Tiki classic gymnastics meet results 2015

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tiki classic gymnastics meet results 2015

'I loathe all that passing for the sake of it, all that tiki-taka' he once said. . Guardiola was back in the competition in , but his Bayern side. F · G · H · Team. Posted: Posted: 3/11//13/ , Meet Results Gym, Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, AA Gym America - MI, Results - of Bahamas Local search results for: racking. Polo s Tiki Bar and PlayMas. Today bring the Leprechaun Classic Is Best Meet of Season. Gymnasts return with a number of medals from Leprechaun Classic.

To reach westernly winds and currents, the Expedition has sailed southwards from Easter Island and the rafts are now close to the "roaring 40s" where prevailing winds come from west. However, this being an El Nino year, prevailing winds are not always prevailing. After several days of rapid sailing in the right direction, the winds suddenly turned today and the rafts are drifting backwards in a gale. Big waves now hit the deck and cabin, as can be seen in these pictures from Tupac Yupanqui.

The forecast, however, looks good and the Expedition can expect steady westernly winds to return within a day. Straightening the mast By Rasmus One could expect that a month on board a slowly moving raft in the Pacific, with nothing else to watch but endless rows of waves and and some seabirds, would turn anybody to a "live in the present" carpe diem zen guru with a degree in mindfulness. However, as a sailor, the harsh reality is that you are usually in quite the opposite mindset.

No matter how hard you try to enjoy downwind and sun, your brain is often occupied with thinking about repairs, improvements, preparations for gales to come, weather forecasts and Some kind of chafing? Something moving out of place? And even if you have taken care of some of the weak spots that the ocean found during the last tough weather, you push your imagination to keep one step ahead of the big blue, eliminating weak spots that could become problematic in the future.

The last couple of days have been some of the best since we left for South America. The moderate downwind has been steady for a longer period than ever before, the steering has been almost automatic, Tupac has been well within sight, fish are jumping into our pot, and the sun has been shining while the temperature has remained pleasant.

This was not what I thought I could expect when I joined the expedition, but definitely what I hoped for. We have mended all the decks and things would have been perfect, if it was not for that worrying sound from the mast. I'm afraid that I will have to be a bit technical at this point. Depending on the craft a mast can have many different positions, shapes and characteristics in most cases they point more or less upwards. The masts of our two balsa rafts are pretty plain however and are supposed to point straight upwards.

Yet, having a rigging of natural fiber poses a problem. The ropes are very prone to stretch, and in order to keep the mast in place, we have to tighten the stays and shrouds as soon as they become slack. Stretching stays is not a challenge in its own, but the rigging is designed to put up with strong downwinds. Therefore, we have 4 shrouds and 2 backstays, in total 6 points, that are all keeping the mast from moving forward while also balancing it sideways.

On the other hand, the position of the sail does not allow us to have more than 2 forestays, that prevent the mast from moving backwards. In the long run, this means that every time we tighten the stays and shrouds, this bias will, little by little, lean the mast backwards.

The crew of the first leg got aware of the problem, so before we left Easter Island we made sure that the mast was leaning a lot forward.

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However, we did not know if we would have the possibility to repeat the procedure while at open sea. The last couple of days, the mast has started to make squeaking sounds, which has been an indicator that it is starting to lean too much backwards.

tiki classic gymnastics meet results 2015

However, the forestays have been tight, not allowing any shortening, while the aft stays and shrouds have become more and more slack. Yet, as explained above, we have felt reluctant to tighten them. As a temporary solution Signe decided to move one of the shrouds a bit forward on port side, but the sail prevented us from doing the same on starboard side, and it was not a permanent solution anyhow. So yesterday, fueled by lentil patty burgers and good weather, we finally decided to take the bull by the horns and see if we could make the mast lean forward.

However, to be able to do so we had to give some slack in the shrouds and aft stays, and we also had to lower the sail as the halyard functions as a stay in itself when the sail is hoisted all the way up.

Even though the conditions were good, it was a bit scary to give up some of the control over the movements of the mast, and it was moving quite considerably. As Signe and I started to work, Liv was quick to join in. Lisa had to take over Liv's job while she was recovering after I banged my shoulder to her forehead by mistake, I swear whilst tying a rolling hitch.

