What cleaning products do cleaning services use

Cleaning products in use at Daily Shine

The icing on the cake in building cleaning

Can you still keep track of the cleaning products commonly available on the market? Their promises of success are reminiscent of the ideal world of fairy tales, they are hardly distinguishable.

We at Daily Shine Building Cleaning in Munich naturally rate cleaning products as particularly critical: They should be environmentally friendly, ensure sustainable cleanliness, clean thoroughly and pore-deep. At the same time economical and economical, surface, material and health compatible in use, equally protective and preventive. Allergy and asthma sufferers should also be able to drive with it. The art of professional building cleaning is to manage the balancing act between gentle and efficient.

What is good for floors and surfaces ...

Daily Shine takes care of building cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. for clients from a wide variety of industries with mostly long-term customer relationships. From the Hofbräuhaus in Munich to the chemical laboratory, between craft businesses, care facilities, public institutions and large private households, there is a wide range of requirements. Our trained staff knows how to use the cleaning products in a targeted manner and has an infallible sense of which agent achieves the best results on which occasion.

For professional building cleaning, we only use certified premium brands and the most innovative cleaning products from our cooperation partners Pramol, Zwetko, Kiehl, Dr. Fast and GHW. We prefer biodegradable, skin- and surface-friendly cleaning agents that are in no way inferior to conventional cleaning products in terms of product quality, hygiene efficiency, value retention and sustainability.

We also work with the following device manufacturers: NUMATIC, Columbus, Kärcher, Kärntner, Hakko

You know what you have!

Since we at Daily Shine Building Cleaning take a particularly close look, it was only a small step for us to use our own cleaning products with which we can achieve the optimal satisfaction of our customers and meet our own standards of perfection. Combined with the tried and tested range of recognized and certified cleaning products from our partners that have already been used, we feel we are one hundred percent on the safe side with the Daily Shine cleaning products. The positive feedback in building cleaning confirms us.

The Daily Shine product line for effective building cleaning includes cleaners for surfaces, floors, glass and plumbing. In order to limit the number of cleaning products used, we have concentrated: With the Daily Shine floor cleaner, we have a versatile universal cleaner that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Any negative interactions within the cleaning products are thus excluded.

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