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The millennial kingdom according to the statements of the scriptures

according to the statements of
holy scriptures
Published December 1917
In the publishing house of the mission institute.
The millennial kingdom.

There is a great deal of confusion among believers about the millennial kingdom, partly due to a misunderstanding of the words in question in our Augsburg Confession. In God's name we want to try whether we can give them a little more clarity about it.

The expression “millennial kingdom” does not appear in the Bible. From a millennial Govern but the talk is, namely Revelation John 20, 4–6, and that of a reign with Christ. Only those who were called to this reign were called to whom their confession of Christ cost their lives, who were beheaded for the sake of their testimony, and those who did not worship the Antichrist and were consequently killed according to Revelation of John 13. John saw the souls of these martyrs come to life and sit down on the thrones that were set to rule. It is not said, however Where these thrones were erected, whether in heaven or elsewhere; it wants to be noticed. The Christian imagination has free leeway here.

The peculiar expression “he saw her come alive” can be explained according to Revelation chap. 6, 9-11, where the seer sees the souls of the martyrs under the altar, who wanted to be avenged “on those who dwell on earth”, but are exhorted to wait patiently until the souls of the other believers, too should be killed, would be added. He sees these souls of the martyrs reentering active life from their state of rest; the judgment is given to them.

It is these who reign with Christ for a thousand years. Scripture calls this process the first Resurrection. With the glory that is connected with it, one understands the exclamation: "Blessed and holy, he participates in the first resurrection." You are already transported into the full bliss and glory of eternal life.

We can understand to some extent how it is that they receive this award. Before the other Christians they had to endure the scorn of the enemy for their faithful adherence to the Lord, they were portrayed as the very least; but now they also receive a special glory.

In this glorious lot, in this thousand-year rule, no living person has a share, only the martyrs; | but no one participates in martyrdom unless God himself guides him in this way. Nobody can intrude into the circle of martyrs.

The time of the millennial reign of the saints is accompanied by the millennial bond of the devil. According to Revelation 20: 1–3, Satan is bound for a thousand years so that he can no longer deceive the Gentiles as before. This bondage of Satan is not a consequence of the rule of the saints; it happens already beforehand and may well be regarded as a punishment for Satan, which corresponds to the terrible sin against humanity through the antichristian deception, or, what is perhaps more correct, as an act of the mercy of God against humanity so abused by the antichrist .

But if this bond of Satan also goes hand in hand Next the rule of the saints, because of the simultaneity and the beneficial consequences which are connected with both facts for mankind, it must always be thought of and looked at together with the former; for, of course, the regiment of the saints also has beneficial consequences for the world, even if they are not detailed.

As a result of the devil's bond, a powerful suppression of evil is to be expected; The good, however, will no longer have to overcome a certain timidity and timidity, as has been the case up to now, and what has even been observed by pagans, such as the Roman Cicero, when it is asked to appear in public; good will be the ruling power in the world.

in the further Meaning is understood by a thousand-year empire that happy state, since the Lord after overcoming and destroying the Antichrist from Zion did what all the prophets had promised Friedensreich will straighten up, and that in the midst of his converted people Israel. The people of God are the only people on earth who have withstood the Antichrist; his power was broken in him, Daniel chap. 12, 1; and so it is only natural and logical that Israel should become the center for the world. The kingdom of peace that the Lord will establish in Zion will bring back all the glory of the time of David and Solomon, and in the highest degree. The converted Israel will now finally conquer the promised land in order to never lose it again: the prophets Jeremiah chap. 30, chap. 31, chap. 33 and Ezekiel chap. 34, chap. 36, chap. 37. The scattered Israelites are brought by the Lord from all countries, and are brought out by the Lord “from their graves”; Weeping and praying they go to the land of their fathers. Nobody has to stay in a foreign country, even the lame and child-prayeresses the Lord provides the opportunity to return. That will be a wonderful change in the world. While now it hardly a There is a country in the world where the Jew would not be a standing phenomenon in greater or lesser numbers, in that future the Jews from all countries will, one might say, be purely swept away; they will be sought and not found; to meet the hope of anyone left behind will always prove to be a delusion.

