What attracts introverted women

Why dating introverts is so much more exciting

Around a third of the people in Germany are introverted. The introvert and extrovert personality traits go back on Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the founder of analytical psychology.

Typical for extroverts

According to this, extroverted people tend to be outwardly directed, they can go out of themselves, are full of energy, communicative and enjoy being around people, they also draw their energy from interacting with others. Incidentally, whether one is introverted or extroverted is innate and usually remains a fixed characteristic for a lifetime.

Typical for introverts

The introverts are completely different: They are more inward-looking, are more calm and reserved types. Of course, they also like to be around people, but still they remain more withdrawn.

None of this has anything to do with arrogance or disinterest. But on the contrary. If you meet or date introverted people, you will quickly notice: They have a few very decisive advantages.

By the way: Angela Merkel, Barak Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Einstein and J.K. Rowling are considered introverted. This shows that you can be the most powerful woman in the world (according to Forbes magazine) and still belong to the introverts.

So what exactly is it that makes this species so special? Here are a few reasons:

1. Introverts are mysterious

Some people are like an open book. You talk about yourself on a date without a period or comma. The introverts are completely different. They always have that mysterious aura that surrounds them. That makes getting to know each other all the more exciting.

2. Introverts are sociable

What many people mistakenly think: Introverts are not shy, but rather enjoy being in company. A date with them does not necessarily have to take place behind closed doors, but can also take place in a busy place among people. But please, everything in a certain dosage. After that, introverts need time for themselves again, as a balance and to recharge their batteries.

3. Introverts have few, but deep relationships

Introverts don't necessarily have a huge circle of acquaintances. Your circle of friends is usually limited to a few, but very close friends. Quality not quantity. And: You are sensitive, patient and persistent when you want to win someone over - and you can usually interpret the facial expressions and gestures of your counterpart very well.

4. Introverts have a lot to talk about

Precisely because introverts are interested in a lot and often also like to read, they also have a lot of interesting things to tell. They also question a lot of things and are extremely good observers. An evening with them is therefore usually more than interesting. While small talk isn't really their thing, they thrive on in-depth conversations.

5. You can trust introverts

Introverts do not like to be the jack of all trades. Rather, they want you to feel comfortable. That's why they don't keep you waiting on a date, are reliable and try to make sure that the evening is nice for you.

6. Introverts are good listeners

And they don't put on a big show, play the clown or entertain half the place when you meet them. Rather, they are focused on you. And even if you won't be able to read on their face what they are thinking, be sure that they are only interested in you right now, that they will listen to your words and that they will certainly not be staring at their cell phones all the time. You are not eager to keep the word, you can listen well.

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