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Responsible nurse Distance learning course: With distance learning, you acquire the majority of the knowledge in addition to the job in self-study. For this you will receive learning materials in the form of so-called instructional letters sent to your home. At the end of such a subject area, you will solve the enclosed tasks and send them back to us. You can edit the teaching material anywhere and anytime. It is also possible to access the material online via our e-learning platform. There is an on-site event for almost all of the distance learning courses offered. Here, specific facts from the topic are explained in more detail and you have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the lecturer. Some of the distance learning courses also include a practical component in the form of an internship. At the end of the course, you will write a theoretical thesis and take an oral exam. Upon successful completion of the distance learning course, each candidate receives a diploma and a certificate.

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We also offer various workshops and training courses. In contrast to the distance learning course, these take place at one of our locations or as an in-house event with a group of participants. Seminars only last a few hours and are run by companies to train employees. Further training expands the knowledge and skills of the profession learned and is considerably more extensive than a seminar. Just ask us at which of our locations there are also on-site courses for your search query!

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