Do fuckboys ever feel guilty?

Win every discussion | The three horsemen of the argumentative apocalypse

Often you feel lost in discussions, we don't know how to react correctly and our conversation with the partner ends in loud arguments and hatred. Using examples, it will first explain what has been done wrong so far and what needs to be prevented. In the end there is the solution that will save you many unnecessary hours of arguments and anger.

As soon as the woman begins her tests and opens the door to the gate of arguments, the three riders of the argumentative apocalypse will be on your doorstep.

And if you can hear the hooves of their horses in the distance, you'd better start sealing your lips.

If they are already there, the conversation as you think you know it is already over. If the conversation is wrongly treated, your sexual pleasure will tend to zero and the Sahara desert will be able to show even more moisture than your pussy.

If you commit sin and engage in a conversation with it, it will take place in three different ways. Study them in depth, get to know them all, and then avoid them.

But don't worry, we'll also show you the archangels who will save your communication with her.

Defense - The first horseman

Defense must not be confused with self-defense in a truly dangerous situation, such as a physical attack. Defense is a psychological response to a perceived or imagined threat or attack on oneself.

You can see what “defense” looks like in the italics in these examples.

"You say that to everyone" - "No, I'm not a player, I only say that if I really mean it.

“How could you not know where you left the key? - "I've looked everywhere for it.

"Are you angry now? You're screaming. " - "I'm not mad! I'm just talking out loud, maybe you're angry!

"Baby, sex with you is really not that good" - "What? But everyone else said it was good, you're the one who's bad.

"You bought this now without me?" - "But I know it was the right thing to do, you see how good that is, don't you? Explain to me why you think it was wrong.

"Only an idiot reads this on ChampLife" - "What? How can you find that bad ?! You're just stupid.

“I wish you would take out the trash too. "I wish you weren't always so annoying.

Body language when defending

Arms crossed

Scratching from nervousness

Strained look

Bent forward and stiff

Why people "defend" themselves

People defend themselves because they feel insecure about their decision and they don't believe in themselves. They feel guilty, ashamed and shy about their decision. They doubt themselves. A man in defense is not a solid rock, but a wobbling tower built on sand waiting to collapse.

If you have to ask to defend yourself, you may believe what the woman is saying to you and you have to protect your ego from her. You start by doubting your belief and then defend yourself to convince yourself that it is true. You feel attacked in person and defend yourself. Dreadful.

What's worse are the people they defend themselves when the alleged attack wasn't even intentional. This is the result of a lack of self-confidence and insecurity. - Maybe also a wrong upbringing, which ensures that when the woman asks: “Hey darling, what did you do last night?”, You start to defend yourself and start confrontation.

We want people to see us as we see ourselves. Or at least not in a bad light and we spend our time and energy defending ourselves and our decisions in front of others because we want them to agree with us and see us in the light as we do ourselves.

If you are not sure of yourself, you will start to believe what others say about you. We think the attack is like a nuclear attack on ourselves when in reality it is just a little itch.

How to be punished by "defense"

The defense confirms the allegation. It turns your tail into a threat - by making the woman your enemy through your defense. The woman begins to understand how she can “get to you”, trigger your feelings and the transformation of yourself from the alpha that she got to the beta begins and the sexual attraction in the relationship begins to change.

The sin of defense will create an atmosphere of tension and reveal your social awkwardness. The girl will lose her trust in you as an inviolable rock. She will begin to doubt your authority and leadership. There will be distrust and contempt. It will lead to the woman becoming strangers to you and distancing herself from you.

Justification - The second rider

You don't have to justify the choices you make or the way you behave and act.

What “justification / explanation” looks like. Examples are also in italics here.

"So what are you looking for here on Tinder?"I'm trying to find someone who is serious, I just can't find one that really suits me, I've been looking for something solid for a long time and you?”… Oh match dissolved.

"Why don't you try the old one, come on" - "What? Why should I? You know that I don't trust myself, dude, I haven't spoken to a girl in 5 years, I look like a junk!

