What is the saddest childhood memory

Sad experiences from your childhood


even if this is certainly not about the "saddest" childhood experiences and the title is perhaps simply unfortunate, everyone who thinks a little will come to what is meant here Always this clumsy bad thing doesn't have to be real! Sometimes I feel like some people are purposely playing stupid and getting things wrong so they can mess around with them. Pity!
I actually find the topic exciting, because everyone will probably have such weird and unpleasant childhood memories.
For example, I just CANNOT watch the movie Dumbo! As a child I found it so incredibly sad, I just cried and my parents thought that I should still watch it because the happy ending would give me confidence again . Of course, that wasn't the case and I found the film to be pure agony! Pinocchio and E.T.
Even today I am very sensitive to the topic of shame of others in films / radio plays etc. and I remember with horror a visit to the theater from my childhood. A clown (?) Stumbled into a lot of "funny" embarrassments and everyone scolded him or laughed at him. I took turns so sorry for that and I was so embarrassed that I covered my ears, shut my eyes and cried until the break ... after that we drove home ...
In my imagination, film / radio play characters only woke to life through the audience and otherwise lay lifeless in their sets ... like marionettes that you simply leave behind after the performance. I always found that very scary. Maybe that had something to do with Pinocchio again, I don't know