What is the worst social construct

No Borders, No Nations - For overcoming borders as social constructs

While bourgeoisie deal with the issue wherever possible, left-wing forces in Europe and Switzerland have failed to develop a consistent migration policy based on solidarity.
Text: Jérémie Reusser
Hardly any other topic has been instrumentalized to spread right-wing agitation and hatred as much in recent years as migration. Since the summer of 2015 in particular, there has been a worrying nationalist tendency. People are agitated against one another in order to prevent them from revolting against the capitalist system. And the fearful climate is used to fend off people on the borders of Europe with protectionist instruments such as Frontex.
Left alternative as a sustainable solution
The political developments of the last few decades have tightened the border regime to such an extent that people have to take extreme risks in order to even get to Europe. Sections of the outraged civil society have become active and provide help in numerous areas for people on the move. But on the political level there is still no critical response to politics from the right. The commitment of so many people is to be welcomed, but only comprehensive political measures can sustainably improve the quality of life of the refugees. With a position paper, JUSO Switzerland wants to offer an anti-capitalist, anti-militarist and anti-national alternative. The core of the paper is the elimination of the artificial division of workers according to their origin and the strengthening of cross-border class consciousness. At the same time, however, we face the fact that refugees are suffering and dying today - that is why the demands should not exclusively include utopias, but concrete approaches with which the worst symptoms of capitalism can be combated today and in the current order.
Understanding and combating systemic causes
Our positions result from a broad and detailed analysis of the migration issue. Migration processes are massively distorted in political discourse: whether through artificial categorization into real and fake refugees, pigeonholing of reasons for fleeing, arbitrary illegalization of people, etc. Systemic causes as a common denominator are deliberately excluded, instead, hatred is stoked in the public through disinformation. Imperialist wars in large parts of the world, damage to the environment and a lack of prospects due to economic inequality force people to look for better living conditions. It is striking that all these examples have their origin in the interests of the ruling class: expansion of markets, exploitation of nature, accumulation of capital. It is just as important to recognize that the prevailing economic order not only drives migration processes, but also consciously capitalizes on them. A split in the working class as a result of bourgeois propaganda allows employers to play off people's working conditions against each other. This also includes the understanding of migrants as autonomous individuals: They are not passive people in a mobile system, but adapt autonomously to the respective migration regimes, economic conditions and societies.
Defeat the agitators with facts!
Such a complex subject requires extensive analysis. However, in order to guarantee everyone access to our alternative, a detailed plan of action is being worked out from the complete paper. Our vision can stop dying on escape routes, exploitation in labor markets, discrimination, forced integration and all ugly faces of civil society. Together as a society we can achieve it. Because nothing is stronger than an idea that arises from facts - not greed and hate.