"Why did you ask me out on a date?" - "Well, because you are really really cute and you are the one for me, so I thought fuck it, I'll just give it a try.”… Hey wait where are you going ??

"Why haven't you taken the trash out yet?" - "Because it's really hot right now, I'm looking for my sandals right now, but I'll do it later when I get around to it.

"Why did you leave the computer on" - "Yes, I just wanted to go down for a moment, then I saw that you were lying on the couch and then we were busy and fell asleep, now I hope you understand why I left the computer on.

I've done this and that, what do you think of it? I've done this and that, did I do that well?

You look at her with big eyes and want your confirmation and praise. With a big grin and full of anticipation.

Why People "Justify / Explain" Each Other

We have the urge to be understood. Men made the mistake of always wanting to give women more information so that they “just understand” it.

That's because explaining things works very well in men's conversation. A friend explains to the other why he did what he did, the friend understands it and says “aaah” then you go on and talk about something else. Quite normal among men.

Then we try the same with women - forgetting that women do not communicate with reasons and that we do not have to justify ourselves to our “subordinates”. You raise her to a position where she can judge you like your mother would. You explain yourself to women because you want your surrogate mother's approval.

After all, people secretly hope to be able to convince themselves that, with the consent of others, their decision was the right one. She's not your mother, nor is she on a throne, so stop looking for her approval. Make your decisions and then be quiet.

Your actions will speak for themselves.

How to be punished by “justification / explanation”

Would you justify yourself to a 3 year old? When you commit the sin of justification to a woman, you are giving her the role of authority. You lose your credibility and it decides your position. Even if you explain yourself perfectly, the woman will find a way to fix you. "Well, you shouldn't have gone there in the first place." Your explanations will only add to the drama. The woman will stand there, look at you and wait for your explanation, then they will either nod off consent or verbally spank you like your mother would. You will keep delivering your explanations to her as she continues to look for something new, more mysterious.

The more you explain yourself to the women, the more they'll purposely misinterpret your words and create confusion for wanting to keep the conversation going until they eventually get too bored of you.

You get a lot of "so what you say is ..." until you finally start to get louder and more frustrated in the conversation.

Excuses - The third rider

You know what you've done, but you don't take responsibility

What "excuses" look like. Examples in italics.

"Why were you late for our date?" - "I was stuck in a traffic jam, I can't help it.

"Why don't you approach the little one in front?" - "Oh, she's not my type, she looks like a bitch anyway, she's not worth it.

"Why don't you just ask her" - "I'm not ready yet, I have to get better first, first go to the gym longer and then I'll ask her.

"Why didn't you ask him if he wanted to buy it?" - "He would never have bought anything, I couldn't have changed his mind.

"Why did you cheat on me" - "She seduced me.

"Why aren't you in the gym today, darling" - "You know how hard work is for me, then I have to go home, change my clothes and everything. I'm leaving tomorrow.

Body language when you don't take responsibility

Anxious face

Possible sweating

Eye contact is avoided


High pitched voice

Why people use "excuses"

We talk our way out when we want someone else to be responsible instead of looking for the fault with us. Most of the time it is because we want to prevent uncomfortable feelings or too much pressure and the feeling of being attacked. They fear failure and are mortally afraid to face failure. People then want to quickly shift focus from themselves to someone else to feel relief and absolution. This is because they live in their victim role, in which they are just a pawn in the chess game of life, which other people take advantage of because of cosmic circumstances that regularly disadvantage them.

Another reason to use excuses is that people are just lazy. Their priorities are not set, and instead of achieving what needs to be achieved, they postpone everything and justify their failure with the guilt of others.

How to be punished by "excuses"

Basically, when you use your excuses to a woman, you're just screaming, “I'm not strong enough to take responsibility. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" You are basically telling her that you are still a child, once you have said that, you give up your power and give her the option of either accepting your excuse or rejecting you.

