Which country has the best breakfast

What is served in the morning in other countries

From TRAVELBOOK | November 10, 2016, 10:32 am

Breakfast should provide energy for the day, taste good and ideally also be healthy. A wide variety of breakfast cultures have developed around the world, ranging from a simple coffee to dried fish to a hearty meal with beans and sausages. TRAVELBOOK presents 26 breakfasts.


A traditional Egyptian breakfast consists of ful, Egyptian bread, egg and falafel. Ful is an Egyptian bean pulp made from cooked broad beans, olive oil, and spices.

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Vegimite, a salty spread, is part of every Australian breakfast. Otherwise, the breakfast is very British: baked beans, baked beans, eggs, grilled tomatoes, small sausages and fried ham are part of a hearty breakfast in addition to the classic toast.


In Brazil, breakfast habits are sometimes very different depending on the region. One of the things that people eat in the state of São Paulo is Pão na chapa A bread smeared with butter, which is then fried in the pan until golden brown, in Minas Gerais, on the other hand, almost always belongs Pão de queijo with it, a small roll made of cassava flour, cheese, eggs, oil, milk and salt. And almost everywhere in the country there are also cakes of all kinds on the table, for example corn, manioc, rice or banana cakes.


In China, breakfast is often warm, including zhou (rice soup), baozi (steamed dumplings) or youtiao (fried dough sticks). Shaomai is also popular, sticky rice with mushrooms, meat and soy sauce wrapped in a batter. When it comes to a sweet breakfast, the Chinese often turn to tangyuan, a dish made from glutinous rice and bean paste. The Chinese Maultaschen, Jiaozi or a wonton soup are also not uncommon.


The classic German breakfast usually consists of bread and rolls, which are topped with both sweet and hearty spreads, including jam, cheese, sausage and ham. In addition, muesli with milk or yoghurt, fruit and nuts are often included.


A French breakfast traditionally consists of a croissant with butter or jam and coffee with milk. But also baguettes or other sweet baked goods such as crêpes or a Pain au chocolat are very popular.


In Greece, the whole family often meets for lunch and dinner. Breakfast, on the other hand, is comparatively small and often only consists of a coffee and a sesame ring. A pastry made from puff pastry, bougatsa, is also popular.

Great Britain

Baked beans, toast, sausages, bacon and fried tomatoes are part of the hearty, classic English breakfast. There is also scrambled or fried eggs.


If you don't want a traditional Iranian soup for breakfast, you can eat flatbread with various sweet spreads or sheep's cheese. Olives and vegetables are also popular. There is traditionally tea with it.


In Israel, people have breakfast for breakfast, for example matzo, a Jewish unleavened bread that is also eaten during Passover. The fresh side dish is cucumber and tomato salad, avocado, olives or yoghurt and fruit. Sweet pastries are also usually part of an Israeli breakfast.


Like the Greeks, the Italians are not the largest breakfast nation. Often times, only a few biscotti (cookies), croissants or Italian rusks are eaten with a morning coffee.


Stockfish, a dried cod that is eaten with ackee, a tropical fruit, is particularly well-known. In addition to the salty fish, there are also boiled bananas, sweet potatoes and a porridge made from cornmeal. In addition to tea or coffee, one drinks coconut milk.


The traditional Japanese breakfast consists of several small dishes served in bowls. One bowl contains rice and another contains miso soup. Other small bowls contain tsukemono, pickled vegetables, and nattō, a soybean dish. There is also fried fish and Japanese omelette. Traditionally, the Japanese drink tea for breakfast. In the meantime, however, many Japanese also eat more western breakfasts.