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Ford India Private Limited vs Michael Edinburg & Anr. on 14 March,

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Try out our Premium Member services: Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Dhruv Wahi, Advocate Mr. Ashish Sindhu, Advocate For the Respondent: By the impugned order, while partly allowing the Complaint, preferred by the Complainant, Respondent No. It is pointed out by the office that the Appeal is barred by limitation, as there is a delay of 60 days in filing the same.

In fact, the delay is days, inasmuch as against the impugned order, an Appeal, under Section 19is to be filed within a period of 30 days from the date of the order in such form and manner as may be prescribed. An application praying for condonation of the said delay has been filed along with the Appeal.

That it is most humbly submitted that the impugned order was passed by the Hon'ble State Commission, Mumbai on The Appellant learnt about the order passed in the proceedings before the Hon'ble State Commission upon receiving a copy of the impugned order from Respondent No. It is submitted that prior to Immediately, thereafter the Appellant approached their counsel Shailesh Thakkar who was conducting the matter on behalf of the Appellant before the Hon'ble State Commission to inform him about the impugned order and also requested him to obtain a certified copy of the order form the Hon'ble State Commission, since, the first free certified copy of the order has not been received by the Appellant.

The appellant also requested the counsel to also send the entire record pertaining to the matter to be able to take further course of action in the matter. That the counsel Mr. Shailesh Thakkar applied for a certified copy of the order from the office of the Registrar attached to the Hon'ble State Commission, Mumbai. The office of the Registrar, State Commission, prepared and issued a duplicate certified copy of the impugned order on The counsel sent the said order to the Appellant through Speed Post on However, the counsel did not send the entire record pertaining to the matter while citing that the same had been misplaced by him.

The local counsel in Mumbai received the copies of the pleadings from the Hon'ble State Commission on That immediately upon receipt of the certified copies of the pleadings etc. Though the State Commission had sent the free copy of the impugned order to the Appellant by post on As indicated in the application, the Appellant was duly represented by a Counsel before the State Commission.

If he was not present on the date when the State Commission had pronounced the order, he was expected to be vigilant while pursuing his pending matters. Since the Manufacturer and the Dealer are closely connected as Principal and Agent or act on Principal to Principal basis, Counsel appearing on behalf of the Dealer on Thereafter, no dates of requesting the Counsel at Mumbai for sending the relevant records and his applying for a certified copy of the impugned order, have been mentioned in the application.

Though the Appellant received the certified copy of the impugned order on Vide the impugned order, the Appellant had been burdened with certain liability but, as is apparent from the above facts, it had pursued the matter in a lackadaisical manner. The explanation furnished is self-serving and does not inspire any confidence.

The Appellant is negligent in prosecuting its cause. In view of the above, we are of the view that the Appellant has failed to make out a "sufficient cause" for condonation of the inordinate delay of days in filing of the Appeal.

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority [ 14 SCC ] to the effect that while deciding an application for condonation of delay, the Court has to keep in mind that the special period of limitation has been prescribed under the Act for filing appeals and revisions in consumer matters and the object of expeditious adjudication of the consumer disputes will get defeated if highly belated petitions filed against the orders of the Consumer Foras are entertained, we are not inclined to condone the inordinate delay of days in filing of the Appeal.

Even coming to the merits of the case, we are of the view that the Appeal deserves to be dismissed in limine for the reasons indicated hereinbelow. Publication Karlik, J. Encyclopedia of Rose Science. Cultural practices and weed control.

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