Talk to someone enough often and they will start to understand that your word means nothing, absolutely nothing, that you are not reliable, that you cannot be trusted and that you just talk. But this is not just about what others think, the sin of excuses DESTROY your own life. You lose your initiative and you miss your options.

By giving her the position of power over you, you lose her and show her your inability to take responsibility and lead. The woman will lose respect for you and her legs will close forever.

Now you know the three riders.

Knowing this, you may be able to get your balls back.

For now it is up to you to call the four archangels who will give you complete power over the argument

Turning away - The first archangel

Turn the attack around

What “turning away” looks like. Examples in italics.

"You're just another fuckboy, aren't you?" - "Why? Is it that what you want?

"No, they always write to me, I hate that." - "I bet you're a real hater

"Why haven't the dishes been washed yet?" - "Because you're not in the kitchen, little one.

“I have a boyfriend” - just ignore it completely and get on with what you wanted to say.

"Why do you wear such strange colors?" - "Why do not you do it?

"You probably miss me already!" - "Just your ass.

"Now you still haven't taken out the trash?" - "Oh god, I'm so sorry, I'll take care of it right away", Take the garbage and start walking uuuund ... turn around, smack her ass, push the garbage into her hand and fire her,"you can do the baby!

"I want cookies and milk!" - "Oh sweet baby, bring me something right away.”- Then kiss her on the forehead.

"You are a bit overweight don't you think so too?" - "Little? Baby, that's a whopping 20 kilos too much, now daddy get something to eat, little one.

“Wait what? Haha no really now you are really a bit fat ”-“That means that you like fat - disgusting, but for my part, I am not judging you. COME HERE!"Clap your ass."

Whatever works: change the subject.

Why people "turn away"

ChampLife enthusiasts do not respond to the argument. A serious discussion always leads to defeat.

Just averting it and ignoring it shows the woman that you are unimpressed by her empty phrases and that you will not let it get out of your mind, the solid rock. Her teasing and teasing ricochet off you, you know she's just a little girl who wants to play.

How you are rewarded by "turning away"

As soon as the girl sees how unimpressed by her bullshit you have shown social superiority, you show her that you are on a higher level than her, that her criticism and remarks are completely meaningless to you. Like a wolf who doesn't let a sheep unsettle him.

That means she has no power over you.

This will make for a fun and positive experience and interaction not just for you, but for them in particular, and it will make them feel like you. You distract their actual message and make something you want out of it.

Amused Agreeing and Absurd Exaggeration - The Second Archangel

What "Amused Agreeing and Absurd Exaggeration" looks like. Examples in italics.

"You are really small," - "With high heels, can I easily reach my 1.63m?

"I have a friend," - “I have a girlfriend, let's try to bring them together and then we'll go away together.

"Have you always been that stupid?" - "That's too difficult for me to answer.

"I feel like you're replacing me." - "Bullshit, you're still in the top 5.

"You really need a hairdresser appointment." - "What OMG, you already know I have hair loss and this is the wig I've always worn, come here and tear it off.

"What? really now OMG… no wait, it's not true, it doesn't go down ”-“I knew you love my hair, you can't let go of your fingers.

"What did the hairdresser do with your hair?" - "Yes, I know, it's not finished yet, he'll continue tomorrow.

"Ah, look at how you want to be dominant." - "Yeah and look at you trying to hide your ass from me”- smack your ass

"Damn you big, how's the weather up there?" - "Hmm I don't know, you should check the thermometer ” - point to your tail

"Do you want to do this all day now?" - "Shit yeah, and if I try really hard I can hold out for a year.

"You are such an asshole!" - "Yeah that's right, but baby for you I'll change. " - Then make a gesture like you cut your eggs and put them in her hand. "Take good care of it baby I'm yours now

Take what the woman says, agree to it and then mercilessly overdo it and make fun of it.