So the people who were saved by their God out of the greatest need, accepted for grace and, under great miracles, have returned to their homeland, the loss of which they feel in our time to a greater extent, the land of their fathers again: “If the Lord If the captives of Zion are to be redeemed, our mouths will be full of laughter and our tongues full of praise. ”Then they will understand the hitherto misunderstood sermon Isaiah 53, and weep their sin, which they have committed against their Messiah, in a great national mourning. Zechariah 12, 10, etc.

The God-pleasing state of the converted People becomes the state of being renewed to the old glory Country correspond. The old, devastated cities will all be rebuilt; everything reminiscent of sterility and desert will have disappeared, everywhere luxuriant growth, countless herds of cattle and no less numerous herds of human beings. The blessing of God is palpably felt, a breath of eternal peace is spread over the whole country. But it will show a characteristic difference compared to the past: there are no longer any fortresses in this country as they used to be. Peace reigns with omnipotence, in such a way that the animal world is also influenced by it; the tame animals will move without fear among the raging, which in turn will have given up their raging nature. Isaiah 11.

So far there has only been talk of the people, but not more precisely of his king. The prophecies of the Old Testament are such that one must assume: It will be the Lord himself who will take the throne of his father David; but the prophecies sometimes look like if at the same time the time of the New Testament and the time, let us say briefly, of the millennial kingdom, would be combined in them; so z. B. in Ezekiel's prophecy about the good shepherd who will take care of his flock himself; For the first time the prophecies of the good Shepherd were fulfilled in the first appearance and future of the Lord, even if not to the full extent. It is difficult to imagine how the Lord is enthroned at the right hand of his father, and then should be presented according to Isaiah 9: 1–7 (Lucas 1, 32 and 33) as the one who holds the throne of his | Father David, from whom he rules over the house of Jacob. The hut of God will one day be in redeemed humanity in general, Revelation John 21, 3. So one could assume that this state of affairs is already beginning through the dwelling of the Messiah among his converted people. The whole state of this so-called millennial empire is evidently of a transitional character. The dawn of the day of eternity has already broken with him. Even in the first Israel the Lord regarded himself as the king of his people. This is how the seer Balaam sees it in his prophecies: Numbers chap. 23, 19–24 and chap. 24, 17-19; and since Israel wanted a king from Samuel, the Lord comforted the sad prophet with the words: "They have not rejected you, but me, that I should not be king over them." What the Lord was more invisible in the Old Testament, may become more visible in the so-called millennial kingdom and the promised ruler, the “wonderful, advice, strength, hero, eternal father, prince of peace, on whose shoulder rulership lies”, may preside over the kingdom of peace in person and “increase peace without end, ”as he said in Isaiah's chap. 11, 3 and 4 appear in the activity of government. Under him Israel also becomes one People united and no longer divided into two kingdoms.

That heavenly glory was not attained through the so-called millennial kingdom, however, results from Isaiah chap. 65, 20. There is also talk of sinners who are supposed to be cursed; for whether the devil is also bound, that is why the evil pleasure that is offered to him remains in the heart of man. But how great the divine grace will be evident from the length of time the Lord allows to pass before he intervenes.

We haven't heard from a temple yet. Isaiah chap. 60, verse 13 of Jerusalem says: "The glory of Lebanon shall come to you, firs, beeches and box trees together, to adorn the place of my sanctuary, for I will make the place of my feet glorious". And so speaks Jeremiah chap. 30, 18: “The city shall be built again on its hill, and the temple shall stand according to its way.” And chap. 33, 11: In the now devastated Jerusalem “one will hear again cries of joy and bliss, the voice of the bridegroom and the bride and the voice of those who say:“ Thank the Lord of hosts, that he is so gracious and does so always good, ”and those who bring peace offerings to the house of the Lord; “For I want to turn the country's prison over as from the beginning, says the Lord.” One might think that the prophecy would already be fulfilled by the first return from Babylon, but at the same time the religious state of the people that has now begun a eternal It follows from this that this prophecy relates to the second return of Israel in the antichristian time. As the temple will be gloriously rebuilt, so will the service of the temple be gloriously renewed. Only now does the people of God achieve their goal as a priestly kingdom in a perfect way; for it will work in its full extent for the service of God. The business necessary for the maintenance of earthly life will be done by strangers, Isaiah 61: 5.

