Want to buy a d3 but will wait For the price to come down when the new stuff comes out. July 05, at As I alternated between the D2 and the D2 and D3, I realized that the D3 gave me the ability to move the ball back in my stance just a bit inside the left heel instead of even with it and still keep the ball from ballooning. Should give me a few extra yards and alot more control. Hey, I just got my D3 and I have to say its awesome, the feeling, sound, trayectory, everythings is great in this club, the shaft is the Aldila Voodoo 72 grams stiff and well, my last driver was a Callaway FTI-Tour with a Fujikura Speeder

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This is the only driver that I will ever play. All I have just put a D3 8. Should give me a few extra yards and alot more control.

Titleist D Comp Driver

Volume One Hundred Eighty Two. If your concerned about launch then get a shaft with a higher kick point. Media Reviews Golf World. T itleist D2. I liked the S back in those days. What a perfect accompaniment to my first morning coffee. My local shop talked to the Titleist rep and they are going to make a new one rather than repair this one. The result is a dark, moderately menacing headcover with a beefy look that weighs about a quarter of a pound more than the headcover.


All 3 models are excellent and in our view this is one of the best new drivers in the market this year, so get along to a Titleist supplier and try one out. You should always get fit for new equipment! I think it’s fairly forgiving compared to my previous R7 TP Driver, and I can still control the ball flight like I wasn’t able to do with my R7 unless I tinkered titliest the weights. Swing speed is Hit that too low. Enough with the hype, by far one of the best Titleist drivers ever With the proper shaft any Titleist driver is superior to almost anything out there.

Does anyone know how forgiving the D-Comp Driver is??? I purchased titoeist D2 driver last year after coming across the sand trap review by accident and absolutely love it.

D-Comp Driver: How forgiving? – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

The D3 eliminates the need for totleist in my golf swing. I was able to, and switched to D2 after playing an r7 and an FT-3, and the worked beautifully for me. Every bit as long as the ft-5, only with better looks, sound and feel. I had never been as accurate and long, which was unexpectedas I was with the D2.

Thanks erik for all your work with your reviews, you are the best! The shaft broke in between the hosel and ferrule twice on me now. I previously played the Cleavland Hi-bore XL.


Titleist 909D2/909D3 Driver Review

And will also feature that little fixed weight thingamajig in the rear of the sole that does…well nothing. My flight was a little lower but instead of dropping from the sky it seemed to fall forward.

fitleist It was also interesting to find, in a good way, that for me the VooDoo stock shaft performed as well as the after-market shafts I hit — including the prolaunch red and v2. I believe I answered your questions in the review.

Titleist 909 D Comps

No other driver can match the explosive power off the tee. Optimal CG location low and deep in the clubhead. No problem drawing the d3? Because, if the d comp is a lot more forgiving, I would want it, but if the tigleist comp is not much more forgiving, than i would want the d3.

Initially, I hooked and sliced a few shots, but once I found the most suitable address stance by choking down on the grip, I have been averaging yards dead straight onto the fairway, 1st time, every time, without any problems! Click through for the rest.