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In order to fully enjoy the advantages of working remotely and to avoid the disadvantages as far as possible, there are a few points to consider.

Balance between flexible and achievable working hours

In spite of the flexibility in terms of scheduling the working day, fixed appointments should be agreed upon in which the remote employee can be reached. This is especially important when employees and employers or customers are in different time zones. Conversely, this also prevents the remote worker from being available 24/7.

Structure in everyday life

Good time management and discipline are required to combine work and leisure time in harmony with one another. Because neither one nor the other can be neglected. Since this is not always easy, the day should be planned well. Bring structure into your day by dividing it into time slots for which you can pursue a specific task, recreation or leisure activity. Note that it's not just the work part of your day that can seem elaborate. Balancing things up can also take some effort, but it's worth it for your mental health.

Invest in your equipment

Good equipment is essential for effective work. The most important thing for most remote workers is a good computer and good internet. If you set up your home o ce at home, you should invest in fast internet. The table and chair should also be of good quality and suit the individual body. If you work on the go, you can fall back on good quality work equipment by renting a co-working space.

On days when the internet is less important, you can try out new places like cafés and test whether the internet meets your needs and the chairs are comfortable enough for you. Furthermore, the purchase of a privacy filter is worth considering if you work with secret data and need the privacy of your screen on the plane.

The right tools and software

Tools and software, many of which are free of charge, will help you make your day-to-day work e ff ective and stay in contact with colleagues and customers. A project management tool is recommended for an overview of a joint project in order to collect tasks and deadlines centrally. Trello, Jira or Asana are suitable for this.

In almost every job there is a video conference at some point, which can be easily solved with Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. It is also important here to check the suitability of the webcam and microphone before the conversation.

The instant messaging tool Slack has proven itself for fast communication between colleagues within a company. With it you can have private chats, but also group chats.

Trust on both sides

Remote work is a matter of trust on both sides. In an employee relationship, the employer trusts the employee to do his job conscientiously and to correctly record his working hours. Because monitoring of employees, whether remote or in the office, is not permitted by law. Conversely, the employee trusts the employer that he will be treated like other colleagues, that he will receive the same further training measures and benefits as everyone else. In addition, a remote worker should also have access to the office building and have a say in group decisions.

Learn to say no

Discipline in everyday work also includes setting certain rules and limits for yourself and your fellow human beings and, if necessary, saying no. If you work from home, at some point you will receive a private phone call or an unannounced visit. If this takes you by surprise on a busy day, you have no choice but to kindly explain to your acquaintance that it doesn't suit you at the moment.

Children or partners must also learn to understand that although you are at home, you need a certain amount of time to work, during which your loved ones should be patient if possible. Even when you are out and about in public places, you may be approached by people who want to get to know you. In such a situation, it also helps to politely cancel a long conversation.

Make feedback a habit

If you don't work with colleagues and supervisors in the same office, it is sometimes more difficult to receive feedback on the work done or to pass it on to others. The feedback on the work done is an important intrinsic motivator.

Feedback rounds should therefore be part of the communication to ensure that everyone involved in a project remains motivated and that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Turn your own office job into a remote job

According to some assumptions, it is still comparatively difficult to fi nd job offers for remote permanent positions in Germany. This can be due to insurance coverage, among other things. But a solution can also be found for this problem. It is therefore advisable to build on the trust of existing employees and to suggest the successful implementation of a remote position to the company on your own initiative.

You will definitely not get your "Go" after the first conversation. So prepare proposed solutions for your individual implementation of the remote job and list the advantages mentioned above in order to convince your boss.