Meet the cavalier girls 2015

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meet the cavalier girls 2015

One of them is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have posted some nice images of the Cavalier Girls. Click here to view the Cavaliers galleries. Cavalier Girl: Elbridge woman makes Cleveland NBA team's dance team Schwarting danced with the team from to , adding commercial Schwarting hasn't had the opportunity to meet Cavaliers star and the. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league with teams in Cavalier Girls, Cleveland Cavaliers . WARRIORS: Warrior Girls –06; ^ Dance Team; ^ Meet the –06 Laker Girls | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS.

What is your junk food weakness? I will never turn down ice cream. Who is your celebrity crush? Neal Caffrey What is your dream date? An ideal date would be a picnic out in the country woods, alongside a lake or pond watching the sunset in the bed of a truck.

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I love planning events, so my dream job would be a wedding planner. I have a 4 year old multipom named Jag, and I live on a farm so I grew up caring for pigs, chickens, turkeys and lambs. He is my hero because he was so determined and loving, he taught me many life lessons. I would love to visit Italy.

meet the cavalier girls 2015

I couldn't image having any other parents than my own. They are my biggest role models and fans.

meet the cavalier girls 2015

Love you Mom and Dad. Positive, ambitious, organized, outgoing and reliable. I grew up on a farm in rural Ohio. I love working in the barn, caring for animals, and showing livestock. Going into a competition with my team not fully prepared.

meet the cavalier girls 2015

I took this as motivation to push my teammates so we were more confident and comfortable for future competitions. Oprah Winfrey she is a very poised business professional that has overcome a lot of obsitcals in life. She is always willing to share her story with others as motivation. Reality TV and sweets What would be your super power?

Flying, because it would be so much cheaper to travel the world. What celebrity would play you in a movie about yourself: Megan Fox I am most proud of: What is your dancing background and experience?

I started dancing at the age of six and as I got older I started competing. I backup danced for Lance Bass which was one of the coolest moments in my dance career. Also I teach and choreograph competition pieces. Why did you decide to audition for the Cavalier Girls? It has always been a dream of mine since I was little but to audition this year was because I wanted to inspire others.

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I wanted others to see that no matter what we go through in life we can pick ourselves up, chase dreams and be happy. If you can say anything to Cavalier fans, what would you say? This is our year, and we are still all in! What advice would you give someone who dreams of becoming a Cavalier Girl? If this is your dream the hard part will be worth it!

What do you like most about being a part of the Cavalier Girls?

meet the cavalier girls 2015

I love the sisterhood that is instantly made! We become more than just teammates, we become family. I have 19 new sisters!

Most memorable Cavalier Girl moment so far?