After he got it fixed, the next time he used it, it failed again. That’s the one thing I expect, for a company to make it right. I’m starting to contemplate a pair of powered tops for my band PA and those are in consideration along with the QSC 10’s and a single powered sub, which would cover just about any room we play. We used the internal drums of the keyboard and I played LH bass–not what I usually do or like to do, but in these times work is work. I use quite a bit of Carvin stuff, I really like most of their products.

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RCF art owners

I’m not thrilled with the prospect of the 53 lb. Not specified by the manufacturer.

View the Media Kit. Boring power amps banished by Quest Engineering. It was probaly the largest, most open stage I’ve used these speakers on since I bought them last summer.

Birth of the Array Part 7. According the specs the A is capable of 1 dB more output. Please Log eound or Register to write a review.

New RCF Powered Speaker Breaks Sound Barrier Without Breaking Your Back

Since it worked after changing the speaker, it sounds like that was what was blowing the amp. Switch to Threaded Mode. Nice hotel but the gig itself was nothing to shout about except the dough and the players were good. As noted above, the only difference between the A and A is the 12″ woofer vs.


It would be hard to argue against the fact that RCF are now the most high-tech speaker component manufacturer with the number of unique design features and benefits you will find on RCF bass drivers and HF transducers.

HELP!! NO Sound in Windows Media Player 10 XP

PM me if you would like to try and see them. Am using them for a live electric guitar duo. The A and A cabinets have the digital switching amps found in in the 4PRO line and that really helps keep the weight down. I get most of my guitars custom built by them and I have found their pro-audio gear is pretty darn good too. Not only loud has a main FOH on a pole, but warm and articulate sounding, smooth highsfull punchy bass all at just under 37 lbs.

I got mine, very lightly used, off ebay. It wasn’t a full on dance gig but we weren’t playing soft. I mean here on Earth and soon to be in Australia. Where are the Boxes? I have one Yorkville esp soud and am currenty using JRX’s as front of house.


Filter 03 – Jan I was told Powersoft made the modules for the s. Reviews 0 Slund a review. Earn points [? They sound very good to me. Mark Schmieder I was considering these, but prefer to audition a speaker before buying, and only see passive RCF’s around here.

That’s the one thing I expect, for a company to make it right. After he got it fixed, the next time he used it, it failed again.

Filter 01 – Oct The CP5 exhibited none of that digital upper register harshness I’ve sometimes experienced in smaller rooms with less then ideal acoustics. I can’t imagine the amp type would have that much to do with that. Price Beat Guarantee We’ll beat any price!