Which characters die in the war of infinity

Will the characters end up being chosen for production-related reasons?

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War many characters disappear.

Could this event be related to which actors have not signed up for other films? Is there a connection between the announced films, credits, retirement of the actor and the event?


  1. Bucky is advertised twice as a White Wolf (Post-Credit in Black panther , then clearly in Called Infinity War ), which means he will have that role soon. And he shared the fate of Black Panther. I don't see a better way to connect these two.

  2. Doctor Strange has a film on offer.

  3. Shield agent has an incoming streak.

  4. The vision is dead, but the Scarlet Witch is gone, but one has to stay alive to mourn the other, from a narrative point of view. So the Scarlet Witch was chosen too.

Is there an out-of-universe sign that reinforces the idea that the chosen people were chosen for production-related reasons?


Who do you mean by "shield agent"? Do you mean Maria Hill, the woman who appears with Nick Fury on the post-credits scene? How does your last example fit your theory? It seems completely independent.


I also worked through the entire question to improve the grammar so it should be easier to understand what you are asking now. If you feel like I misunderstood what you were trying to say, please report it.


@ F1Krazy, the last point is just like from a narrative point of view, if one of the Julliette & Romoe members dies, the other stays to mourn. This alone is a strong indicator for me that the chosen one has a future. It is no more or less valid than the first example. It is based on the narrative.


The list can be long, Spiderman has an in-depth movie. then it is added to point 2


"If one of the Julliette & Romoe members dies, the other stays to mourn" - not funny, but how familiar are you with the story of Romeo and Juliet?


The actors for most of the characters selected have already signed up for Avengers 4, a solo film, or both. I don't think there is any correlation between the characters chosen and the characters that are supposed to appear in a future movie.

That is not to say that there is absolutely nothing in common. Especially:

Assuming Hawkeye survived, then all six Avengers from the original film (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye) will survive the events of Infinity War.


While this sounds like a solid counterexample, to me this is a solid example of the selection being production-based. If you had to split a group in two, the subgroup sharing the same "future" should be together. I don't see signs like a conspirator everywhere. But it feels like, "Those 6 together, then you, you and you on the other team". But good point +1