How can I be a creative student

Offline alone. For beginners

April 22, 2020: We have been living in the "Corona time" for around a month. One of the characteristics of this new era is that everything that previously offered sporting, cultural or social pastime is no longer available. The premise of “social distancing” also changes life massively. The Internet, which was already an essential part of your day, now plays the main role: entertainment, social life, news and knowledge are available on the screen. Creative minds have developed new, exciting formats in no time at all, which enrich the endless offer. Reading, listening and looking - almost everything runs on the device. The downside: Too much screen time isn't just bad for the eyes. Other needs are neglected as well. Screen breaks are essential for your physical and mental wellbeing - but not that easy! If you are longing for offline time, but have no ideas, this “guide for beginners” will provide you with ideas for creative, witty, active and relaxing activities.

Creative activities make you happy!

“Creativity is the intelligence that has fun.” Albert Einstein was right: Anyone who, as an adult, keeps their imagination alive and creates something of their own, feels what Sigmund Freud called “sublimation”, a special form of emotional satisfaction. Most of us will revolutionize neither physics like Einstein nor psychology like Freud. But that is also not necessary: ​​the results of your creative activities do not have to win prizes in order to fulfill you. The range of possibilities is enormous:

You could keep a diary about your situation during the Corona period, it in the form of Anecdotes or. Short stories document or, like Peter from our Alphons Silbermann house in Cologne, process it poetically.

Incidentally, the writing can be part of your work of art if you put it on paper in the classic way. Hand lettering, in which letters and symbols are specially designed, is absolutely trendy - the range of books, guides and starter sets is correspondingly large. Hand lettering not only makes you happy, but also the recipients of your self-designed greeting cards!

For similar reasons, what is enjoyed by grandma under the generic term "Handwork" ran, enormous popularity. sew, Knit and Crochet are also en vogue with your generation. You can find inspiration, patterns and material online, everything else happens offline. It feels great to be proud of yourself when asked about the manufacturer of your new accessory or to surprise a loved one with something you have made yourself - and it is actually easier than expected, I promise!

Classic creative pursuits are painting and music. These arts need years of practice to shine in front of an audience, like Hannah from Berend Lehmann Haus Essen. Still, it's never too late to learn an instrument or let your voice run free while singing. The latter is a real trend, as evidenced by TikTok and numerous major events. Mass karaoke is currently not an option, but singing, even in the shower, is still good - and if you have a guitar at hand, you can quickly rehearse a decent accompaniment with a few chords. If your preference is a brush or pen, there are plenty of tools out there that can actually add to the enjoyment. If Paint by numbers, With Stencils, shadows or like Anne-Sophie from the Lilli Jahn House with a mandala book - here, too, there is information and equipment online, the rest you do away from the screen.

Most creative pursuits also mean that you concentrate fully on them without having to focus too much. Not only do you forget the time, you get your head free of everything else - that's why creative activities are always relaxing!

Discover the beauty of nature!

“No beautiful country at this time” is what the popular folk song says, which after this statement calls us to an evening get-together “under linden trees”. We have to do without social gatherings for the time being, but can still enjoy nature, which unfolds its full splendor in these spring weeks, unaffected by the worries of humanity.

A long walk or a wall off the beaten track - our tutor Sebastian from Frankfurt has just shown how it is - promises real eye candy in the face of blossoming or sprouting trees and brings body and mind into balance.

The will is there, but you lack the way? On Komoot you will find the right route in your area, by the way, even if you to jog or To go biking want.

Much has recently been reported about the benefits of the last-mentioned activities, and whoever walks out the door can get the feeling that everyone is now “going for a run”. With good reason: The much-vaunted "runner's high" is usually only achieved after long training with extreme stress. A sense of achievement and the fulfilling feeling after physical exertion come after just a few training rounds - at least if you avoid beginners' mistakes. You also stay fit when cycling and you can also "experience" much longer distances. The equipment is, however, much more expensive if it is supposed to be fun.

Cooking not only fills the stomach

Until recently, many of you are likely to have only cooked for yourself occasionally. Why also? The food in the cafeteria was good and cheap, and there was decent street food on every corner. Corona time also means: eating at home. And that means for all single households: Cook yourself. The first few weeks could be bridged with the standards that have been tried and tested so far, and ready-made meals may also have contributed to satiety.

In the meantime, you may have longed for a bit of variety on the menu - and this is the chance for an insight that will change your attitude towards the kitchen forever: Cooking can become an end in itself and quality time. Clean and prepare vegetables, mix herbs and spices, drink a glass of wine or beer on the side, stir, season to taste - you could almost say that the journey is the goal, but of course you shouldn't miss out on the result. Recipe ideas for your generation can be found e.g. on; It is also worth taking a look beyond the language border, as well as purchasing a cookbook, e.g. from these top ten.

Pure relaxation: come down with these ideas

Actually, this point is superfluous. Most of the ideas presented here are also great ways to relax. So at best we have a few more additions. A good book, for example. Anyone who reads for relaxation likes to turn to a fantasy novel or trash literature. Thrillers are also an option. Nevertheless, now is a perfect opportunity to catch up on reading some classics, which are often much more entertaining than their reputation, which precedes them from school days, promises. Sometimes there is a surprising amount of humor in so-called “great literature” in addition to an intelligent view of the world and people.

Almost meditatively, you come to rest while puzzling. Even during the preparation for a 1,000-piece puzzle, if you sort by color or edge pieces, you get into a kind of deep relaxation, which can be completed with a glass of wine and suitable music. The hours fly by with this activity and guaranteed with a corona-free head!

The currently often clear nights invite you to visit due to the lack of nightlife "Stargazing" a. The view into the night sky, into the vastness of the universe, is an enriching experience not only for amateur astronomers. Even after many repetitions, the Milky Way does not lose any of its magic. Now that conversations with the group are not distracting, constellations can finally be discovered and a lookout for falling stars.

Classic meditation is also a good way to switch off after a day in front of the screen. Sometimes you need a pleasant voice or a mantra to get your thoughts out of your head.