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Labeling of origin for food: daily new proof why we need it!

The initiators of the animal protection referendum are happy about the great support from Minister Wolfgang Mückstein

Flared rainforest, contaminated soils, tortured animals, displaced indigenous peoples and child labor - all of this ends up on the plate unrecognized and unintentionally because the corporations block the transparency of food. The more we learn about the origins of the products before we decide to buy them, the more responsibility we can take on with our own consumption. Those who block transparency should finally reveal their real motives: profit, profit, profit. Everything else is cheap excuses, because several countries show that it works if you just want to ”, says Sebastian Bohrn Mena, federal coordinator of the initiative oekoreich.

Vienna (OTS) - Almost every day it is demonstrated why there is a need for mandatory labeling of origin for meat, milk and eggs in Austria. Whether it is processed products in the supermarket, in public kitchens or in the catering trade - if it does not have to say what is really inside, then it often contains imported animal torture and destruction of nature. This is shown by numerous surveys.

According to this, cage eggs are still in almost all supermarket items in which eggs have been processed, although their production is already banned in Austria. In the case of processed meat and dairy products, too, many people rely on imported goods that were not produced under Austrian standards. All of this harms not only animals, but also nature and local agriculture.

The new citizens' initiative oekoreich, the successor to the animal protection referendum, which was signed by 416,000 people in January 2021, is therefore pleased about the statements made today by the new animal protection minister Wolfgang Mückstein to take up the key demands of the referendum directly. His predecessor Rudi Anschober had these points high on his agenda.

The animal protection referendum will be dealt with in the National Council from the end of May, where the oekoreich initiative will represent the interests of the more than 416,000 signatories. A separate extra-parliamentary consultation process involving 18 independent experts came to an end at the end of April, and the results will be made available to the parliamentary groups at the beginning of the committee.

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