Why People Use "Amused Agreeing And Absurd Exaggeration"

The point is, what she says to you is just a funny joke for you. You laugh, she laughs. Then you have it. You take their negativity and make something positive out of it. You make a game of it and see how far you can overdo it until they understand that you are making fun of their stupid, unsolicited comment.

The least that you do is that you agree to her and thus take the wind out of the sails of the attack. Yeah, you might be an ass sometimes, so what?

How to Be Rewarded by “Amused Agreeing and Absurd Exaggeration”

It shows your strong self-esteem and that your reality is stronger than theirs.

It shows her that you're happy with yourself and that you don't give a shit what any wannabes say to you. You show social competence and strength.

What you are actually saying is, “Don't ask me stupid unnecessary questions. I won't give you a serious answer to your shit tests. "

It shows her that as a man you are aware of your power. The solid rock with which you can feel safe. She can calmly see that you won't let her upset you. A monster under control.

That feeling will make it wetter than Niagara Falls.

Repetition - The Third Archangel

What "repetition" looks like. Examples in italics.

"Where are we going again?" - “You will know that when I'm done.”

"What? Just say it ”-“ I'll be soon enough. ”

"Come on! What if I don't like it there! " - "That is quite possible, we will probably find out then." - “Ahhh! man ok I'll get ready. "

Why People "Repeat"

Because you don't and shouldn't have to explain yourself. - especially not if you are the superior. They have to trust your leadership and see that you take responsibility.

Explaining yourself only leads to anger and endless questions.

Repeat until she understands.

How “Repeat” is rewarded

Repeating yourself is a great way to stay true to your frame. “I'm the captain on this ship. Trust me."

Don't forget that women will leave you if they think you are unsteady. Give her the opportunity to trust you and give in to your guidance.

She will admire you infinitely.

Walking - The fourth archangel

What "walking" looks like. Examples in italics.

“(Stupid comment.)” - You leave the room and do something else.

“(She follows you and says something else stupid)” - You keep doing what you did and ignore her.

Why people "go"

There are two ways to go.

You can walk mentally or physically. Silence is mental and walking is physical.

The most important reason to leave is so that you can keep your peace and your time. No woman / man is worth bringing too much drama into your life.

You have already wasted way too much time on unnecessary discussions that you could have used for useful things. Far too much energy and time was wasted on it.

Apart from that, you are the one when you finish something and when you start. You determine the rules and decide what you want to discuss and what not.

The last bastion of power is willingness to leave.

How rewarded "walking"


And she will most likely come crawling. With an excuse blowjob.


Women are in their happiest and most satisfied state, like immature children who are just plain cute and lovable and want to have fun.

You don't argue with cute little kids.

The only way to win a discussion with a woman is to change her MOOD, not her mind.

Women don't want to hear your explanation - like they're your boss.
Women don't look for justification - as if she were your mother.
Women don't look for your rational reasons - like you're their psychologist.

Take care of your girl and you will realize that they just want fun and adventure.

If your little cousin, niece, the little baby next to you calls you a fool's head, will you defend yourself? You mustn't say that to me !!! Respect the elders! (Excuses) Besides that, I'm not a fool at all. The real pup head is the other neighbor. (Explanation) Do you even know what a fart's head is? A pup's head is ... (rationalize).


(Turning away) No, but you've got a fart's head right on your nose! Ooooh now your nose is gone! (Amused agreement and absurd exaggeration) Now we both have a pup head but mine is bigger so I have the better pup head. (Repeat) No, my fart head is better. No mine is better. Nope, you said I have a fart head so mine is better!

In a healthy sexual relationship, the submissive female woman is subordinate to a competent male man. You, as the man, are the captain of the ship, and she is your trusted companion.

You have the responsibility to be the ubiquitous manifestation of masculinity and it is the child, impulsive, curious, emotional and goofy, but most of all, eager for the final direction of a strong person. If this role is ever changed, she will feel no more attraction. It will be hell for you and for her.

We are currently writing an e-book on women, relationships & love. That will address this and many more topics so that you will be better informed about these topics in the future.