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Roblox beats Fortnite and Co .: The most important information about the game, which is not that harmless

100 million people play the Roblox video game every month. Nevertheless, the title is still completely unknown to many people in Germany. We present the most important details about Roblox and explain what parents of "Roblox" players should pay attention to.

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Hardly any video game has been talked about as much in the past few months as "Fortnite". However, if you were to go by the number of monthly active players, you would have to find that "Epics" Battle Royal title is getting too much attention these days.

The new top dog in the gaming firmament has been called "Roblox" since this month. As its developers announced in a blog post at the beginning of August, more than 100 million people log into the game every month.

For comparison: The block-open-world game "Minecraft", which was previously considered the game with the largest active community, reached 91 million players per month in March of this year. It is still way ahead of "Fortnite", whose developer "Epic" last published comparable figures in September 2018. Accordingly, around 78 million players dueled in "Fortnite" in August of last year.

What exactly is Roblox?

While "Fortnite" and "Minecraft" should meanwhile also be known to many non-gamers, "Roblox" has not really reached the general public in Germany yet.

This could also be due to the basic idea of ​​the game, which, at first glance, is not that easy to understand. In "Roblox", the player controls a kind of comic character that is visually reminiscent of the famous Lego figures.

In principle, the game can be described as a "massive multiplayer online game" or "MMO". Means: Within the world of "Roblox" not everyone plays for himself, but the players meet in droves on the servers. Similar to "Minecraft", an open game world is available to you that you can change.

However, the possibilities for users within "Roblox" go much further. Basically, "Roblox" is actually not a real game, but a platform on which users can create their own games. These, in turn, can be played by other people.

Because there are hardly any limits to your imagination, "Roblox" offers everything from soccer simulations to racing games to first-person shooters and fantasy role-playing games. The players can also build areas and items themselves.

Play Roblox: Free - but with paid content

"Roblox" can be played on the PC, the Xbox One as well as Apple and Android devices. The title is particularly popular with younger players. Around half of all users are under 13 years of age. But parents should also be interested in the game. At least if your child is actively playing "Roblox".

The game is basically free, but the content created by the players can be shared and sold in it. This works via the in-game currency "Robux", which in turn can also be bought with real money. There is also a paid subscription service.

So-called "microtransactions" and paid subscriptions are nothing unusual in the games industry these days. Nevertheless, parents should pay attention to how much money their offspring invests in "Roblox".

Parents should pay attention to content that is harmful to minors

Parents should also keep an eye on the game content that their own child consumes via "Roblox". "Roblox" has not yet received a rating from the USK. However, the NRW players' guide classifies the game for ages twelve and over.

Much of the games and content in "Roblox" are completely harmless. The developer also promises to monitor the content created by users and uploaded to the server around the clock. But parents should by no means rely on that.

As "Spiegel Online" reports, you don't have to search long to find content that is harmful to minors in "Roblox". During research, the medium quickly came across content that glorifies right-wing ideas or is sexually offensive.

To protect your own child from this, it is worth taking a look at the options of the game. There the developer offers some parental controls. For example, certain chats, but also the content shown in the game, can be specifically restricted.

As the developer writes on his homepage, there is an option through which children only see games for under 13-year-olds. Parents should use this option to minimize the risk of their own child coming into contact with dangerous or disturbing content.

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