What can inspire a person

Business as usualOnly those who are inspired can inspire others

Andi is in his early 50s, a guy with leathery, tanned skin, always in a good mood - and the perfect example of a self-made man. How did he get there? The most important change in his life, says Andi, was a youth encounter when he was still working as a car mechanic. A customer, with whom he never spoke a single word, impressed him so much with his respectful manner, his positive charisma and self-evident approach that Andi decided to become like him.

So it happened that he graduated from high school on his second educational path, gave up his screwdriver job, studied business administration and, on the side, was very successful in selling insurance. He built a company with nearly a hundred people, sold it, and bought a new one. That's when I got to know him - as part of the sales process, I worked for the company that Andi took over. And I've never seen anyone who turned a messed up shop in such a short time with tough honesty and positive energy.

After the takeover, Andi called a works meeting first. He stood in the machine shop and didn't say much more than these sentences: “I'm the new guy. I have not spooned the wisdom, but I will do everything I can to rebuild this company with you. Anyone who wants to talk to me comes to me in the morning. I'll be there at seven o'clock. "

A few people liked him right away. Everyone was curious about him. After four weeks, he reassembled the workforce. In the meantime, Andi said, he had looked at everything. There are three main construction sites. "Let's clean them up." That is exactly what he did. Sometimes he made tough decisions, but he was always caring for people. Not a morning when he wasn't running through production full of energy, not a day when he wasn't heard laughing in the hallways.

After the third or fourth meeting at the latest, he had the workforce on his side. Soon people were staying longer in the afternoons, the mumbling in the coffee kitchen stopped, and the employees were nicer to each other again. The store blossomed like a dried-up plant that is cut back and vigorously sprouts again after a few weeks.

Did Andi do it all on her own? Of course not. But it was he who inspired people. That awakened their spirits. Who not only said what he did, but also did what he said. You know as well as I that it is terribly easy to say, but that it is top class when it comes to consistent implementation.

Andi's story shows something very simple: if you have a clear role model yourself, it is easier to become a role model for others. For Andi it was the customer in the car workshop. For me it's people like Andi. Who is it for you?