Are there pronounced regional accents in France

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The origin of French

The French language became the official language in France in the 16th century. Before that (as was common in most European countries at the time) Latin was the language of the powerful and the administration. The reason for this was the influence of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church in Europe. At the time, French coexisted with the regional languages ​​that were widely spoken at the time.

Regional languages

The regional languages ​​are often viewed as dialects or vernaculars and are not widely used today. However, these languages ​​are recognized at national level, admitted as living languages ​​in exams such as the Abitur, and also taught in schools. Currently, the most widely spoken and mastered regional languages ​​are Breton (a Celtic language), Basque (in south-western France), Corsican (on the Isle of Beauty) and Alsatian (a language derived from German). In these regions, the signs with the names of the cities in both French and local are a reminder of the existence of these regional languages.

The Creole language is still spoken in the overseas regions, but in different variations depending on the island.

The dialects

In France there are many regions in which there is a more or less strong and pronounced dialect. These dialects have their origins in the regional languages ​​spoken before the introduction of French as the national language. Sometimes the (very) pronounced dialects in certain regions are difficult to understand, even for the French!

The south of France, Marseille and the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea are known for their melodious accent, which is often associated with the sun and the sea and is very characteristic of this region. In the northern region, the often mocked Ch'timi was made in 2008 by the film Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis famous beyond the borders of France. The Alsatian dialect spoken in eastern France is closer to the German language, but varies depending on the place.