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The zodiac signs for this week

Aries - March 21st – March 20th April

School: You will have good luck at school this week. Your chances will be better there!
Dear: ATTENTION! Love is in the air!
Health: running is good for you! You are a little fat.

Taurus - April 21st – April 20th May

School: Bad results! More focus.
Love: unhappiness in love ...
Health: You are doing fantastic! You will be on the right track.

Twins - May 21st – May 21st June

School: All good in school.
Love: This week you will find your dream prince / dream princess!
Health: Beware of fatty meat.

Cancer - June 22-22 July

School: plan your goals for the future!
Love: you have powers of seduction. You are in the spotlight.
Health: watch out! A relative gets sick.

Leo - July 23-22 August

School: Don't forget to study during the holidays.
Love: Your boyfriend is not the right one for you.
Health: Take care of your image.

Virgo - August 23rd-23rd September

School: A surprise test this week!
Love: a relationship is only for two.
Health: Try to be less nervous.

Libra - September 24-23 October

School: Without diligence, no rice!
Love: You are not always right in love.
Health: Tips: Hearing Screening.

Scorpio - October 24th – April 22nd November

School: You will deserve a punishment.
Love: focus on your relationship.
Health: Swimming is good for you.

Sagittarius - November 23rd – May 21st December

School: You have to do your chores.
Love: This week you are going to organize a romantic encounter.
Health: You are in a good phase.

Capricorn - December 22nd – December 20th January

School: Learning is very important at this stage.
Love: learn to appreciate love!
Health: Drink in moderation.

Aquarius - January 21-January 18 February

School: Your demeanor is not the best in school.
Love: you need more alone time!
Health: Buy a cream for your skin.

Pisces - February 19-20 March

School: you are a genius! Congratulations!
Love: Don't start a new relationship with a stranger.
Health: You should eat better.

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