Centre state swap meet bendigo 2015 1040

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centre state swap meet bendigo 2015 1040

Bogies, mm centres. Braking system(s), Westinghouse. Coupling system, Autocouplers. Track gauge · 5 ft 3 in (1, mm) & 4 ft 8⁄2 in (1, mm). The N type carriages are an intercity passenger carriage used on the railways of Victoria, The system met the Environmental Protection Agency's requirements as they. A State school established in In Week 6 we will swap Whole School assembly to Tuesday the Charli Stapleton. Jack Arnel. Cameron Mens . Bendigo Vic pm for tea, pm for meeting. Wycheproof Community Resource Centre: Wycheproof Races Art and. Centre State Swap Meet is being held on 21st January, at the Lords Raceway Trotting Track, Mcivor Highway, Bendigo. The Centre State.

Other languages spoken at home included Karen 0. The most common responses for religion were No Religion The main street is the Midland Highway, the section running through the CBD is also known as "Pall Mall" while the main shopping area is centred around Hargreaves Mall. Bendigo has several suburbs some of which such as Eaglehawk were once independent satellite townships and many which extend into the surrounding bushland.

Architectural heritage[ edit ] Shamrock Hotel dates back toand was rebuilt in As a legacy of the gold boom Bendigo has many ornate buildings built in a late Victorian colonial style. The architect Vahland encouraged European artisans to emigrate to the Sandhurst goldfields and so create a "Vienna of the south". The main building was completed between and and the spire between and Fortuna Villa is a large surviving Victorian mansion, built for Christopher Ballerstedt and later owned by George Lansell.

Many other examples of Bendigo's classical architecture rank amongst the finest classical commercial buildings in Australia and include the Colonial Bank building and the former Masonic Hall —74 which is now a performing arts centre. Bendigo's Joss housea historic temple, was built in the s by Chinese miners and is the only surviving building of its kind in regional Victoria which continues to be used as a place of worship.

The Queen Elizabeth Oval still retains its ornate grandstand. Parks and gardens[ edit ] Rosalind Park featuring statuary and flanked by ornate Second Empire-style buildings The central city is skirted by Rosalind Parka Victorian-style garden featuring statuary and a large blue stone viaduct.

The main entrance corner of the park is on the intersection known as Charing Cross, formerly the intersection of two main tram lines now only one.

centre state swap meet bendigo 2015 1040

It features a large statue of Queen Victoria. The Charing Cross road junction features the large ornate Alexandra Fountain and is built on top of a wide bridge which spans the viaduct. The park elevates toward Camp Hillwhich features a historic school and former mine poppet head.

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Further from the city is Lake Weeroonaa large ornamental lake adjacent to the Bendigo Botanical Gardens, which opened in The gardens are home to many native species of animal including brushtailed and ring-tailed possums, ducks, coots, purple swamphens, microbats small insect eating bats the grey-headed flying fox, several species of lizard, owls and the tawny frogmouth. Culture and events[ edit ] Capital Theatre Bendigo is home to Sun Loongthe world's longest imperial dragona symbol of the city's Chinese heritage and a major drawcard of Bendigo's Easter Festival procession.

For the remainder of the year, it is on display in the Golden Dragon Museum. The Bendigo Art Gallery is one of Australia's oldest and largest regional art galleries.

In Marchit hosted a royal visit from Princess Charlene of Monaco at the opening of an exhibition about Grace Kelly.

centre state swap meet bendigo 2015 1040

It also hosts the annual Bendigo Writers Festival, founded inwhich runs across the second weekend in August each year. The Ulumbarra Theatre [29] was opened on April 16, The renovated theatre retains some original architectural features of the gaol.

centre state swap meet bendigo 2015 1040

It also acts as a ceremonial and teaching space for local secondary schools and universities. It is regarded[ by whom? The city hosts the Victorian event of the annual Groovin' the Moo music festival. It is held at the Bendigo Showgrounds and is usually held in late April or early May. The festival regularly sells out and brings many big Australian and international acts to the city.

It also attracts thousands of people from around Victoria to the city for the weekend. With over 80 artists from all over Australia, the not-for-profit festival is hosted in many of the venues around Bendigo, and is headlined by a large family-friendly free concert held in Rosalind Park.

The Bendigo Easter Festival is held each year and attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the city over the Easter long weekend. Attractions include parades, exhibitions and a street carnival. The Festival of Light is a multicultural celebration of peace and harmony inspired by the Buddha's birthday held in May each year since at the Great Stupa.

Centre State Swap Meet

The festival's program includes dancing and musical acts followed by a fireworks display at night. Media[ edit ] Bendigo is served by two newspapers: There are also eight locally based radio stations; Prime Television maintains a sales office in Bendigo. All materials were fire-retardant, and non-skid Pirelli flooring was fitted at the entrances and service areas; in blue to match the carpets in the first class areas, and in maroon for the second class areas.

Following customer feedback, the seating arrangements in the economy cars were reorganised to place the centres of back-to-back seats in line with pillars between windows.

Two-stage air-conditioning was fitted for summer, and heating elements placed underneath the carpet for winter. Those systems, along with those for lighting and announcements, were powered by three-phase alternators, fixed to the underframe of each carriage. These required refuelling, but were cheaper and more reliable than the axle-driven generators used most earlier vehicles. One unisex toilet was provided at the west end of each carriage, along with hot water for each wash basin, fed from a litre pressurised tank.

The system met the Environmental Protection Agency's requirements as they existed in Inter-carriage access diaphragms are constructed with rubber tubing, in place of the earlier method using canvas attached to steel frames. Bogies[ edit ] The bogies for the new cars were a new design, specifically prepared by Vickers Ruwolt. The suspension was based on coil springs, with a secondary cast bolster with spring plank, supported on swing links and coil springs. Tread brakes were fitted, operated by Westinghouse model WF brake cylinders.

The axle boxes utilised spherical roller bearings, and all parts of the bogie, except the wheels and axles themselves, were designed for conversion to standard gauge.

This latter function was finally used in when the Mangalore to Albury line was converted to standard gauge. Power supplies[ edit ] The diesel alternator sets for the carriages provided 3-phase volt alternating current power. If all alternators were off, then the cars was able to take power from an external vAC power supply. Around the same time as these modifications were made, the alternator set supports were modified to reduce vibration, and the radiator fan motors' thermal overload switches were moved to reduce unnecessary tripping.

At the end of the modifications, the system was organised so that in event of a power failure, the batteries mounted under the carriages would automatically reroute all power to the lights at the ends of the train to protect from oncoming traffic.

Those lights could function for over ten hours, at the expense of air-conditioning and other functions. Each carriage took over 20 weeks to construct, with a rolling production line to give one new carriage off the assembly line every fortnight. Weeks 1 to 7 involved the general structure - welding the shell and the underframe together and attaching the ends.

Following that, the electrical fitout took four weeks, and the bogies were fitted after Week A mineral fibre insulation was sprayed on internal surfaces between weeksand then the final six weeks the internal fibreglass ceiling and wall sheets were fitted, along with carpet, seats, lighting, doors and other components, with a one-week trial at the end. Additionally, the carriages are between five and eight tonnes heavier than comparable designs overseas, partially due to their being a compromise between regional and commuter type vehicles.

The paint used externally is identical to aircraft mixes, both in domestic and overseas application.