She recovered quickly and eventually everybody on board got involved in the stretching of the stays. In the end we managed to get the mast upright and the noises dissipated. It might seem like a small detail, but the knowledge that it was possible made us all really happy. As we got rid of one worrying factor, we took a small step on the way to that "live in the present" paradise.

Thats all the worries for now, unless we come up with some new problems Pacific Cuisine Rahiti Tane By Lisa food We have had a week of weather that has taken us from the wet, to the cold, to the gale, and back to the sunshine and calm seas. With changeable weather, our effort around cooking changes as in the cold you crave carbs, spice and heat, when the temperature goes up and you feel relaxed and dry so to does the menu change. We have had a really fun week overall experimenting with cakes and food, but the highlight of the week would have to be that Sergey caught our first fish.

A nice sized Dorado Mahimahi that fed the troop for a good couple of days.

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The first meal was fried fish mexican style for lunch, then a Mahimahi Russian Boullion at dinner and ending with a version of NZ Fish and chips, served with a lemon and caper dressing, was all divine and pretty special to be eating such a delicacy out here, fresh and in the open ocean.

Being close to Norwegian celebration for Easter Signe made 2 dozen "boller" buns for the crew. They were the best buns I have eaten in a long time, and she baked these whilst trying to repair decking and getting our raft back in shape after the gale.

I tried a Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe from home, which was delicious. Light fluffy cake with a hint of lemon, drizzled with a lemon sugar syrup that seeped through the cake and giving the delicate cake a real zing. Rasmus' Chocolate Mud Cake was Signes cake request on her birthday, with her favourite pasta for dinner, and a spoil from Liv of Norwegian Goat Cheese for lunch.

Liv and I were on watch that morning and she had to listen to our beautiful birthday singing as we served her a cappucino and almond cake as a pre-breakfast treat. Our dinners would look good on any table this week and we ate like kings! We make fresh bread every second day, but we lose a bit of inspiration to pair it with a dish. So the effort this week will be focusing on lunch ideas and getting a bit more inspired about what to make at this time of the day.

Rafts exchange crew By Signe After several weeks with an empty horizon Tupac showed up a few days ago. Over the last days we've sailed slowly closer to each other and yesterday we managed to meet. On Rahiti we took the wind out of the sail, slowing down and thus allowing Tupac to catch up from behind. Just as they were about 50 meters behind us we let the sail fill and steered a parallel course. Tupac caught onto the yellow safety line trailing behind us, and we could exchange crew.

Dr Sergey packed his bag and got into the dinghy with ferryman Pedro and together they pulled themselves along the line to Tupac. There, photographer Erlend was ready and jumped into the dinghy, taking Sergey's place. So far the maneuver had gone very well. Captain Ola on Tupac steered the raft well past Rahiti and onwards - full control. We were just a tiny bit to slow in realizing that their yellow safety line passed under our raft and got stuck on a guaraboard.

During the first leg of Kontiki2 Ola and David devised a challenge. It was to jump into the water in front of the raft, dive down and swim under the raft, coming back up in the wake aft of the raft. The faster the raft sailed the easier it would get. This was a fun game, and we soon needed new challenges.

The next was to dive down in the aft, swim forward and grab onto one of the guaraboards under water. Yesterday this went from being a game to being a very useful skill, as the only way to free the safety line was by pulling it off the guaraboards from below. The pressure from the line was so great that it wasn't possible to just lift the guara. Pedro and I jumped into the water with divingmasks and little by little freed the line from guaras and scientific equipment. The plan is to have Erlend stay with us on Rahiti for a few days before delivering him back to his fellows on Tupac.

Footage of abundant nocturnal plankton right under the hull if the term applies appropriately of the raft was obtained. Specimen samples from this section of the water column have been collected with the plankton net featured in previous publications. The pictures portray one cnidarian, or medusa, located around 10m deep at h local time.

Large dorados are curious but shy to the staging strobes of the Sperre Deepbot and so are squid and other fish whose silhouette can be seen from the surface only. The guts and blood of a recently caught dorado were used as an attraction for large predators, but none showed up.

