Are spirit guides really just fallen angels?

4.3 Angels of the third sphere

4.3.1 Principalities

They protect cities, peoples and larger groups of people.

4.3.2 Archangel

They rule over the angels and lead large projects that serve to spread the divine light over the world. They live in the ether that surrounds the earth. We can be led to them in sleep or in meditation when we need their help. There are millions of archangels, but only a few are responsible for our earth. They are Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadikel. Archangel Michael

The master of all angels is an angel of war who can protect us from attacks and damage. We can ask him to stand between us and negative vibrations. He then turns these into positive ones. It strengthens our courage and determination and our faith in God. He will make sure that we do the things we do with honorable intentions. Michael's energy is very strong, especially on Tuesday. His abode in the ether is in Banff, which is near Lake Louise in Canada. Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel brings wisdom from the origin of all things down to earth. He helps us understand the teachings of the great Masters who have been sent to earth over the centuries. He supports us in our training and in everything that has to do with learning. He also takes away our fear of trials of all kinds. His energy is very strong on Sunday. Jophiel's abode in the ether is south of the Great Wall of China near Lanzhou in north-central China. Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel shows the way to compassion, love and forgiveness. He fills us with positive emotions and can give us love that goes beyond our minds. His energy is particularly strong on Monday and his abode in the ether is in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Archangel Gabriel

He gives us the ideal vision of ourselves. If we want to be cleansed inside or need new hope, we can call on him. He brings purity, order and discipline into our life. Gabriel is said to have revealed the scriptures of the Koran as God's word and holy scripture to the prophet Mohammed. Gabriel's energy is strongest on Friday and he is on the ether at Mount Shasta, California. Archangel Raphael

He helps us to have visions through our third eye and to realize them. Through him we seers will be able to foretell things. It also strengthens our ability to concentrate. He is the patron saint of the blind and represents eyesight, visions and the truth. He also helps doctors, nurses, healers, and naturopaths. On Wednesday his energy radiates most strongly down to earth and his abode in the ether is in Fatima in Portugal. Archangel Uriel

He brings peace to humanity by awakening selfless love in us. He promotes brotherhood and sisterhood. But he is also the patron saint of teachers and writers. His energy is strongest on Thursday. Its place in the ether is above the Tatra Mountains in Poland. Archangel Zadikel

Zadikel helps us to get rid of negative thoughts. He fills us with compassion, compassion and forgiveness. He will also free us from self-imposed shackles. His energy is strongest on Saturdays and he is in the ether in Cuba.

4.3.3 Earth angel

They are our personal guardian angels who love us unconditionally. They are always ready to help us when we ask for their help. They accompany us on our entire journey through life.

5.0 The difference between angels, spirit guides and helpers

Angels are spiritual beings that have sprung from the heart of God and have never incarnated in a body. Helpers have already lived an earthly life and are now voluntarily available to help people. Mostly they take care of a loved one whom they still know from their earthly life. So it may well be that we also receive help from deceased relatives or friends. Spirit guides have also lived before. You have to be spiritually developed enough to be able to begin training as a spirit guide. Every person also has a spirit guide who hurries to help us from the hereafter in various areas of life.

6.0 Fallen Angels

About a third of all angels are fallen angels. Their number was estimated at 1,333,306,688 in the 15th century. Among them is the well-known angel Lucifer (= Latin light bearer / light bringer). Fallen angels were basically created well by God but became evil by themselves and turned away from God. Unfortunately, because of their irrevocable nature, it is impossible for God to forgive them. They live on as devils or demons in the underworld. They are pure enemies of God, but not of man. The reason they fall is because they thought they could take the place of God. But now they see that this is not possible and they are now further driven by envy towards those people who are allowed to lead a real life to act against God. Your goal is to dissuade as many people as possible from the path of God.

7.0 angelic apparitions

7.1 Angelic apparitions in the Bible

It is often said in the Bible that someone met an angel in their sleep. Let us remember, for example, the angel Gabriel, who came to announce the birth of Jesus to Mary. Joseph also met an angel twice in his sleep. Once he was ordered to flee Egypt and once he was asked to return to the land of Israel. St. Joseph was someone who lived in faith. He always did as God or his messengers called the angels. He saw himself as an instrument of God, so it was possible for him to receive the messages of the angels.

7.2 Traditional apparitions of the Archangel Gabriel

The angel Gabriel is most often mentioned. The following interventions are sometimes ascribed to this:

· He wrote the 10 commandments on the stone tablets for Moses with a flaming sword.
· He appeared to Abraham on Mount Morjia to bring God's message to him not to kill his son.
· He appeared to Lot and warned of an impending natural disaster.
· He appeared to the prophet Elijah and announced his "ascension"
· He opened the tomb of Jesus and announced his ascension to heaven.
· He revealed the Koran to Mohammed.
· On the "night journey" he brought Mohammed from Mecca to Jerusalem.

