Caraga regional athletic meet 2015 tandag city airport

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caraga regional athletic meet 2015 tandag city airport

Tandag, officially the City of Tandag, and often referred to as Tandag City, is a 5th class city and capital of the province of Surigao del Sur, Philippines. According to the census, it has a population of 56, people. Region · Caraga ( Region XIII) of income. Tandag has a national secondary airport and a seaport. TANDAG CITY, June 23 (PIA) – The Bureau of Jail Management and educational and vocational training, recreation and sports, and religious/spiritual activities, .. “Dapat po pagdating sa airport ay nagdedeklara hinggil dito para .. He will be taking Meat Processing Training so that he will learn to make. Tandag, officially the City of Tandag, and often referred to as Tandag City, is a 5th class city and According to the census, it has a population of 56, people. Tandag has a national secondary airport and a seaport. .. at the provincial capitol in Tandag and hosted the Caraga Regional Athletic Meet several times.

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These 25 were among the first batch of municipalities to receive their checks. Of those already released, a total of P10, worth of checks were received by six municipalities of Agusan del Norte for the implementation of eight projects three DRR-related totaling P4.

The municipalities that received checks were Carmen P1. A total of P13, worth of checks were received by four municipalities of Agusan del Sur for the implementation of four projects one DRR-related amounting P2.

caraga regional athletic meet 2015 tandag city airport

These were Loreto P2. A total of P10, worth of checks were received by eight municipalities of Surigao del Norte for the implementation of 11 projects seven DRR-related totaling P7. These were Bacuag P1. A total of P 8, worth of checks were received by seven municipalities of Surigao de Sur for the implementation of nine projects eight DRR-related totaling P7.

The municipalities were Barobo P1.

Mode of fund releases were single tranches for projects costing P1M or less, and the rest were first of two tranches 80 percent for projects amounting to more than P1M. Inthe fund amounted to P67, These are all for projects identified at the community level through the Bottom-Up Budgeting process.

In May this year, the center reported applications with a combined capacity of 2, The additional RE project applications will have a combined capacity of The bulk of the pending RE power project applications however are hydropower with a total of projects and a combined potential capacity of 2, Geothermal energy projects accounts for eight with a potential capacity of Some of the projects include the Montenegro also underscored the importance of having a diversified energy mix so that Mindanao will not rely solely on one source of energy, which has been proved ineffective when the island only relied on the Agus-Pulangi Hydropower Power Complexes.

caraga regional athletic meet 2015 tandag city airport

Aside from the monitoring of the pending renewable energy projects, the OSFMC also facilitated a number of prospective and existing power investors since it was launched in October last year. The company has recently held a ground breaking ceremony earlier this year and is expected to be completed by Antonino, chairperson of the MinDA, said.

Estrella, a father of two who used to work as a company driver of Amethyl Enterprises, lost his right leg due to electrocution while he was cleaning the roof of their office. The resulting injury from his accident, which happened after he was tasked by his employer to clean the roof of the office, is considered compensable under the Employees Compensation Program ECP since it was an order from his employer and took place within the company premises. For starters, Estrella underwent 12 sessions of physical therapy treatments last March before he was given a free leg prosthesis amounting to P75, on November These fortifications served to protect the town from moro raids.

In several separate attacks between andthe moro pirates wrought havoc and destruction to Tandag. Father Jose Ducos, a Jesuit from Iligan, came to rescue and rebuild Tandag from the ruins wrought by these moro raids.

caraga regional athletic meet 2015 tandag city airport

He established the Tandag Garrison and restored the Tandag priory. Although the Tandag fort somehow survived, part of it was demolished during the Second World War.

Calamities like typhoons and earthquakes finished off what remained of it.

PIA - Caraga Regional Office: Thursday, January 21,

This explains why no remains of these structures could be seen today. However, on April 27,about Japanese troops landed by a number of boats a short distance outside town. Most of the residents fled to the mountains nearby when the Japanese arrived.

The 10th Military District of the U.

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Charles Hansen led a small group of guerrillas against the Japanese. Outnumbered, the guerrillas were unable to dislodge the Japanese and about ten days later another group of guerrillas made a second attempt to force the Japanese out. The Japanese remained in town several weeks and left after causing much damage in Tandag.

On June 23,Tandag by virtue of RA became a city. Cityhood[ edit ] During the 11th Congress —Congress enacted into law 33 bills converting 33 municipalities into cities. However, Congress did not act on a further 24 bills converting 24 other municipalities into cities. The rationale for the amendment was to restrain, in the words of Senator Aquilino Pimentel, "the mad rush" of municipalities to convert into cities solely to secure a larger share in the Internal Revenue Allotment despite the fact that they are incapable of fiscal independence.

However, the Senate again failed to approve the Joint Resolution.

Caraga Regional Athletics Meet 2015

Following the suggestion of Senator Aquilino Pimentel Senate President16 municipalities filed, through their respective sponsors, individual cityhood bills. The Senate also approved the cityhood bills in Februaryexcept that of Naga, Cebu which was passed on 7 June These cityhood bills lapsed into law on various dates from March to July after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo failed to sign them.

The point of law at issue in was whether there had been a breach of Section 10, Article X of the Constitution, which provides — No province, city, municipality, or barangay shall be created, divided, merged, abolished or its boundary substantially altered, except in accordance with the criteria established in the local government code and subject to approval by a majority of the votes cast in a plebiscite in the political units directly affected. In NovemberTandag and 15 other cities lost their cityhood after the Supreme Court of the Philippines granted a petition filed by the League of Cities of the Philippinesand declared unconstitutional the cityhood law RA which had allowed the town to acquire its city status.