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The father of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza said his son would have killed him if he'd had Updated PM ET, Mon March 10, . It's the first time Peter Lanza has spoken publicly about his son. .. He said he's offered to meet victims of the shooting and two families took him up on the offer. Peter Lanza opened up to writer Andrew Solomon about Adam's life and how he tried to help him. March 13, AM ET They met six times for interviews that lasted up to seven hours. The resulting article, "The Reckoning: The Father of the Sandy Hook Killer Searches for Answers," was. A draft of the dedication for the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission's report victims' families might feel about seeing Nancy Lanza's name on the Gabby Giffords visits Newtown to meet Sandy Hook families 30 Jan . Yes , Peter Lanza appears to have a good income but keep in mind that.

Among the troubling omissions cited in the report, the authors reveal that Adam never underwent a neurological examination despite reported seizures and a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

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Adam was repeatedly pulled from special education programs, therapy and schools at various times and was in the state's little-known homebound program with minimal oversight by school officials. Even Adam's own stunningly violent and graphic school writings about homicide, gunplay and war, including a comic book called "The Big Book Of Granny" and seventh-grade war essays, failed to trigger psychiatric treatment. The report also traces his descent after high school into a stew of depression, isolation and suicidal thoughts, spending months in his bedroom with blacked-out windows, communicating in cyberspace with fellow connoisseurs of mass murder.

Advertisement He also spent those days planning the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School, which he might have chosen because he could overpower the children and anticipated little resistance. The report said that Adam visited the school's website "on numerous occasions" and studied the school's security procedures. The authors acknowledged that the report does not delve into the issue of high-capacity assault weapons, but said that Adam Lanza's access to guns, which began at age 5, had a role in the tragedy, along with his deteriorating mental and physical health and his increased isolation.

He did not sleep well, avoided hugs and kisses, and had problems communicating, often making up his own language that only his mother could understand. During a developmental assessment in a Birth-to-Three program, a provider wrote that Adam "fell well below expectations in social-personal development" and that he could not understand any of the boy's language, relying on his mother to serve as interpreter during testing. Early on, in what would become a recurring theme throughout much of his schooling, Adam's ability to perform well academically led to the perception that he did not need special education or additional therapy.

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The report said that "neither the parents nor the educational system persevered to ensure that he received neurological follow-up, a comprehensive psychological evaluation or evaluation of his behavioral and sensory processing challenges.

Advertisement When he did receive special attention, the focus was on his difficulties forming words rather than his more serious inability to communicate with others. In what could be the most glaring omission in this chapter of Adam's life, the records of his preschool life in Kingston were apparently never transferred to his new school, Sandy Hook Elementary School. For several years afterward, individual education plans that should have addressed his serious underlying disabilities consistently failed to include that information.

Peter Lanza admitted to the authors of the report that he was a "weekend father," and that his wife referred to him as a "workaholic" at his job with General Electric in Stamford. They separated in when Adam was 9, and divorced seven years later. Nancy developed a preoccupation with her own health, telling friends in emails that she suffered from a potentially terminal disease and that she did not have long to live. She said she worried about the future of Adam and his older brother, Ryan.

But the authors, in investigating her medical records, found no evidence that Nancy was suffering from a terminal illness. The report suggests that Adam might have been affected by his mother's preoccupation with her own health. The authors describe a symbiotic relationship between mother and son, with Nancy going to excessive lengths to protect him from stress, which had the damaging effect of isolating him from the outside world.

She treated him as a close confidant, but "that may have been well beyond his relatively immature emotional capacities," the authors said. Adam also played the role of counselor to his mother, part of a "dynamic of mutual dependency," the authors wrote. They cite a email from Adam to his mother as an example.

After Nancy had revealed to him that she thought she had wasted her life, Adam wrote: You unfortunately probably still do not understand what I mean. I type nothing in this that is in a tone that is condescending, vindictive, malicious, snide, malignant, or any synonym that you can think of.

Newtown's tragic debate: was Sandy Hook gunman's mother also a 'victim'?

State police reports said the Bushmaster was kept in a gun safe that was in a room adjacent to Adam Lanza's bedroom and that he had unlimited access to it. The lawsuits allege that Nancy Lanza "knew or should have known that [Adam Lanza's] mental and emotional condition made him a danger to others. Stamford attorney Samuel Starks is the estate's administrator. The lead plaintiffs in the lawsuits, were the parents of James Mattioli and the estate of Rachel D'Avino.

The settlements must be approved by Probate Judge Joseph Egan before they can be finalized in Superior Court, but lawyers familiar with the case said that should be completed by the end of this month. All the lawyers on the case worked pro bono so the families could get all the proceeds. They describe someone who is in a state of such internal misery as defies almost all description I think [Peter] felt like they were about to lose control of a situation that was already not a very happy situation.

Again, they didn't think the loss of control would involve the murder of elementary school children, but they thought that Adam was already clearly suffering a great deal and that he was then And they were worried not about his destruction, but about his agony.

New Report on Lanza: Parental Denial, Breakdowns, Missed Opportunities

I believe Peter Lanza still loves Adam Lanza, and loved him all along. I think in some great scale of justice he's weighed that love against what happened and feels that what happened vastly outweighs his feelings of love.

On Peter saying that he wishes Adam had never been born What made that statement particularly poignant and powerful is that I believe Peter Lanza still loves Adam Lanza, and loved him all along. When he said he wishes Adam was never born, it's not because he has no emotional relationship to him; it's only because he would've liked to save the world and himself from the horror of what happened.

On the tendency to blame Adam's parents There's no question that there are instances in which parents who are extremely abusive or neglectful help their children to develop toward criminal behavior.

But there are also many, many people who have got something in them that compels them to commit crime, that is not affected in any way by the parenting that they receive. I think that Peter and Nancy tried incredibly hard to be good parents. I think it's reassuring to most of us to think the problem was that they were bad parents, because as soon as you think that, you think:

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