What does a personal branding agency do

Thorben carnival:
Personal branding: how do I make myself a brand?

The core of a successful personal brand is knowing who you are, what you can do and what you want to stand for. The definition of one's own values ​​is the USP of one's own personality - a challenge that even specialists are now taking on. The company Social Trademark, for example, helps personalities in their search for their own core competencies, positioning and building an online reputation. The agency is now pushing well-known experts from various industries with their own blog and via social media channels. Because the best idea is ineffective without the drum roll of the public.

Therefore, everyone who wants to train their brand must also consistently communicate their defined values ​​via LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Twitter and Co. A blog is the calling card of the social media age, it makes expert knowledge divisible and multiplies it. For beginners, LinkedIn has been offering its users the opportunity to blog quickly, easily and spontaneously with its in-house author platform Pulse since 2015.

This is exactly what everyone should do as part of their personal branding strategy. After all, the success of your own brand depends on the knowledge that you are willing to pass on. In this context, content marketing is the key word for companies. The primary aim here is to create added value, to entertain the reader and to bring a brand to life with storytelling. The supreme discipline is the dialogue with the target group via social media.

In connection with sustainable networking, the ability to criticize and empathy are the be-all and end-all of an online presence. Anyone who is aware of the scope of statements on the social web and acts responsibly can also consistently give their brand what makes it successful: sympathetic humanity that one likes to trust. Behind every brand, however, there must be real entrepreneurial success or well-founded professional competence. You can only show a lot if you have a lot to offer. Personal branding therefore means: knowing and developing your own personality, making ongoing contacts and cementing your own expertise.

Strong brands have meanwhile become indispensable for companies, because there is no more effective way of combining personal branding and employer branding. Who doesn't like to buy from the company that brings together the ultimate high potentials under their roof? The brand promise of a private label with an outstanding reputation is spreading as rapidly as the good old word-of-mouth propaganda, is just as persistent in people's minds and resonates. If used skillfully, the result is a steadily consolidating expert status and long-term image growth. Because as your own word has weight, it also gains influence. That is why personal brands are opinion leaders.

Thorben carnival is managing director of Open Reply, an agency for digital transformation, mobile solutions and connected platforms. He is also Vice President of the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW). He is one of the "digital leaders", a permanent group of bloggers who digitally disseminates their opinions and comments via LEAD. You can read more about the author and the other members of the "Digital Leader" here on the overview page.