was responding to a statement made by his Sri Lankan counterpart Prof. Peiris during the bilateral discussions held between the two ministers at the External Affairs Ministry Monday. Peiris has said that the consequences of external intervention in the domestic affairs of countries, and the havoc it has caused resulting in the loss of precious human lives and the governability of nations being placed at risk, are today evident in many parts of the world, and the people of Sri Lanka certainly have no wish to exchange the peace and stability they now enjoy for this state of affairs.

Minister Parrilla said that levels of confidence in the manner of functioning of many organs of the system are rapidly falling because of the obvious reality that these institutions are politicized, and there is a total absence of uniform standards being applied across the board without discrimination.

Minister Peiris said that Sri Lanka, at the United Nations General Assembly, has consistently called for lifting of the economic blockade against Cuba, adopting the position that trade embargoes of this kind are entirely By Mirudhula Thambiah ceylontoday. Sampanthan has emphasized that talks with the government, to reach a durable political solution to the Tamil issue, should have a specific time frame instead of being dragged along giving lame excuses.

The TNA leader also pointed out the importance of the International community monitoring the progress of the talks to find a political solution to the Tamil issue. We have decided on how people of the North should be prepared to face the current political situation. The new leader of the party Mavai Senathirajah, Secretary Thurairajasingham and members of the Executive Committee will take action to implement the resolutions," he said.

We are concerned about finding a long lasting solution for resettlement, rehabilitation and livelihood of the affected people. We are looking forward to solving the China in May during which both leaders agreed to elevate the bilateral relations to a Strategic Cooperation Partnership, by substantially expanding the mandate for engagement.

Minister Peiris noted the high quality of medical education in Cuba and thanked the Cuban government for the scholarships which they have given Sri Lankan students in the fields of medicine, biological sciences and sports education.

Minister Parrilla expressed appreciation of the prompt action taken by the government of Sri Lanka, in response to the request made by President Raul Castro of Cuba to President Mahinda Rajapaksa to make available to Cuba, the expertise of Sri Lanka with regard to the development of the coconut industry. The Cuban Foreign Minister agreed, at the request of his Sri Lankan counterpart, to assist in respect of the eradication of dengue in Sri Lanka.

Practical steps for expanding trade were also discussed. The Minister also paid courtesy calls on Prime Minister D. Jayaratne and the Speaker of Parliament Chamal Rajapaksa. Sampanthan says set time frame needed unemployment issue in the North, but the government has been continuously ignoring us," he said.

Sampanthan said the TNA is looking forward to a long lasting political solution in a united Sri Lanka, where Tamils can live peacefully with their own economic, cultural, and religious practices and autonomy at provincial level.

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Sir Nice, speaking to Ceylon Today, said, 'I am eagerly looking to be in Sri Lanka to help sort out the long standing problem it is facing. Certainly, I look forward to be in your island as I have not been to that part of the world for a long time," He said though he was contacted with regard to obtaining his consent to join the advisory team, he had so far not heard about his schedule from Colombo.

Sir Nice, who did not wish to elaborate on the role he would undertake in Sri Lanka, said, "Till I get there, I will not be able to speak on anything.

Sir de Silva will be present with the rest of the team at Poonagarin Central School on the first two days.

Earlier, the commission said the advisory panel will not sit at hearings but will only remain as part of the advisory board and nothing beyond. The new report has, according to the news agency, accused the United Nations of failing to protect Sri Lankan civilians caught up in the final phases of the conflict.

The commission's office could not confirm the date of arrival of the five international experts: Kaushal who will be assisting Sir de Silva in the mission. Soofi, who is one of the five internationally renowned war crime and legal experts who would advice the Commission probing Missing Persons, said he had accepted the government's invitation.

However, at the moment he has taken up several international assignments and is trying to arrange a time to make it to Sri Lanka. He added his office is working on the 'conclusion' and 'objections' of the process he would undertake in being part of the advisory panel. Avdhash Kaushal said he too was waiting for the green light from Sri Lanka.

The report contains only two substantive recommendations for the future: The two substantive recommendations of the Committee again point to the lack of a robust policy framework — free of ideological baggage — within the government to consider the SAITM issue afresh. Embedded within this policy position is the aim of vested interests to make medical education open to anyone who has the ability and willingness to pay for it. It does not offer any solutions for the fundamental issues arising from SAITM, within a broad policy framework that takes into consideration the features that makes medical education different from all other forms of education.

The government clearly needs to wake up to the universal presumption — in societies relatively free of corruption — that medical education is an inviolable public good that is ethically incompatible with the profit motive. Firstly, it must be pointed out that the idea of a not-for-profit P3 is a contradiction in terms. A P3 venture typically involves a private entity financing a project in return for a promised stream of payments directly from government or indirectly from users.

It is clearly an imposition upon the SLMC that has stood to defend the current system that has maintained appropriate standards of medical education so far. The sinister targets and the paths chosen to achieve them are based on vested interests and ignorance of the damage such policies are bound to inflict on quality of medical care and patient safety in the country.

It needs to be recognised at least by the reasonable sections of the mega-cabinet that the purpose of the medical education process is to produce physicians capable of safely providing high-quality medical care to patients. As such, the design and conduct of the educational programmes provided by medical schools and graduate medical education programmes must ensure that new doctors are adequately prepared to face the challenges they will encounter on entry into practice.

Current systems, globally, rely on meeting these requirements by imparting a satisfactory level of foundational knowledge through undergraduate training, and in-depth graduate training through residency in a hospital, under supervision.

zahira college mawanella sport meet 2012 jeep

Sri Lanka, as a low income country with a chronically under-resourced health system typified by chronic shortages of medications, supplies, facilities, and management systems, faces other secondary drivers of the need to strengthen medical education. An examination of the evolution of the medical education system in the US shows a history of effectively insulating against private sector involvement in this most market-oriented country of the world.

Examination of the key features that prompted this particular approach point to vital requirements of effective medical education SAITM currently lacks. The opportunity to gain some clinical experience was afforded only towards the end of the long apprenticeship. The quality of the training varied depending on the capacity and conscientiousness of the master, and keener students went overseas to learn at hospitals of Paris, London or Edinburgh. The first recorded formal medical education in America began as a course of lectures on anatomy and midwifery —started in by William Shippen Jr.

It is significant that the first American medical school was conceived as part of an institution of learning, and connected with a large public hospital. In Sri Lanka, we find the government engaged in a poisonous quarrel with the profession on objections to SAITM granting medical degrees without an affiliation with a reputed university or access to a public hospital, vital for academic credibility and to further clinical training respectively.