This is the happy state that will come for God's people at the end of days. It can be described as a kind of return of paradisiacal conditions, with it, as already said, the dawn of the day of eternity rises.

But Israel, the seed of Abraham, should not be blessed only for itself, but a blessing for all peoplesAnd so the blessings of the kingdom of peace extend to all peoples.

First of all, the peoples of the world owe their liberation from the anti-Christian yoke to the intervention of the great prince, “who stands for the people of God”, the intervention of Michael. So the whole world already has the greatest benefit from the binding of Satan, but then the kingdom of peace will not be limited to Israel either. According to Isaiah 9, "all wars will be burned with fury and bloody clothing with fire", and according to Isaiah 2 Israel's ruler will in future draw and decide the disputes between the peoples before his judgment seat. No people will pick up their swords against the other, nor will they learn to wage war, they will rather turn their swords into plowshares and their skewers into vine knives. You have come to know the true ruler of the world during the destruction of the Antichrist. 2. Tessalonicher 2, 8. On Mount Zion the Lord has pulled away the blanket with which the heathen had hitherto been covered. The light of the knowledge of the true God has risen for all Gentiles: there can no longer be any unbeliever or unbeliever; Truth shines like the bright sun, and the earth is full of knowledge of the Lord as water covers the sea. All peoples have been seized by a heartfelt desire to get to know the will of the Lord, his law, his ways, and from all sides they are now streaming towards Mount Zion, one people cheering up the other, Isaiah 2: 3. “Come let us go to the Lord's mount, to the house of the god Jacob, that he may teach us his ways, and we walk on his path. ”In view of the instruction which the peoples seek in Zion, the circumstance takes on a special significance, that at present the Jews are scattered among all peoples and known to all peoples.

| While the peoples now experience benefits of a physical and spiritual kind from the people of God, conversely they also have benefits to do to the people of God. Princes and queens, Isaiah 60 is called to the people of God, "will be your nurses and nurses, and those who have oppressed you will bow down to you"; The peoples will participate in the service of God with sacrifices, “they will all come from Saba, bring gold and frankincense and praise the Lord, all the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered to you, the rams Nebajoth shall serve you. Let them come to my altar to please me, for I want to make the house of my glory glorious. ”In the worship of God, the peoples with Israel become too one Community be connected: “The Gentiles will walk in your Light and the kings in the splendor of the above to you rises. ”In every land the name of the Lord will be one be, and the peoples will be with one Shoulder serve god. Zephaniah 3: 9 and Zechariah 14: 9.

The Lord requires them to expressly confess to the great deed of God of returning Israel to the land of its fathers. Israel celebrated the exodus from Egypt on its own. The whole world should also participate in the celebration of the return to the promised land and the happiness that has broken out not only for Israel but for the world, namely according to Zechariah 14 by celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. Failure of a people to participate in it is reckoned by the Lord for sin and punished by penalties. Zechariah 14: 16-19.

But God's people are not yet free from all temptation. At the end of the thousand years Satan will be rid of again, and the peoples of the earth will be put to the test whether the great benefits of the thousand-year kingdom of peace have produced the right fruits for them. Unfortunately you do not pass this test, but allow yourself to be seduced again by the devil to rise up against the people of God. But the people of God are firm in their faith. It does not seek protection in any places that grant protection, it remains calm in its peaceful villages and in its city of Jerusalem, which is not protected by any wall, because it knows and believes that the Lord, as he has promised, will be a fiery wall around his people. In a terrible judicial revelation, Gog and Magog are destroyed, and with that the history of mankind has come to an end at all, last day will be the end of world history. Revelation John 20.

