How do you live on an island

Do you still dye or are you already alive?

As I researched the topic, I became increasingly aware that there are a large number of women who not only color their hair for various reasons, but who, under certain circumstances, would stop coloring.
How exactly these conditions look like, we only realize when we ask ourselves the question of what motivates women in particular to dye their hair - often for decades - and even continue with it, although z. B. have developed health problems due to hair color. Which external and internal constraints keep women running the coloring marathon? Is there a way out of the dye cycle that women can take to feel comfortable, well-groomed and (still) attractive?
To pursue these and other questions and to find answers to them was a deep need for me while writing this book.

Bea Insel was born in Darmstadt in 1960. She studied pedagogy in Frankfurt / Main and worked in various social professions. In 2001 she completed her training as a holistic color consultant. As the daughter of a hairdresser, she was born with an interest in the subject of "hair". In her first book "Do you still dye or are you already alive?" she combines both qualities: the socially critical yet empathetic look and the passion for natural hair.