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From food to home and everything in between, we share the list of bloggers that are inspiring our editors in Home · News · Tags · Directory; Sub Portals PUDUKKOTTAI: Residents of Neduvasal have called off their day protest against the proposed hydrocarbon Thoothukudi, Pudukottai and Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, 29/09/ districts, farmers staged a walk-out from farmers' grievances day meeting here on Thursday. Mar 27, under the discovered small fields policy in Pudukkottai District. Home · News that the project will not be implemented in Pudukottai District, he said. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday chaired a high-level meeting. . In March , when she was diagnosed with stage-four colon.

But extracting hydrocarbons requires drilling deeper wells. If conventional oil and gas are found between 1, and 6, metres below the surface in the Cauvery Delta, hydrocarbons such as CBM and shale are located four to five times deeper. Also, CBM and shale extraction is possible only with more intrusive and destructive techniques that may involve fracturing the layers of rock below. The process is resource intensive and uses much larger amounts of water contaminated with heavy metals.

Villagers assured hydrocarbon project will not come up in Pudukkottai district

While steel casing typically prevents wastewater from contaminating the surrounding aquifers in conventional oil and gas extraction, no such casing can be used in CBM and shale extraction. It is this fear of losing access to safe and sufficient groundwater that has worried farmers.

Processing of the gas is complicated and will undoubtedly put an end to agriculture in the region. A proposed project to extract CBM and shale in Thirvarur and Thanjavur districts from led to protests and the formation of a state government-appointed committee.

Neduvasal residents protest hydrocarbon extraction in agricultural land

This committee recommended the rejection or review of the project based on concerns related to air and soil pollution, contamination and depletion of ground-water, leakages and fires. This compelled Tamil Nadu to scrap the project in and declare that it would never permit CBM and shale extraction.

Sinking feeling Officials also underestimate the problem of land subsidence. When oil and gas are extracted from the cavity between two layers of rock in the earth, the pressure maintained by the fossil fuels is lost.

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This causes the load of the upper layer of rock to fall on the semi-consolidated sedimentary rock, compressing it further. Rao filed a writ petition in the Andhra High Court in to check for land subsidence in the Krishna-Godavari KG basin, another oil and gas-rich delta. Neduvasal is merely 30 km from the coast and if subsidence occurs, it could, along with rising sea levels, allow the seawater to advance and rapidly increase groundwater salinity.

This would cause irreparable damage to agriculture in the region. This gesture by one who was not a Christian by religion is of obvious significance. The fortunes of the church declined very suddenly in The prevailing political strife between the Nayak rulers and the Tondaimans, led to the destruction of the church to its foundations.

Father Homem, who worked amidst enormous dangers and difficulties, rebuilt the chapel in at a site about two furlongs to the southeast. The new one was larger, but much of the earlier plan was retained. The chapel seen in Avur today is this monument. The incident is narrated in General History of Pudukkottai State "Some soldiers of the Tondaiman, having managed to steal some bullocks from the Mughal army not far from Avur, the Mughal soldiers became furious, and coming to the Missionary required him either to return the bullocks immediately or to surrender himself to them as prisoner.

The missionary that had to answer the charge was Rev. Beschi who was then in temporary charge of Avur. As getting the bullocks back was not in his power, he quietly submitted to the alternative proposed by the soldiers. The infuriated soldiers immediately chained him and led him to their camp amidst insult and menaces, and as they found that their prisoner bore all the ill-treatment with unruffled equanimity, they became so exasperated that they had him tied, and, stripping him of his clothes exposed him to the midday sun.

As soon as this, however, came to the knowledge of the chief, Chanda Sahib, he issued immediately orders for the prisoner's release. The chief tenderly embraced the missionary and told him to sit by his side; then he protested that what had happened to him had been done without his knowledge.

Having witnessed the honour paid to the missionary the soldiers, who, a short while before, had insulted him, began also to do him honour.

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As a matter of fact, the danger the Father had incurred became the occasion of his safety and that of the village. This was the first place in the Pudukkottai tract to be occupied by the Jesuits. Once it was the main center of Christian propaganda not only for Pudukkottai but also for Tiruchirappalli, Madurai and Ramanathapuram. Veerama Munivar A grateful Tamil community has immortalized Father Constant Joseph Beschi, the Italian missionary, by calling him reverentially Veerama Munivar and by installing his statute on the Marina beach in Chennai as one of the twenty Tamil savants.

His contributions to Tamil are many fold.