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Hello Sofia! You don't have a blog here at the moment, but it will come soon. Can you briefly introduce yourself

Hey I'm Sofia, originally from Mexico and I'm studying Business Economics in my 2nd semester. I am a student ambassador for international affairs at the University of Halle and will therefore soon have my own blog here, which I am really looking forward to.

Since you come from Mexico, you must have a completely different view of Germany than we do.What do you particularly like about Germany or Halle and what is completely different from Mexico?

What I like best about Halle is that there are so many students here and that is why the city is so lively. Halle is very compact and all places can be easily reached by bike. In addition, Leipzig is only 25 minutes away by train if you want to visit a bigger city.

Regarding Germany, I can say that everything is very clearly ordered and organized here, except maybe the bureaucracy, haha. This is different from Mexico. There it can sometimes happen that certain processes simply take longer.

Germany has many traditions that I have never seen anywhere else before, for example the Christmas markets and school enrollment. That's what makes a country interesting to me. There are also many traditions in Mexico and I think you can get to know a country particularly well through its traditions.

I like it that the universities in Germany are so inviting for international students and that you can study here without additional tuition fees.

You are already in the 2nd semester, so for over half a year in Germany.How was it in the beginning? Have you ever felt alone and how was it for you to arrive here?

In my case, I actually didn't feel alone. I already had a few friends in Germany whom I was able to visit. That made the start easier and helped me to get used to my life in Germany.

Because you have already settled in: What are your favorite places in Halle?

The Pei├čnitz-Iinsel is one of my favorite places. When it's nice outside there are a lot of people playing Frisbee or reading there, which gives the place a nice atmosphere.

The university campus is really nice too. For example, you can relax with your friends on the stairs of the university square.

What is your favorite city in Germany? (except Halle of course haha)

Munich. I lived there for 3 months and during my trip to Europe it was one of the most beautiful cities for me. If I imagine a German city, then it is Munich. The old houses, lots of green spaces, the decorations on buildings and churches. This is exactly how I always imagined Germany to be.

Tour of Europe? That sounds really exciting. I will definitely ask Sofia more questions about this, look forward to the next interview! :-)

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