Calm wind conditions allowed the crew for more activities. In a beaufort 0 sea state, the sea surface mirrors clouds when seen from above or fish and plankton from below the water. Diurunal plankton that are not very afraid of being eaten in plain daylight, are easy to spot.

The neuston and pleuston are groups within plankton that drift on or right underneath, respectively, the surface; they sail with the wind. A flat sea allowed the observer to easily spot some species in these groups. The siphonophore man'owar is commonly encountered in the sea, but also on board RT. There are others like that jellyfish portrayed in the picture next to the raft.

That day, a navy of hundreds of individuals surrounded the vessel. However, a stationary raft allowed for more. A time lapse of the enduring actvivity was taken from the mast, and one photo is shared.

It assists with the retrieval of instruments. One member creates tension on the spool side, starboard, of the motor. Anotjer one loops the excess because the line is retrieved faster than it is rolled into the bobbin. This is specially noticeable when all the line, approx 3. One more rotates the bobbin by the sail to store the line. This process improves everytime and the crew becomes more and more experienced in deep casting. The stones came back full of sand and the bathymetric map indicates a depth between 2.

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A sunset clean to the horizon, with stratocumulus clouds at mid heights, dorados jumping in the background, and a warm fish dinner were the reward for the hard working crew. Dorados circling Rahiti Tane By Rasmus During the last days we have had little or no wind, so the sail has been taken down and we have been drifting awaiting better conditions that will allow us to get further south, so that we can continue eastwards.

In the middle of all the deck mending we have also been focusing a bit on the life below the decking. Not only the the shark that newly hit the headlines rumors has it that it most probably was a planktivorous species, one that feeds on plankton instead of raft sailorsbut also the 10 dorados or mahimahi, as they are also called, that have been circling the raft the last days.

Through the calm sea surface we could see the bodies of the big fishes as they completed yet another lap around us. And when we were tired of watching they would call for our attention by jumping and splashing. Personally I'm way to impatient to spend more than 3 minutes with a fishing rod, so I'm impressed by Pedro that spent hour after hour trying to catch one. First with little success, but all of a sudden one early morning a hungry dorado actually took the bait!

Pedro struggled to get it close enough so that we could grab it with the hook, but unfortunately, the fish got away. The bait was taken two times more but our prey managed to escape both times. Pedro looked frustrated and as the sun rose, it seemed like the dorados got uninterested.

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Inspired by the almost successful attempts of Pedro, Sergey grabs a rod. It takes a couple of minutes, the sea surface is dead calm, the sun is slowly climbing the sky. But somewhere beneath the surface a dorado cannot resist the bait any more and Sergey shouts that he has something on the hook.

tiki classic gymnastics meet results 2015

Pedro, that has not lost his hunting instinct, grabs the large hook and quick as a cobra he managed to hook the fish before it swims under the raft. Once its on board, we try to get a towel over the eyes of the dorado, a way to make them calm according to our fishery mentor Jimmy aboard Tupac. We did not really get the towel where we wanted, but eventually we manage to get the fish under control. It was with great happiness two of the main characters of the drama posed with the third one, that by this time was not able to feel anything at all.

Even when working as a fisherman, our ship doctor is always concerned about the health of his fellow crew members. The rest of the crew smiled almost as wide when Pedro served garlic fried fresh dorado for lunch, and I found myself jiggling of joy when Lisa later served fish and chips for dinner. Bones and fins were cooked into a Russian styled bouillon, while Pedro kindly provided the rest of the fish some space in the scientific freezer for later consumption.

Any vessel, and especially a balsa raft, stuck in the calm in mid-Pacific in the 37th degree and 02 minutes of the south latitude and th degree and 08 minutes of the west longitude looks different due to the festive mood on this day. The morning begins with coffee made in a coffee pot, surprises and presents to her who sleeps least of all, gets tired most of all, every moment understanding, like any other captain, that she will be the first who will see a rock that might come out of the fog and the last who will leave the raft in case Heaven forbid!

Lunch with freshly-baked bread and Norwegian cheese which has been in store for this day smoothly slides into dinner and swimming among crowds of birthday guests surrounding the raft — here we can see jellyfish of all shades, alone and in groups, crabs aiming at getting closer to the festive table and climbing right on our legs, spies from submarines in fact this is our filmmaker Evgenysmall shoals of fish bustling in and out between the logs and groups of big dorados which create a festive atmosphere with their rainbow colors The presents are being taken out of the dark corners, not expensive, but very nice and unique because they weren't bought in advance but became presents here on the raft.

