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WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from Tuesday's Up to its final moments, FX's Sons of Anarchy was a bloodbath. Based on Chibs' devastated reaction, it seems Jax has instructed Chibs and SAMCRO to cast "Yea" votes. He asks Nero (Jimmy Smits) to meet him at Teller-Morrow, where. The second season of the American television drama series Sons of Anarchy created by Kurt Sons of Anarchy is the story of the Teller-Morrow family of Charming, California, as well as the other . Zobelle moves on SAMCRO's gun connection, meeting with Cameron Hayes and his son Edmond. . Retrieved July 2, We are talking about Sons of Anarchy on Roster Con. News, events, photos, Find everything related to Sons of Anarchy.

Due to his signature scars, Tommy Flanagan is hard to miss in any role that he plays.

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A couple decades back in Scotland, Flanagan fought off some robbers who got the upper hand on him. Before he donned the biker leather, you may have recognized him in movies such as Braveheart, Sin City, or Gladiator. Rossi is primarily Italian and played the half-black member of the gang. Eventually going on to betray the gang for all the hazing and mistreatment that he received, Juice remains one of the more tragic figures in the series.

It is one of the things that attracted him to the role after playing Juice. To play Otto required someone who would be committed and comfortable with some disturbing scenes, and who better than showrunner and creator, Kurt Sutter? He moved his way up from staff writer to executive producer.

Before the dust settled on Sons, though, Sutter was already hard at work on his next show, The Bastard Executioner. Her substance abuse leads to Abel having birth defects. However, despite her many issues, Wendy begins to change her life and becomes not only a sympathetic character, but also a devoted mother.

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Drea de Matteo is no stranger to playing complicated women involved in dangerous families. She played the sister of the titular character in the Friends spin-off. After the end of Sons of Anarchy, de Matteo worked on several shows in an episode here and there until she landed a supporting role on Shades of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta. With an already impressive list of credits, it will be exciting to see where she goes next.

Fresh of his stint as the titular hero in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Perlman was at the peak of his career. When he started on the show, Perlman was Now he is almost in his 70s, though he doesn't look it. His most notable role at the beginning of his career was the sewer dwelling Vincent on the TV series Beauty and the Beast — This would prepare him for the hours prosthetics he would need to play Hellboy years later. However, breathing life into Clay Morrow is probably his magnum opus.

As an up and coming actor, Lewis was beginning to get bigger roles after his time on the show. Unfortunately, that all changed in when Lewis suffered a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. From there, his life became a downward spiral. She is to sell everything and move. To Norco with Nero, back East — anywhere but Charming. What Gemma knew had to be done. The lies caught up to all of us, man.

I tried to hide from it This is who I am. He tapes a confession, during which he outlines what Gemma did, how Juice Theo Rossi helped her cover it up and why all the violence escalated with the Chinese.

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And then — after one final run-in with the mystical Homeless Lady, who gives Jax her blanket, which he uses to hide under the courthouse steps — Jax guns down August Marks Billy Brown as he's being released on bail.

Jax then places his gun on the table. Jax never intended for his brothers to kill him. He gives them all hugs and says his goodbyes before uttering the words above — the same words Opie Ryan Hurst told Jax before sacrificing himself. It was too late for me. I was already inside it. And Gemma, she had plans. But it's not too late for my boys. I promise they will never know this life of chaos. I know who you are now and what you did.

I love you, dad. Check out the most memorable series finales of all time When a highway patrolman spots Jax, he asks him to surrender, but Jax opens fire instead. He then leads an ever-growing number of cop cars on a long-and-winding final ride through the mountains. And as fate would have it, Jax just so happens to see a semi truck ahead driven by Vic Mackey, er Milo, the trucker Gemma met last week.

He smiles and grabs the throttle before ultimately letting go and accepting his fate.