7.3 Angel appearances lead to other religions

Angel apparitions often led to the establishment of new religions. Religions that all see a God, Allah or other higher being as the foundation stone of all things. It was the angel Gabriel, for example, who brought Mohammed the scriptures of the Koran from which the Islamic religion was founded. Or in 1823 the American Joseph Smith met the angel Moroni, who told him about gold plates buried in a hill and containing important scriptures. Joseph Smith found these plates, translated them, and became the founder of the Mormons.

7.4 Angelic apparitions today

7.4.1 A case from the 1980s ...

In 1983 a woman in the United States was expecting a baby that was due in August that year. Already in January she met an angel every night to tell her that this was not the baby she was going to keep. She told her doctor about it, who didn't believe her, but asked the angel to ask what would happen.
When she asked the angel, he replied, “As long as she is dependent on you, she is fine. Within 20 minutes of giving birth, things will go wrong and nothing the doctors can do will save you. She will die and be with God again. We want you to know so that you will be prepared if it happens. ”In fact, shortly after birth, a previously undetected valve defect was discovered and despite the best efforts of the doctors, the girl died only 20 minutes after birth.

7.5 Experiences of light near death

Every year people who were already clinically dead report that they clearly felt the presence of a light being during this near-death experience. Others even perceived this being visually. They felt their love and knew that this being will always help them and that you can ask everything.

A man from Holland said after such an experience: “I felt a being of light, a presence rather than someone visible, a light in all that light. I immediately realized that this being could see through me and uncover my deepest secrets. My first thought was to hide, but I realized that it would not be possible and not necessary. Between us I now felt a strong mutual love without words ... I knew without a doubt that whatever he would see in me, he would understand, accept and love me. "

Again someone else describes: “This light did not represent something like a foreign power for me. I had the feeling that I knew this light very well and that I am also part of this light myself. "

8.0 How can I get in contact with angels?

8.1 Prayer and Meditation

Since, as already mentioned at the beginning, angels have a higher vibration than other things, it is necessary for requests to the angels to also increase our own vibration. This can be achieved through deep breathing, prayer, or meditation. Through these activities, our own thoughts are silenced and our minds are open to the inner voice of God. The angels, who are just waiting to get in contact with us, are now able to secretly and quietly let inspirations, messages or new ideas slide into our consciousness. We can also ask the angel out loud for help or ask a specific question. We should be aware, however, that angels do not make predictions about the future. Nothing is predetermined in our life. Nor will they give us specific answers; they can only guide us on the right path and give us hope and inspiration. Often the messages they send us are not clear at first glance, but if you go deeper inside you will understand the meaning of the message.

8.2 Angel cards

There is also the possibility to get in contact with them via angel cards. Here you first go into yourself, ask the angel a question and then draw a card. The message on the card is then the personal message from his own guardian angel who sends you a message encrypted by the card.

8.3 Letter from angels

Others try to convey their wishes and requests to the angel via angel letters. Here is an example of such a letter:

To my dear angel and to the dear angels of everyone involved!

I ask that my wish be granted as soon as possible, as smoothly as possible and for the greatest benefit and for the best of all concerned:

(Insert your wish here, which you should express as precisely as possible)

You can write it flowery; You can give an explanation of your worries and problems or under the term "your problem". The details of this list can be presented as briefly or as extensively as you like, the angels will in any case perceive them, e.g.

Money worries: your problem
The question with the move: your problem
No back pain: your problem
Health in general: your problem
Career: your problem
Love of life: your problem
My difficulties, disputes with ..........................: your problem
My broken car: your problem

I thank God and my dear angels and the angels of everyone involved for fulfilling this request.

With love for yours

(Insert your first and last name here; signature)

Place and date

Put this letter in an envelope, seal it, and put it away. The rest
the angels do for you. Try it out, be patient and you will be amazed! Before you seal the envelope, read your wish list several times to make sure that you really want it, because often we want something and then we don't want it anymore.
Check the letter after a couple of weeks and think about what has already come true. If you don't like something, you can delete it, replace it or renew the letter. Apologize to the angels because they understand our human weaknesses.

Robert Putz (May 2003, 3AL)

Source references: Various Internet pages about angel appearances, archangels and experiences near death were used to obtain information for the explanations presented here. In addition, sources such as the Christ web, the Engel-Infos or T-Online were used. The secret as well as the addresses and did a good job.