Rasmus is putting a chocolate cake made by himself into the oven. The music pouring out from small acoustic speakers is turned down a bit and before supper we've prepared a real performance played by all the crewmates. Now let's get started to a guitar accompaniment Hello, hello, my names Joe Monroe. Covington, KY read more. New Hope Gymnastics D. November 10, November 17, Dec. Thanks for supporting the judges of Illinois! NovemberDivision: Completed forms and Fees must be in hand!

Level 5 and 4A 72 Gyms in Session: During march-in each team will show their group pose. Illinois NAWGJ will provide entry fees, a team leotard will be provided by Motionwear, and a warm up will be provided by Gym Treasures for the team representing Illinois! We have been developing tools to help get players on the field sinceand continue to look for new and innovative ways to help make things simple and easy for the soccer community.

The objective is to keep all the judges informed and up to date. Arizona Sunrays N. Levels 2 - 5. Billionaires All Billionaires Nearly three-fourth of the judges were from outside the United States. Below you will see the schedule for all the meets we are scheduled to compete in this season. Each new round begins on a friday and encompasses 2 weekends, giving contestants maximum build time.

Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: The American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup is an educational, leadership-based event involving youth from 19 countries. Who are the judges the X Factor for ?

It's there time to be on a small team from missouri and represent our state.

tiki classic gymnastics meet results 2015

Once again, we will be awarding high school team awards. Find USA Gymnastics meet scores and results. Find event and ticket information. Gymcats is proud to offer top instructors teaching the current styles of todays performing arts culture. Meet Venue Excel Gymnastics S. Please use the USAG Reservation System and because we are the first meet of the season, we realize some of your gymnast might not be Registered yet, parents are in charge of doing it this year.

Sixth Annual International Freediving Competition. Invicta World Cup Of Design Friday, September 7th, WI Judges' Strongman December 9, Relive the World Championship to find inspiration for your own project. Kentucky Judges Cup December Judges Cup ; Judges Cup September 17, Levels have officially kicked off their season and they came out of the gates on fire!!!

Our goal is to provide you with all of the information to help you have a wonderful experience! Thank you in advance for your support of the Judges Cup- it is our main fundraiser. New or seasoned to judging- we hope you find this website resourceful. Emerald Cup Speakers. Team registrations and payments can be mailed to: B1 Open Warmup 8: Saturday, July 28, Roswell Gymnastics Lunch will be provided. SuiteIndianapolis, IN We provide recreational and educational opportunities to our community through gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, etc.

She scored an AA of Bringing you a remarkable airborne experience! Please find attached the competition schedule for the Hoosier Cup hosted by The Gymnastics Company. Don't see your meet on this list? Contact Matt Lowry scmgadirector gmail.

Tiki Classic Gym Meet

The meet will take place onJanuaryin Portland Oregon. Level 2 — 1 st place Team. Be sure to fill in the academic school your athletes attend on the entry form for levels. Scoring is carried out by a jury of seven judges. September 15, September 22, Judges Cup - Upstate. Create your website today. National Judges Cup Volunteer Form. Online Registration Now Open. All 49 finalists of the Imagine Cup competition were exceptional. This is a fundraising event to help foster education within the Indiana women's gymnastics programs.

After gymnasts perform their event, judges will provide feedback to the gymnasts and coaches. On Day 3 of the competition, the set of judges awarded the championship title to […] Microsoft's Imagine Cup Day 2: Attached to this email is information for our team photos.

Jose Joglar-Maya Edward Tempone. Be sure to fill in the academic school your athletes attend on the entry form for levels JD and and return. Gymcats is a leading provider of Gymnastics, Dance, and Cheerleading. We are proud to have not only awesome dancers, but awesome people as part of WBDC!

Gym America's Grande Finale Deadline to register is December 29, Contact Carol Williams carolrobuck att. Monday - Thursday 9: The judges would choose which of the three would be the winner of the Imagine Cup and take home the trophy.