Why are running shoes so important

The right running shoe: you should definitely pay attention to this

No more wrong shoes!

Running shoes on and out into the fresh air. Going for a run is so easy. But did you know that the right running shoe extreme important for your health is? Like you the right running shoe for you and what you absolutely have to pay attention to, you can find out here!

How important is the right running shoe?

Any shoes on and good ?! No, it's not that simple. The The foot consists of 26 individual bones, an incredible number of ligaments and just as many tendons. There must be a foot at every step two and a half times your own body weight wear. When jogging for a kilometer, you get there easily 138 tons weight together! Unbelievable?! So it's not surprising that it doesn't matter what you wear on your feet. In recent years it has been the trend to pad your running shoes so heavily that you can no longer feel anything. In itself that's a pretty good feeling - walking on clouds.

But that's right now not so ideal in running. Because of the extreme padding and cushioning, more and more runners have it Bad habits developed. They no longer appear properly, kink too much inward in the joint (Overpronation), put too much strain on the feet without really noticing it. In addition, if the sole is too thick, the foot cannot roll properly at all and you have club feet, so to speak. The Toes and ankles can be extremely painful and deformedwhen they are too thickly wrapped and too tightly laced. So it is extremely important to be on the right running shoes to pay attention, because otherwise this has consequences for your health and fitness. After all, running is genetically pre-programmed - without shoes! The The foot manages by itself to adapt to different floors, there is no need for “concrete shoes”.

Give it a try: walk barefoot.

The right running shoe: you should pay attention to this

The freer your foot is, the better it can roll while running and the more natural the movement is for the feet. If a running shoe less padding and cushioning he is more suitable than one with a thick sole. As mentioned above, too much cushioning is to blame for some strange running habits. If your Overpronation running shoes, so the excessive "buckling inwards“Preventing the ankle is very good. Do you still have old sports shoes from the gym? Forget them! Your joints will be happy. The shoes from the gym, even if they are actually running shoes, wear out very differently than when running. Also have Running shoes have a kind of expiration date. The materials and damping age, become porous and can no longer do what they are supposed to. The older the shoe, the worse it is for your feet and joints! This also applies to running shoes that you have left unused in the corner for three years!
The running shoes should also be able to ventilate well, because the shoes need at least one day to release the moisture from sweat and rain to the outside. In addition, the shoes are allowed not too high dead weight because the heavier the running shoe, the slower you will run.

There are now whole many different categories of running shoes. Damping shoes, motion control shoes or stable shoes, neutral shoes, trail running shoes, light trainers, competition shoes and barefoot shoes. In order to have an overview of which shoe suits your needs and the right running shoe for you is, take advice. A Running analysis doesn't take long and you have the certainty of what type of running shoe you need.

Where can you find the right running shoe?

Around the right running shoe to find for you guys, it is advisable to use the mentioned Running analysis to have it done. This also works for free in the sports departments of large department stores. Because Running shoes for women must, for example, meet other criteria than Running shoes for men. And Running shoes for heavy runners also need other technologies than Running shoes for lightweights. To for you the right running shoe a trained salesperson will advise you first. You have to state whether you buckle your ankle while running and whether you have other joint problems, for example in your knees. And you have to state the purpose of the running shoe, i.e. whether you need the shoes for a few short jogging routes on your doorstep or for a marathon training session. Then you stand on a treadmill and run barefoot for a few minutes. At the back there is a camera that films your run. The treadmill also measures the pressure. The seller then evaluates the data. Based on the data, you will get one Running shoe that fits your feet and your running style perfectly. With that you do the analysis again. This is carried out until you have found suitable and good running shoes for you.

Danger: If you want to buy running shoes, don't just pay attention to the most expensive models. Cheaper variants can also be of really good quality.

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The right running shoe: my conclusion

Not all shoes are the same! You should in no case do not put on old cucumbers for running. It is best if you have one Do run analysis and buy a suitable running shoe based on the data. When you run, appearance is really secondary. Much more important are your feet, joints, ligaments and tendons. Make sure that the shoe is not dampened too much. The freer your feet are, the better is that for running and your health! And: if the running shoes are cheaper, they don't have to be bad per se.

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How are your experiences with running shoes? The right running shoe is it easy to find for you or do you have problems with the search? Write me!

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