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Hyouka is a tempting anime and a proud production of Kyoto Animation. Hyouka is a perfect blend of mystery and worldliness, making sure that none of these elements dominate the other.

"Those with talent who are unaware of themselves cause pain to those who don't."

Fuyumi Irisu, Hyouka

Houtarou, a boy who knows how to look at things from different perspectives, believes that this ability uses up too much energy and tries his best not to.

Chitanda, a girl who excels at book knowledge, has a knack for being curious about absolutely anything. She relies on Houtarou's perceptual skills to satisfy her desire to know the reason for every little puzzle.

With each episode, the characters resemble each other a little in a subtle way.

Hyouka is a story that leads us to view our own lives with a little more intrigue and enjoy the little details that make our own lives beautiful.

1. Approve the order

I. TV series


  • Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa (2012)

2. Graduation

There is only one season in Hyouka and so the only way to see it is through the release order.

The episodes are already in their chronological order so there is no confusion when viewing them.

3. Brief overview

I. History and characters

Hyouka is an anime that is a strange and somewhat perfect mix of the slice-of-life and the mystery genre. The story is about finding the secret of worldliness and is a healthy experience for the audience.

While each episode is self-contained, the events in these episodes form a larger narrative. There is a hint of romance budding, but that depends on how you personally perceive the story.

The characters in Houyka are the main attraction. A practical genius, Houtarou does his best to conserve his energy by making the minimal effort in every aspect of his life.

Enter Chitanda, an intelligent girl with a bubbly personality who Houtarou squeezes very lightly just so she can satisfy her curiosity about the secrets of her normal surroundings.

Both characters are in stark contrast to each other and complement each other perfectly. Their ephemeral nature makes them realistic as they keep growing with each experience.

II. Animation and sound

Hyouka has phenomenally beautiful animation. It can be compared to the animation of a Shinkai movie with very detailed depictions of everyday actions and illustrious exaggerations of emotions if necessary.

The animation also explores the "Mind Palace" of several characters and makes the story more haunting.

The soundtrack is calming again and an absolute delight. From the solo flute to piano music to the amazing openings, every sound we hear is music for the ears!

(Expect the dub. Don't watch the dubbed version of Hyouka, it is extremely painful to listen to and will ruin your entire experience.)

4. About Hyouka

The anime Hyouka is based on a crime thriller by the widely recognized writer Honobu Yonezawa, who is a prominent figure in the Japanese literary scene. He has won prestigious awards such as the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for the best novel 2011.

Houtarou Oreki's motto in life is not to waste energy on something that is not worth much. The motto soon collapses in front of his eyes when he joins the Classics Club at the request of his sister.

The members of the Classics Club, led by the curious Eru Chitanda, pull him to investigate the 45-year-old mystery surrounding this club for his known detective skills.

During the investigation, Oreki solves each of the puzzles that come his way.

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