Can I transfer a train ticket?

Deutsche BahnCoronavirus: Railway customers have these rights

Mobility is less and less in demand in times of the coronavirus. Depending on the type of ticket, Deutsche Bahn customers can cancel or postpone their journeys. But not all services are covered. These are the most important questions and answers about the rights of rail customers in times of Covid-19 (as of March 15, 2020).

# 1 Where can I find current information?


# 2 For which journeys do the current regulations apply?

Tickets must be purchased by March 13th. Travel dates must be between March 13th and April 30th.

# 3 refund

A free reimbursement is only available as usual for flex price tickets. Travelers can have their card refunded free of charge up to the day of travel.

# 4 Postpone train travel

Tickets for trips within Germany can be used flexibly for the booked route until June 30th. In the case of saver prices and super saver prices, the train connection has been lifted, the railway said.

# 5 Use a different route

Anyone who fundamentally changes their travel plans due to the corona crisis can also head for another destination. Tickets can be converted into a travel voucher free of charge. According to the railway, this also applies to saver fares and super saver fares.

# 6 When do I have to take care of myself?

"The goodwill regulations will apply in the coming weeks," announced the group on March 15. Therefore, it is not necessary to report immediately: "Refunds can still be submitted after the booked travel day." The same applies to applications for conversion into a travel voucher.

# 7 What about the city ticket?

This is where the special trains end. The city function is not transferred if the trip is postponed. Tickets for local public transport must therefore be purchased again.

# 8 Where can I cancel / exchange my ticket?

Flex price or flex price business tickets: common cancellation channels, in particular the business customer portal or online / mobile tickets via

Sparpreis or Super Sparpreis (also international) bought online or mobile: goodwill form.

Tickets bought at a point of sale or from a machine: DB point of sale or letter with the ticket, the reason for the cancellation and - if available - your email address to:
DB Fernverkehr AG
Customer dialogue
P.O. Box 10 06 13
96058 Bamberg

BahnCard100: BahnComfort Service.

Group tickets purchased online: [email protected]

Other tickets booked online (e.g. Rail & Fly): Organizer or point of sale.

Route time tickets by subscription: Abo Center.

Route time pass: point of sale.

# 9 What about further information and international connections?

Here, the railway refers to the travel information on, on and the DB Navigator app. The group could obviously not bring itself to make its customer telephone at least temporarily free of charge. A call to the hotline 01806 99 66 33 still costs between 20 cents (landline) and a maximum of 60 cents (mobile).