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GuterslohCorona outbreak in the Gütersloh clinic - 15 more infected people

Gutersloh. 15 other patients at the Gütersloh clinic were infected with the corona virus. The clinic announced on Wednesday. At the beginning of the week it was already announced that there was a corona outbreak in the clinic on Reckenberger Straße at the weekend. Wards 18 and 19, which mainly treat patients with lung and heart diseases, were affected - 12 patients and five workers had tested positive for the virus.

Large-scale mass tests have been carried out in the clinic since Tuesday - even in areas that were not affected by the outbreak. According to the clinic, 15 further positive test results are available so far.

Weekly quick tests for employees

As a direct reaction, the Gütersloh Clinic has now once again increased the protective measures. So now all employees not only have to wear mouth and nose protection, but also FFP2 masks when they have contact with patients, according to the administration. So far, this has only been ordered if the patients themselves did not wear mouth and nose protection, according to the administration.

In addition, all employees with patient contact would be subjected to a weekly quick test until further notice and the patients would also be scraped even more closely during their stay.

Interventions and consultation hours shut down

In order to curb the spread of the infection, all interventions and consultation hours should initially be reduced to the absolute minimum by the end of the year. These measures and staff shortages would mean that the supply services of the Gütersloh Clinic would be significantly restricted in the next few days, according to the administration.

"In this situation, we want to achieve maximum transparency about the infection situation throughout the house as quickly as possible," says managing director Maud Beste. It is clear that the number of infected people will continue to rise because you are testing many times over . "This is the only way we can effectively take further protective measures and contain the infection process."

Exchange with hospital hygienist

For this reason, the clinic immediately brought in an external hospital hygienist to assess the infection rate and find possible causes. Since Monday, the crisis team has been in daily contact with Patricia Wehmeier, a specialist in microbiology, virology and infection epidemiology from the Krone laboratory.

Maud Beste: “The situation - as we have it now - doesn't come out of nowhere. And we are by far not the only hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia where the number of infected patients and employees has skyrocketed from now on. "That is simply due to the increasing incidence all over the country.

After all, despite all the precautionary measures, people come and go in a hospital every day, and it is always a question of weighing up how many restrictions are to be expected of the patients and their relatives. Best efforts have been made throughout the year to do justice to the pandemic and the patients. You want to be able to do this again as soon as possible.

"We don't want to make the mistake of losing sight of the majority of our patients"

In the first lockdown in the spring of this year, politicians called for all supply capacities to be geared exclusively to potential Covid 19 patients.

“We don't want to make the mistake of losing sight of the majority of our patients. I'm talking about patients with heart disease or cancer, for example. We have to ensure medical care for these people too. We learned that from the first lockdown, "says Gero Massenkeil, chief physician of the Medical Clinic II. The public will be kept actively informed about developments through regular updates.