Which jobs don't require human interaction

Top 13: Diverse professions with people!

Table of Contents

  1. Physiotherapist
  2. PTA
  3. bailiff
  4. Judge
  5. Integration assistant
  6. Caregiver
  7. educator
  8. Curative educator
  9. police officer
  10. Theater pedagogue
  11. Teacher
  12. Social worker
  13. psychologist


It is very popular Physiotherapist training or the dual study program. Through the daily contact with sick people you can do something useful and help them with illness-related restrictions. In this job you should have no fear of contact and have empathy and empathy Address your patients' problems.

Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant (PTA)

In the PTA training you will learn how to advise customers on all questions relating to pharmaceuticals, because you are a real expert in this field. For your job and for close contact with your customers, it is very important that you respond empathetically to their wishes and questions so that they feel that they have been properly advised.


In the profession of Bailiff you implement decisions and judgments of the court and thus come into contact with different people every day. Bailiffs mainly carry out their work independently in the field. In order to convey the decisions to the judiciary, you should definitely have a certain empathy and good communication skills, because you are confronted with the emotions of the debtors every day and have to deal with them with the help of a certain empathy, but also distance.


Do you choose the job? of the judge, you are responsible over Administrative offenses or legal violations to judge as well as to determine the respective sentence. But in order to be able to act as a judge, a first step is necessary long training path before you, because after you Studied law you first complete the 1st and 2nd exams and then work in the legal clerkship and are therefore a probationary judge for a few years. In this job you work with people and use your judgments to make decisions about the further course of their lives.

Integration assistant

As Integration assistant you take on a very important, but also an emotionally very demanding task. You looks after children or young people with handicaps or disabilities and provide them with the individual help they need. Your goal is to promote their independence in everyday life and to support them in all tasks that they cannot cope with on their own. You will often be deployed directly in schools for this purpose. A classic oneIntegration assistant training There is no such thing as such, but you will learn everything you need to know about your job through further training.

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Geriatric nurse

The Occupation of geriatric nursethat you can get through a uniformly regulated school education learned is very demanding because you nurses and looks after elderly, needy people. You support them in coping with everyday life, carry out nursing and medical tasks and accompany them in aging with dignity. Elderly care workers can work in many areas such as in old people's homes, hospices or in private households. A general requirement of the profession is to be patient and empathetic with his patients and give them the individual attention they need.


The Profession of educator is particularly popular with young trainees and career changers. However, the training or retraining is very demanding and therefore requires real Perseverance. Generally, educators are for one responsible for optimal care of children and young people and take care of a individual development. The locations are very diverse, e.g. you could work in kindergartens, youth centers or dormitories. Here, too, you have the choice between training and studying.

Curative educational nurse / curative educational nurse

The training or study of the Curative educator focus on Nursing and educational focus. The goal is that Promote individual independence and to support them in such a way that one can cope with everyday life as independently as possible. For example, you look after people with disabilities, support them with food or personal hygiene, organize leisure activities and help with social integration.

Policeman / Policewoman

If you want to ensure law and order, then this is Police trainingexactly the right contact point for you. Depending on your degree, you even have the opportunity to become a civil servant. Everyday police work is not always as spectacular as it is shown in films, but it can be very varied. On the way to the police officer you have to go first take many hurdlessuch as aptitude tests, medical examinations and assessment centers. If you have successfully passed all tests, you have many entry options such as Police officer, as a criminal investigator or as a police diver to select. You have a lot to do with people in your day-to-day work, so you should mentally and physically resilient be. Communicatively, you approach people in order to get a grip on even the most heated discussions and to resolve conflicts.

Theater pedagogue

The theater can certainly do one positive effect on people have, therefore, create Theater educators Concepts for different groups of people and supervise theater groups or organize workshops. The drama is often used in the context of social work, to support the development of individual abilities or to contribute to the rehabilitation of people. Theater education is one continuing Professional Education, but can meanwhile also at universities as a course of study be perceived.


Teacher take a socially important position because they take on a high level of responsibility in the complex and demanding transfer of knowledge. You plan, create, design and evaluate Learning and teaching process for children and young people out. They also take part in the children's development process in a supportive and advisory capacity. If you want to become a teacher, you should enjoy dealing with children and young people and through your educational interest can trigger a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation in them. You are at the same time educator and contact person, so you should be mentally resilient. In order to learn the profession, you have the choice between different areas of specialization in the course for teaching.

Social worker / social worker

The Occupation of social worker one learns within educational courses. They come into play when People are in need of help and care in difficult situations need. Social workers work, for example, in youth welfare offices, advice centers or youth welfare services. Often they also work as Street workers and look after the homeless on the street. For the job, you should definitely be mentally resilient, as you will be confronted with many blows of fate from people.


The Psychologist is able to observe other people, assess their behavior and development and, on the basis of this, make diagnoses of mental illnesses. After completing the Psychology degree you can work in many different areas, e.g. in your own practice or in a psychiatry.