As is clearly evident from the above, it is mainly the Old Testament from which one must try to gain a picture of that time which is commonly, even if improperly, called the “millennial kingdom”. The letters | the apostles, who show themselves to be familiar with the content of the revelation, cf. 1 Corinthians 15, 52 (latest Trumpet) contain only a few hints about this, such as B. 1 Corinthians 4: 8. In general, the apostolic preaching seems to have dwelt less in this intermediate state than to have dealt with the last part of the second and third Articles of Faith: the last judgment, the resurrection and eternal life. The attentive reader may want to find more in the Gospels.

The interpretation of the Old Testament prophecies about the kingdom of peace is beset with a great difficulty. What, according to the wording of the prophets, occurs in the kingdom of peace, the apostles see already fulfilled through the first future of the Lord; B.the prophecy of the new covenant that the Lord will make with his people; According to Jeremiah 31, 33 and 34 the Lord wants to establish this covenant in the kingdom of peace, but the letter to the Hebrews sees chap. 8: 6–13 this prophecy is already fulfilled with the Lord's first future. One can say, for example, that it is indeed so, but Israel was blinded in the time of the Lord, and only when his eyes have opened in the kingdom of peace will what this prophecy promises will become a reality more real Possession. There are more similar passages, which we will not go into further here.

The above is an attempt to get a clearer picture of the so-called "millennial kingdom".

The earlier Lutheran teachers made it very difficult for them to understand the prophecies quoted, in some cases even made it impossible, because they used the so-called "spiritual interpretation" to help them with certain difficulties that they could not overcome. Amos chap. 9, 13: The Lord will make the mountains drip with wine for the people who have returned, and Isaiah 11: In the kingdom of peace, the wolf and lamb will go to pasture together. The Jews then claimed that the Messiah could not have appeared in Jesus because these prophecies were still unfulfilled. The latter could have been easily admitted by the Christian teachers and pointed out that the prophecies of suffering had been fulfilled, and that the prophecy of suffering and the prophecy of glory could not be fulfilled at the same time, but only one after the other. Instead, they helped each other with the spiritual interpretation: the dripping of the mountains of wine is fulfilled in the abundant proclamation of the Gospel and the peaceful coexistence of wolf and lamb is fulfilled in the peaceful intercourse of the Christianized peoples. This interpretation can be heard quite well, but according to Lutheran principles the literal interpretation comes first. Those theologians misunderstood this, and it escaped them that by treating that prophecy they gave the Jews the right to interpret the prophecies of suffering spiritually.

| In interpreting the prophetic word, these Lutheran theologians allowed themselves to be diverted from the literal interpretation of Scripture from the otherwise generally established Lutheran principle by the words of our Augsburg Confession: vain pious people will have a worldly kingdom after all wicked people have been destroyed. "

Our reformers were not given a deeper insight into the prophecy of the Old Testament, insofar as it is not concerned with the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Christ, but with the future fate of the people of Israel; hence they did not see the glory figure of the kingdom of God in the pure image of biblical truth; What they encountered in the Anabaptists' views was a distortion of the pure picture, which had its basis in the carnal inclinations of earthly minded people. The Reformers rightly rejected these Jewish and Anabaptist teachings; but Article 17 of the Augsburg Confession does not apply further. What the reformers did not know - namely the pure picture of the biblical truth about the future of the people of Israel - they could not reject either. The Anabaptist doctrine has at most the meaning of a tangent, i.e. H. a line drawn to the circle of Christian truth, which touches it but does not penetrate it.

The believers of the present have very little reason to indulge in sweet dreams about possible participation in the happiness of that time. Between the present and that kingdom of peace, in which Israel is the center, stands the rise of the Antichrist and his three-and-a-half year rule, which will completely do away with the confessors of Jesus as much as one can see. It is important for the believer, above all, to prepare himself, to become competent, to confess his Savior, i.e. H. to live a sincere life of sanctification in his service and in keeping his words. But if a Christian wanted to deal with the glory of the so-called millennial kingdom and to look for the promotion of his spiritual life in it, he would run the risk of weakening his spiritual strength and for the better part, namely the perfect bliss of eternity to lose. Dear Lord, keep us from that!

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