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Learning to play the piano: how to start

Are Online Piano Schools a Good Solution?

In general, a piano school is a good idea for anyone who would consider themselves complete beginners. The conventional "Face2Face lessons" offer the best prerequisites. Because especially at the beginning it is important to pay attention to the correct hand position. You get used to incorrect finger positions and posture too quickly.

Online piano schools are generally less suitable for beginners in childhood. On the other hand, those returning to school or young people or adults will find their way around the range of lessons. The advantages of online piano schools: You can take part in lessons whenever you have the time and opportunity - especially interesting for professionals, trainees and students. You can also put together lessons yourself from a wide range of styles.

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Online piano schools each have their own concepts. Even if they look very similar at first glance in terms of learning opportunities and handling, there are differences in the details. Most schools work via the Internet browser, some also offer a (free) app for iPad and iPhone. The latter is made possible by the online school Skoove, which also enables participation with an acoustic piano.

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In order to communicate the lessons, the learning portals use various visual display options. The actions of the hands on the keyboard are visualized by video while the piano notes are animated at the same time. The online piano school music2me is the most flexible in this regard. There is also a Synthesia-like piano roll representation. The best feature here, however, is the conveyance of the learning content as spoken moderation: You can concentrate fully on tones, notes and your hands while playing the lessons.

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