What was your shortest stay in rehab?

VersmoldFailed rehab: Versmolderin has to leave shortly after arrival

Versmold. Travel has not been possible since mid-March. Due to the restrictions that apply in the Corona crisis, Anke Krüger was accordingly unsure whether she should even start her orthopedic rehabilitation planned for March 24th. The 51-year-old tried, as she describes the Haller Kreisblatt, to contact the clinic in the Rheingau-Taunus district in southern Hesse. In response to a telephone request, she was told one day before the start of rehab that there were no restrictions on the clinic except for a ban on visits and that, provided she had no symptoms, she could arrive as planned.

Anke Krüger had no symptoms - she packed the suitcases, "with a bad gut feeling," as she says. Her partner brought her to the rehabilitation clinic, 300 kilometers away from Versmold, on March 24th. It shouldn't be his only tour there that day.

Because while her partner is on the way back, Anke Krüger goes through the usual admission procedure with a preliminary examination and conversation with the ward doctor. So far so good. Up to the question when the doctor wanted to know whether the 51-year-old lived in a place where there were people infected with corona. "My answer was: I know from press releases about some positively confirmed people, as in all other places in Germany." But she did not have any real contact.

"Decision absurd and much too late"

This answer should turn out to be decisive a little later. After the admission examination, it takes some time before Anke Krüger is asked to see the ward doctor again. After consulting the hygiene expert and the chief physician, it was concluded that she “had to end the rehab immediately”. Instead, she was suggested to go back to the clinic to continue after a voluntary 14-day quarantine. "I declined with thanks", Anke Krüger describes the HK.

The woman from Versmold regards the clinic's decision as “completely absurd and much too late”. If she had been informed of this before arrival, she would not have made her way there at all. “I can understand that you don't want to take in people from a place with corona patients. But that should be clarified in advance. ”The clinic's website currently only mentions that patient visits are no longer possible to protect against the corona virus. There is no further information on the topic.

The problem for Anke Krüger: At the time of the decision, her partner is already back in his home country and has to make his way to southern Hesse one more time. Anke Krüger herself has to "stay" in her room during this time, the food was put in front of her door, otherwise there was no contact.

Five hours of isolation from claustrophobia

She speaks of five hours of isolation - for a person with claustrophobia, from which she suffers, it was "a situation with absolute loss of control". At 2 a.m., the couple are back in Versmold after their little odyssey. Anke Krüger writes - angry about the handling - a letter of complaint to the clinic management. In response, she is sorry for the situation. "I would have liked a real apology." Above all, however, she would have expected a "human interaction" - with all the understanding for the current situation, which is characterized by uncertainty. "Many people seem helpless."

After the failed rehab, the woman from Versmold has now submitted a new application for approval through the pension insurance - and hopes that the second attempt in another clinic will work with the measure and that the back problems will finally be alleviated. "After all, my employer is also waiting for me to recover."