How much does a jet plane cost

That's how much it costs to fly yourself

“That's extremely expensive!” Many think. But that's not always true. The same applies to airplanes as to cars. There is the compact Golf but also the luxurious Porsche. A used aircraft is also available for the price of a mid-range car. So the dream is not as unreachable as one imagines it to be.

If you want to buy a new aircraft, the prices for a four-seater machine start at 200,000 euros. Once the purchase has been made, the long-term costs are the same as for a car: a parking space at the airport, possibly even in a dry hangar.

Lots of additional costs

Then there is the insurance. And last but not least, the maintenance and servicing costs. All in all, you can easily count on a sum in the lower five-digit range. However, if you fly 100 to 200 hours a year, you can relatively easily come to a price of around 200 euros per flight hour. So relatively affordable compared to renting.

That's right, you can also rent an airplane. You can do this, for example, at an aero club, a flight school or a company specializing in the chartering of aircraft. Which choice you should make here depends entirely on your personal taste. (We have already explained this in another article). So the question arises, what does it cost? Depending on the aircraft type, you can start at an aero club for as little as 120 euros per hour. As a rule, however, it should be more than 200 euros. You can see: whether renting or buying, if there is a lot of flying, the prices are similar. Even if option one naturally requires immense capital.

Share and save

As with any investment-heavy topic, there are shortcuts with private flying. So you can easily share the costs. Why not buy a plane together with your best aviator friends? Or grab a share in an existing group of aircraft owners. Everything possible. You cut costs, but you also lose a bit of flexibility: the aircraft is not always available when you want to. This is not an issue if you plan well with tools like the Aircraft Info Desk. Here you can easily manage your aircraft and plan ahead.

Finally, on general cost sharing: probably the best concept for owners and tenants to save costs or fly more for the same money. Carrying out shared-cost flights means nothing more than being a shared flight control center. Why not fill the empty seats on the plane with other aviation enthusiasts and have a good time in the air? This is where platforms like Wingly, which connect pilots with pilots all over the world, help.

Lars Klein is a freelance columnist for aeroTELEGRAPH. He is co-founder of the Wingly Mitflugzentrale. Private pilots are networked with guests in order to share the passion but also the costs of flying. Today, Klein regularly flies through Europe in the Cessna. Before that, he worked worldwide as an independent web service provider. The opinion of the freelance columnists does not have to agree with that of the editorial team.